Learning Medicine and reflections of Sunday

The today entrance is more personal and shorter than no of the previous ones.

The reason is simple: I promised to you 1 week ago to today bring a summary to you of the Learning book Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide
(connection of affiliate, thanks), but, you guess what has happened€¦ I have only read a 15% of the text and I cannot bring great thing today to you.

reflections Sunday

The week has been busy. After the work in the hospital by the mornings, I have had musical test Monday, action Tuesday, doctoral thesis test of a colleague Wednesday, presentation of its doctoral thesis Thursday with its food, medical test of a relative Friday, followed birthday of wedding Saturday€¦ And here I am Sunday in the morning, verifying that once again I have returned to commit a series of very similar errors to which a student can commit. That is to say:

  1. To consider a too ambitious objective without studying the time availability before (to read and to summarize a book of 200 pages).
  2. To begin to read the book by the Introduction, that speech of scientific evidence in the learning, and not to go directly to the chapters that explain the methods of study of the authors.
  3. Not to begin to not even make a small rough draft of the weekly entrance some days before the publication, that was programmed for today. That is, to leave it everything for the end.

Good intentions but bad planning and worse execution.


  1. To set out to study a certain amount of matter in one week concrete without considering the activities of that week (practical, extracurricular seminaries, tasks). This takes to fail to fulfill objectives, and is frustrating for the own student. Against itself it is seen as a person who does not fulfill her promises and that debilitates its self-esteem and its motivation to continue.
  2. To begin the study of a subject by subject 1 without stopping itself to analyze previously of what subjects are made up and which are most important or productive facing an examination or written work. All subject has introductory parts that are interesting when it is had time to read them, but can delay the study of the main body of the matter, the one that is going to ask to us in the examination or the one that we must remember for the practices.
  3. To begin to write a zero text being tried that is the definitive version, and in addition the last days before giving it without to have made a previous scheme of the global structure. A written work is made up of one first stage of investigation, one second phase of general rough draft and one third phase of corrections and reescritura until we arrived at the final version that there is to give. It is important not to extend themselves excessively with first stage, nor to skip second, because in that case the final version will be a very poor reflection of the effort that we have realised from the home.


Intention to the students to always be positive. It is necessary to put the things in perspective and to realize of which a failure in an examination is only that, is not a demonstration of which its life is a disaster. The life is made up of many elements, and in my case this blog is very important, but he is not the unique thing that interests to me or that I must maintain to the day.

Therefore, reframing the initial objective: I will bring a summary of the book in 2-3 weeks 1 month to you (already an imprecise and little realistic objective was raising me) when it has been able to read and to condense the fundamental principles of the method that proposes.

Basically their authors propose to us to use a software of spaced review, Anki, to maintain fresh the basic points of all the subjects that are studied year to year in a university degree. They dedicate several chapters to the form in which this must be carried out, they warn on the effort that supposes in first stage, and later give advice exceeds how to study the different subjects that compose the race of Medicine.

I am not perfect. I committed many errors of student and some itself committing as specialistic doctor with 20 years of race. But I have the hope of being able to surpass them and thus to know how to teach other how improving in this so important part of our lives, the study and learning of new matters.



Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Marina
    Published to 16:04 h, 27 September To respond

    Of everything it is learned. There are times that we put some little realistic objectives and are very difficult to fulfill them. But it looks, with this stumbles you have removed an entrance from a different perspective: analyzing the committed error once. Often what we need is self-critical later to incorporate the necessary measures so that does not return to happen. So I believe that this entrance has come to be able very well to later take advantage of the rest techniques that you tell us.
    That all the bad one comes that way and already you will inspect the troop to us of the book when you can 😉
    A greeting.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 19:10 h, 27 September To respond

      Then yes, one of the things most important to continue improving is to be able to analyze the failures and to learn of them. To see if it is truth that I learn 😉
      Thanks to happen to you and to comment 🙂

  • Lara
    Published to 03:38 h, 01 October To respond

    This entrance has enchanted me! It has been as a practical session than we set out to obtain the students who we read the blog (good, I speak by my! :). To know how to focus a situation that to some of us would cost an afternoon to us of downheart and to see that it can also happen to people who have secured the objective that we would like to obtain, is a wonderful tool for the €œday to day€.
    Often we felt fatal not to fulfill objectives that we thought that they are easy for the other students (we do not say already for the doctors who give class us) and I have liked much €œto be in the mind€ of one of them while they solve and they remove the positive from a little while of this type.
    Thank you very much! 🙂

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:02 h, 03 October To respond

      Thank you very much! The truth is that when I realized of which by nth time it had committed a planning error I wanted to remove the best possible party to him. It is necessary to consider several points:
      - A planning error is only that, an error in an activity among others many that depend on you, not a definition of all your person.
      - To slight we were mistaken by to have made other also important things, reason why the error has consequences in only in a parcel (the blog in my case, or the study of a subject in yours), but the rest of parcels are well.
      - All the students, with major or minor frequency, feel that they are worse and they compare themselves with the others, to autocastigar itself generally. They are too many years studying to remove good note, and end up identifying itself with that number that is the note of an examination. This is a mistake! It is necessary to return to think on notes as which they are, an imperfect measurement of how much you know of a in a while concrete matter.

      When you fail in your planning of study, mant©n the open mind and analyzes because with distance, as if you were doing it for a friend. Too high expectations, important tasks that they have put in means and not you had considered, etc.

  • Anto
    Published to 21:02 h, 05 October To respond

    Hello! Recently I discovered the blog, hopefully would have done it before, he is to me very useful and it always passes that to me to plan without considering my times and capacities, and soon I feel frustrated

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 18:20 h, 06 October To respond

      Hello! I am glad of which you he is being useful. The one to plan would have to teach it at school since we are dwarfed of 6 years€¦ Few people are born knowing to organize itself to week-months seen. He is not in our nature of monkeys 😉

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