€œIt costs to me to concentrate to me€

This is a frequent complaint of the students of any university race, even of most vocational. It can adopt all a series of shades, as the concentration difficulties when the subject is boring, the facility to feel dream when one takes awhile studying and the difficulty to sit down to study when still they lack many weeks for the examinations.

To concentrate to us as an eagle€¦

To concentrate to us as an eagle€¦

I am sure that this is happening to him to more than one at this time at which in Spain finishes home the course.

To this perception the sensation usually is added of which the rest of companions always goes faster than one same one. This can get to cause anxiety in some, although to others it turns out to them motivating to think that their friendly are studying to good rate.

It can have several causes for this lack of concentration, on which the possible solution depends that we give him.


procrastinando with whattsapp

This is of drawer: if you have open the mobile or the PC while you study, and the warnings of whattsapp or Facebook arrive to you, it is clear that you yourself you have put a trap. It stops sabotaging your efforts to study and leaves the mobile in the room of alongside. Silence it. It closes Facebook. You do not open the navigator to consult the first doubt that you pass by the head: it points the doubts and proponte to consult them all meetings each half an hour, or hourly.


We are so customary to use the proximity of the examinations to study a subject that the activity to study is easily associated to the physical malaise and mental suffering to have to spend hours and hours seated and centered in the activity of study.

This evokes a painful answer to us in the brain, although they lack months for the examination. I spoke of it in this post. It is a consolation to know that one is something organic, but is necessary to solve it.

The sensation of €œpain€ and physical malaise disappears as soon as we had been some immersed minutes in the task that was so feared. There is no more mystery than that: although it hurts, feels to you and it holds 5 minutes reading. Soon it will pass desire to leave running.


Piers Steel is an expert psychologist in motivation and procrastination who has written many articles and even a spreading book on these subjects. According to its studies, the motivation that we must to do a task follows the following formula:

Motivaci³n=Expectativa x Value/Impulsiveness x Demora

That it means that the more far is an examination (Delay), the less desire you must to study it. And if you are very impulsive, the desire are reduced still more. Either nor I tell you when the subject bores to you (Value under) or you think that you are not going to be able to remove advanced it with solution (low Expectation). This last one happens to him to many students who have difficulties to approve or that, spending long time to the study, do not obtain proportional notes to its effort.


For many of us it is difficult to organize itself well with distant goals because they are too abstract. The form to do them more concrete is to sit down to look them with all attention and to turn them into several sub-I put, nearer and more concrete. This is what the organized ones do (that hiper-organized classmate to which it seems that always time exceeds to him to study).

For example, a goal €œExamination of Hematology within 2 months€. You know very well what there is to make to get pass: to study the subjects most of to you. Well. But that is a little abstract.

A subgoal would be €œTo have read and ordered all the subjects in 1 month€. The subgoal of this subgoal is €œTo have read the anemias in 1 week€, €œTo have read leucemias in 2 weeks€, €œTo have read the lymphomas in 3 weeks€. This either is taken shape and your mind or is valuing the amount of each effort, the best form to confront it, etc. You know that, if in this week you have not read the anemias, badly you will be able to sink the tooth to leucemias the following week to him. It begins to appear a more corporal, more real necessity. Once read everything you will be able to begin to memorise. You know that this is what it will give tranquillity you facing the examination, reason why you will strive so that it arrives as rapidly as possible.

Steel affirms that, when you are turning small subgoals day to day, a motivating effect takes place (what they call €œspiral of successes €œ). This does easier to continue on the following day.

Another advice of Steel, in addition to establishing subgoals, is to make routines. Much energy is lost deciding when to study every day. Better order to you to study every day to the same hour and in the same site and you thus put in autopilot the gesture to sit down to read the notes.


This it is the case from which they came to remove good notes in Secondary, but when they entered the race, something was turned and lost €œthe touch€. Their habitual methods stopped working and to approve the subjects became a torture. Perhaps behind this is a first course in that they enjoyed the new relations to the maximum, of the university activities, of the leisure, and know that they just a short time dedicated to study. But in following courses they have not been able to reclaim good habits of study and are lost the hope to improve someday.

In this case, Piers Steel recommends 3 techniques:

  1. Spirals of successes: it consists of putting a progressive series of difficult, but attainable goals. They do not have why to be related directly to the study. It can be an external activity since to make sport. It is necessary to begin with not much, and to put the center in the gradual improvement. If you begin directly with the studies, you can propose to take to the day a subject to you. A single. This can be a triumph if you have never taken no subject to the day. It chooses most attractive for you. You are not oppressed thinking about advancing simultaneously in all. Quick attention to how you secure to small successes day to day, week to week. It is not necessary that you tell anybody. Often he is better to enjoy the small successes privily.
  2. Vicarious victories: it consists of being inspired with the successes of others with which you identify yourself. It is easier to believe in one same one if you surround yourself by people who create in themselves. It can help you to with friends create your own support battalion of class that is in a similar situation.
  3. Mental resistance: it is a technique used by many professional sportsmen. It consists of 2 steps. In a first step, you fantasize with a result that you want to obtain, as a great note in an examination, or even pass this but enjoying to the maximum the subject, dominating the practices, being referring for the doubts of the companions€¦ The second step is essential: to compare that situation wished with the present one. This does not have why to bring about more pesimism. On the contrary, it regenerates energies and force to put plans in practice immediately.


First of all, it is important to know how to recognize our problem and that we are addict to procrastinar. It is necessary to begin to detect what situations debilitate to us and make fail to fulfill our plans, because they can vary for each person. To leave the mobile in the table next to the notes? To open the navigator search something in Google? to make a pause to rest outside the library before the predicted thing?

Each we have an Achilles heel, a point trigger (or several) that takes us to undoing and throws our better intentions down. Proponte to know them and to learn to deactivate them in time. You do not hope to know them in 2 days€¦ ten patience, day to day, month to month, you will know better your inner enemies.


It makes a rescue plan. It glides how you are going to act if it happens the worse thing and you end up failing to fulfill your curriculum, or you skip the routine 2 days followed. Often we dropped ourselves to a well of reproaches and autocompasi³n that can last hours or days. You do not leave this happens. It thinks about what animated to you to leave your last bassoon: A conversation with a friend? A song that inspired to you? A stroll by the field? It uses what already it served to you in the past. It changes of study place some days. It breaks with the routine.

In following entrances we will continue shelling recommended practices by Piers Steel to fortify the motivation. Meanwhile, motivate to leave to some commentary 😉 to you


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Marina
    Published to 12:00 h, 12 October To respond

    Thanks for the entrance!
    You write in the opportune moment 😉
    Although still it is for the examinations, they are approached little by little, and knowledge paralyzes to you that every time is less weeks to study€¦ and you see that nonDAS yet supply.
    It is necessary search those subgoals that you comment not to overflow to us.
    A kiss.

  • students in Barcelona
    Published to 08:40 h, 28 September To respond

    Excellent Almudena entrance, this happens to him to very many students and the truth is important that they know that this aspect can be improved.
    A greeting

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 09:45 h, 31 December To respond

      Thanks for the commentary. A hug 🙂

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