To study in Christmas

Good, because the day arrived. The day in which, for the first time in 4 months, I do not publish my post habitual of Saturdays. And it had to be in Christmas.

When I returned from vacation, in September of 2015, promised same that it would be to regulate publishing in the blog, by me and by my readers. And I have secured this time throughout to it.

And it is that Saturday 19 arrives from December and I do not publish no entrance.

It can be to you familiar. You seted out to take the classes to the day and in the end you escaped has a pair of subjects? All? What student has not made good intentions that have soon not been fulfilled€¦ I I believe that any.

He does not pass anything. Everything happens by something, and generally by something positive.

Student in Christmas

Student in Christmas


Since I already say that way somewhere, I also participate in an orchestra of guitars in my university and in the choir of the hospital. As good become fond of musician, the proximity of Christmases is peak season. Between Thursday 17 and Tuesdays 22 I have had to make five activities.

Guitars for above and down, the black dress, the shoes to act (that crush the feet), companions of the choir with sudden crises of confidence that were to solve, lost scores, tests, canes with the companions after the action€¦

In the end I have arrived at this island of peace that is the morning of day 24, taking impulse for the celebrations from tonight, the food Christmas morning and what it arrives later (possible indigestion including).

During these days there am it to me brilliant past doing something that I do not do habitually (music in public), enjoying the novel sensations and letting take to me by the imagination (a scene of Cultural Center of the City council is as good as the Covent Garden of London).

But you know what? After these six days of alternative madness, I am wishing to seat me in my table of study with my book of vertigos. I have slope an article on internal ear and differences between pigmented and albino animal of laboratory. And I feel a sharp curiosity by the qu­stico adenoide carcinoma of head and neck with regard to a patient who I saw in consultation does few days€¦

This is the reality: to allow me to enjoy to the 100% my likings has regenerated my desire to study more Medicine.


  1. He lives to the maximum your hours on familiar company. The one that is obligatory socially does not mean that you cannot enjoy them. He forgets the notes and he speaks with your uncles, your cousins, your parents and your grandparents. Pon music. Beam jokes. It eats the delights that desire to you more. All type of ridicules imagines on that relative who falls to you bad. He embraces to that primito that brings about tenderness to you (although it does not leave itself). He dances and he jumps, throws you to the ground to play, ponte a wig or a cap of Papa Noel.
  2. He leaves to the separated notes some hours or some days. I assure you that you will return to them with renewed energies and more interest (or perhaps fear€¦) that when you left them. That interest will help you to work with them with more intensity. It leaves that fear becomes avidity and energy of study.
  3. You do not leave your likings. They are those that are. To run, to swim, to sing, to play the basketball or soccer, to make hiking, to play the piano, to write stories, to see films, to dance. What is. Your likings leave the heart and they give forces you to continue ahead. Reserve although is a 10% of your time and replenishes your forces.
  4. It studies with all your energy in the hours destined to the study. If you have allowed yourself to rest when it touched, if there are present with your family to the 100% during the Christmas meals, you can sit down to study with the satisfaction of a part of having fulfilled. It applies Pomodoros if it costs to you to concentrate to you. The power remembers to examine and to detect your weaker areas in time to you. If you do not have examinations of your faculty by hand, you can practice with the questions of this page appointed Medicine students, that now are gratuitous: It plans these days and it takes the control from the situation.



Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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