You speak with your mind of the suitable form when faults?

It did not want to let pass the occasion to bring a reflection to you that has seemed me that it hits the nail on the head.

Tom Miller does, who has a very interesting blog on techniques of study for students of technical races (you can look around doing it here click).

Many of you you will be immersed in the final exams. Surely more than one and more than ten they will be thinking €œDamn it is, it has just a short time, is much matter. I am going to suspend€.

There are several phrases that make the rounds by your anxious mind in these days. But all is not adapted.

€œReally I am worth for this race€

€œI am stupid, always failure€

€œIt will be that I am not sufficiently intelligent€

ERROR! You are not directing you to the real cause of your problems.



It goes ahead that always you will need one more hour, a day more, to really feel preparation to you for the next examination. Just as always it seems that the cars of the track of alongside go faster than yours€¦

But, if you feel like worse preparation than in other occasions, be done the correct questions. Not €œI will be little intelligent€. No, be done the following questions:

€œI have strived the necessary thing€

€œI am studying the correct notes? I make the correct questions in class€

€œI am concentrate in the practices, or thinking about other things€

Because it hurts to realize of which you do not understand the things to first, or that you are wasting the time in a clinical rotation. But the sooner you discover the wound, better you will cure it.

It requests help to a companion, asks a professor without fear to that it thinks that you have not studied. Better late than never. You are not a fraud, you are an apprentice in constant progression.

You can read the complete entrance of Tom Miller here.

Happy examinations!

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

  • Marcos
    Published to 16:17 h, 14 June To respond

    How many times that vocecita has tried to us to autosabotear and it demoralizes to us. I believe that we have heard it all and we even followed it oyendo.

    That he raises the hand who never has heard that voice 😉 I

    When it happens this, it is good for remembering where we are now and where we were a time ago, to see our progresses to eliminate this type of ideas.

    A hug,

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