For which new techniques of study?

In Spain the classes in a few days begin. Thousands of medicinos, futures nurses, fissiums, psychologists, etc, begin a great adventure€¦ The perfect occasion for this post.
You have entered the university. You have new companions coming from all the regions of your country. Everything is novel and exciting. Perhaps you yourself /a you come from a small population, you finish arriving at a great city and begin to only live for the first time in your life. The emotion of the schools majors, the illusion of a shared floor.
You come from your institute of secondary education with excellent notes. It is probable that there are between the best students of the class. Perhaps you have secured to a honour degree in the last course.
The race contains subjects that never in your life you have heard name. Some are looked like which already you know, but deepen in their field with a magnitude that you had not known before. My university professor of Anatomy announced to us, in the first day of class, that we were going to learn more than 10,000 new terms in both first years of race. It is an impressive revolution for your mind!

In your secondary education you have been assimilating knowledge to the rate of a small water faucet. In the university, the new matters fall on you as the water of a fireman hose. It will be a whirlwind of knowledge turned over through several professors by subject and from multiple written sources.
Really you think that it will not cost to you to adapt to you to this change?
And if or you are in 2º or in 3º and a triumph costs to you pass, to what delays to change?
We advance in secondary education by means of reading and re-reading of the notes, with study marathons few days before each examination, trusting our mental rapidity and our storage capacity. But we can find that these methods are not sufficient in the university.
Some companions yours will seem authentic experts and will prevail from the home. But other many will undergo doubts and blows after the first examinations Suspensions! How you felt with first?
They say that the notes are not most important, but the learned thing. But since you had 6 or 7 years are describing to you by each work written that you present, by each examination that stuffed. In fact, the notes are very important. When they begin to fall suspensions and approved by the hairs, you feel failed. Doubts of yourself. Perhaps you are not as intelligent as you believed€¦
That is false. He is completely natural to have difficulties in a new situation. It is the moment for reframing your methods of study and your organization.
You did not learn to drive a car by your account, but he was faster and safe with a driving school professor.
In the prehistory, a boy did not learn to hunt alone. Their majors taught to handle to the lance and the sling to him. The later practice could be solitary, but not them foundations.
The institute was a bicycle, in the faculty you must drive a great car€¦
How we learn to study since we are young? Test and error. We remained with the method that works. We imitate to our friendly, we let ourselves advise by our parents or professors.
We use science and the evidence than it works and what no. We are not satisfied to the methods that we learned of children. We try, and we take advantage of our experience to decide what new features adapt better to our pleasures. Subscribe you to the blog and accompany me in the weekly reviews by the different techniques from study, memorization, organization and emotional intelligence that all student in that enormous challenge needs which we called university.
*Si you are of first Medicine course, you have heard speak of the initiative of the State Council of Medicine Students of Spain? #BienvenidoMedicino will happen through different faculties from Spain and have published a guide who you can unload here. Next I will give a review him in the blog.
A greeting and remembers, €œsees to water, my friend €œ.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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    [€¦] For which new techniques of study? Because each stage is different and when you arrive at the faculty you are with that those that you used in the institute to not work you. Let advise to you by Almudena and raise to you to prove new things. [€¦]

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