Zone of Tests: to implement new techniques

I began to study on techniques of learning in 2012. It is absorbed to study more on a subject that is excited, and having the wide world and its experts through Internet and the digital bookstores.

But there is something is difficult. As much in the world of today, hyperconnected, as at my university time pre-Internet.

To act!


The brain is a peculiar organ. It allows brutal profits us, as happening to be hardly autoconscientes babies to adults with multiple capacities. But it does not like anything the changes. Nor a hair. As soon as it learns a way to make a certain thing, it turns it into habit and it drags to you time and time again by the same way.

I have read much on strangers (for me) technical of study, new forms to take notes, to learn new concepts, to motivate themselves, of planning, organization and productivity, preparation of examinations, accomplishment of schemes.

I read on the not-convenience of emphasizing in excess, and on the following day I returned to blot an article with my yellow marker beyond the reasonable thing. I studied the technique of comparative tables in a MOOC and obtained the advantage certificate, but forgetfulness to use it almost always when review diagnoses differentials in my specialty.


Over all a thing worries to me: It is really useful east blog?

I enjoy writing articles and spreading them in social networks, because the subject is excited, but I will be to you very sincere: the main objective of this blog is to serve as help to the student who reads it. Because if no, it would be simply an exhibition of my knowledge (that also is well, but less).

For that reason unemployment not to give him returned to how explaining the form to you to implement the techniques that are exposed in this blog. On the paper everything seems very beautiful, but€¦ the movement is demonstrated walking, and the effectiveness of the technique of Cornell notes is demonstrated using the Cornell technique.

Luckily for the reader, I have been become fond of to the world of the marketing and the company (or undertaking, as they call it now) and itself diverse podcasts that try on these subjects. With an important proportion of advice of personal development. Very refreshing encounter to listen to the opinions of people who are remote of the sanitary public sector in which I move. And have to you here that I have been with a concept of Sergio Fern¡ndez (1) who has given a key me important to advise to you, as student, how to be putting in study practice new technical: €œfreedom island€.

Or since I in the title of the post have red-baptize it, zone of tests.

Because, we are going to say the truth, all the techniques that I tell you are fascinating but to implement takes them a effort. And it is probable that you have run into with a psychological barrier when you have tried to put in practice some of them. Fear to that it does not work, to lose the time, etc.

For example, it is possible that you have bought fine cardboard cards with all the illusion of the world and you have turned upside down in them the first weeks of class, but you multiple works have come above written and practical and you are with that no longer you have time to be preparing your cards of review. In the end you return to the methods that you have worked all the life and good looking to that you will be reading and rereading notes and books and with great difficulty you take the subjects to the day.


Any businessman knows clearly that by very brilliant that it seems a new idea is not going to put all their budget in that new idea. And if he fails?

Any become fond of writer who hates his work in company X dreams about kicking to his head and to leave to write bestseller of his dreams, but he does not do it, more if he has mortgage, children and responsibilities.

Your situation is similar. You have responsibilities, examinations that to approve, works that to write, and you cannot put legs above your form to work. He is not realistic nor responsible.

But you have this concept, the island of freedom or zone of tests. A small barren island to send your new nuclear weapon and to observe its effects.

The keys, to try without risking everything, still putting the 100% in which you are innovating. With the certainty that, if faults, the losses will not be irreparable. How?

STEP 1. It destines a short time to the day or the week to prove a new technique, that seems to you attractive. Or it only applies a new method in 1 subject of which you have. Examples:

  • To prove Cornell technique of notes, or to take notes in portable, Physiology (or Farma, or what is), and your habitual form in the rest of subjects.
  • You do not buy cards of fine cardboard nor software, it trims several of any leaf to try, or opens gratuitous account to you in Anki.
  • It destines a 20% of your time of daily study in preparing review cards type ask-answer. Only that 20%, you study the time that you study. Pon the timer.
  • Test to only study 1 day to the week in a new enclave (the library, or the house of a companion).
  • Test not to emphasize anything and to change it by the autoexplicaci³n in a single subject of all the subject.
  • A program and training group organizes 4 meetings of test in 1 month moved away of the examinations.

STEP 2. Give you to 100% in the time or subject that you have decided, with all your illusion and creativity. The new technique explodes to the maximum. It don't mention it does not serve to have doubts or fear. If it leaves bad, you are investing only a 20% of your time, only 1 subject of all the subject, only 1 behind schedule to the week. With the security of which you are not going to lose the control, throw you to the swimming pool and you enjoy.

  • It scrawls what you happens yourself in your column of the left of your Cornell notes, keys to taste in your portable one. The USA the pencil if you think that you must often correct.
  • It quickly writes your cards of review during your 20% of €œzone of tests€, with any ball-point pen, the letter that is, puts swearwords if you want, uses dirty jokes. And if you do not like a card, breaks it to taste and throws it (or b³rrala of the computer if you use Anki or similars).
  • March library S.A. end to you of 1 hour you discover that you do not concentrate yourself, and enjoys the stroll from return to house.

STEP 3. At the end of the day, of the week or the month, feel to you with tranquillity and you feel the sensations. This is very own of the sportsmen, search the sensations. You do not think, prohibited to apply the rationality here.

What sensations have given you to go to the library, to write a few cards, to be to study with companions? Have You liked, has made you feel more optimist? Or on the contrary, it has been to you boring and spectacular? Then it catches the sensation and it decides, €œthis technique remains with me€, or €œthis technique is not worth to me, outside€. The brain is clumsy for the decisions, but the emotions rarely are mistaken.



1. Blog of Sergio Fern¡ndez.

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

  • Marco A.
    Published to 13:24 h, 12 November To respond

    This entrance has enchanted me. The important thing remembers to you to go more surely always changing and improving but with an approach 🙂

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