Reflections on techniques of study and the actual student

The wise people of blogging say that agrees to have 3 or 4 articles beforehand written so that the bull does not pillage to you if you have problems at some time.

Past Sunday was of undertow post-TribuCamp (encounter of bloggers and digital entrepreneurs) and I thought, €œby once the article jumps to me, does not pass anything€.

Good, because today I am with fever and mialgias and yes that happens, yes. I am not myself able to write on my planned subject, the applications of spaced review, with Anki and StudyBlue between the favourites of my students, with whom I meet in the actual class.


It means that what writes next is not used for anything? Perhaps yes€¦ I want to speak to you of the impressions that I am removing to distribute optative €œthe Techniques of study€ in my Medicine Faculty.


This it is the second course that is distributed and I believe that we are obtaining that the classes are entertained, that already are much€¦ There are some 20 people and that facilitates that there are debates and opinions of the students, which is best because, if no, the subject would not be used for anything.

For me this is a treasure and a constant source of satisfaction. Remembering how I to me of student in my classes bored, I believe that to offer interest and to count some bad joke that another one is thanked for. At the same time, I collect much on the subjects that interest more or more the diverse students need.

Even so, from one year to the next the experiences change. The last day of class surprised much to me the faces of skepticism of the students. We had reviewed diverse techniques of study, as the underlining, the re-reading, the self-examination, etc. we had seen yellow full red notes fluorescent and spoken of the isolation effect. If you are new in the blog, you can read more in detail on these techniques in the connections.

The peculiar thing is that, at the end of the class, the expression of many students was something as well as €œgives me just as the experts they say that to emphasize he is bad, I I will follow with my labellers€. Some, until with certain hostility. That behind schedule I worried. A student commented to me that good, that they were very personal things, that for emphasizing, what colors to use, how to do it€¦

On the following day I began to think that, after all, when it is learned more is when the new knowledge comes accompanied from emotions. Whatever: diversion, curiosity, skepticism, disdain€¦ Welcomes are.

After all, a course of study techniques, or this blog, does not try to impose a unique style of study. What they try is to offer information that it looks for to know something better in his facet of apprentice. Each taking or discards the information as it creates advisable.

If a unknown technique seems attractive; if a survey on attending or to class does not help to understand one same one; if the advice of a psychologist of the education seem absurd, something will have moved of site in your interior.

Perhaps in a few days you change something (a student commented to me recently that the technique of the comparative tables that learned 2 weeks ago is serving him as much). Perhaps afternoons 1 year in applying new methods. The important thing is to never give nothing by seated, not even your own methods.

If you want to prove some new method, but you do not dare by fear to fail, reads this guide it exceeds how to apply new techniques without encountering and sees water, my friend.

Febrile and warm greetings.

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Bego±a
    Published to 15:46 h, 12 March To respond

    It enchanted to me to know you in the TribuCamp, wonderful blog, hopefully the medical publishers phelp more attention to all these subjects. Greetings of another blogger from Barcelona!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 15:37 h, 15 March To respond

      Thank you very much, Bego±a! It will be necessary to press better to the medical publishers 😉

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