Hospitable income and examinations bad preparations

This article is more personal of the habitual thing. I hope that you like or or less she helps you to put in perspective your problems of study, if you have them.

New weekend with reflection article because servant is entered with a pneumonia. In a physical state in which most of my energy resources are dedicating themselves to fight against the infection, the articles basic are relegated for more favorable weeks€¦
Even so, the hours of rest all directions and towards the students and other readers of the blog also go away in.

Books and bronchodilators of all the colors€¦

In that distressing short while of fever and dyspnea before blessed treatment IV began to do effect to me, I was discovered same crossing a species of stages of acceptance of the disease in the style of which it described K¼bler-Ross.

For who does not know it, Elizabeth K¼bler-Ross was Switzerland psychiatrist settled down in the USA that worked closely with dyings and described the stages of acceptance of the death. These consisted, sequentially, in the negation; wrath; negotiation; depression and finally acceptance.

K¼bler-Ross had great the prestige between experts in these subjects until good day began to speak of near-death experiences and indications of life after life, that she admits that professionally they separated to him from the academy, although personally could not avoid to continue in that way until the end of her days. But that already is another history€¦

The question is that he was in Urgencies hoping that they gave a quarter me and they explored to me and they gave to returns in the head thoughts me of negation and wrath, since I have never seen myself in one of these. And fear, much fear. We already know all that we are not eternal, but to have an example of potentially serious disease in the own person gives sustito. In aim.

Many students have gone perfectly in their studies and examinations until, often in the University, first risks of suspension run into with his. And at the outset he scares much, because it seems that you are going to betray a norm recorded to fire from the most tender childhood. But he is advisable to take distance and to realize of which it is not the end of the world. It is a misfortune, nothing else (I do not stop thinking about the immense luck that I have of being a woman with pneumonia entered a University hospital of its city in the First World€¦).

Some hours and a few drugs administered later, I began to think about tooooodo what was going to do well from ALREADY. Not to jump my hour to me of weekly swimming pool, not to jump eaten, to lay down to me to me before by the nights instead of to have left I aplatanada against the TV, not to get upset to me by trivialities (they say that the wrath or the sadness lowers to the count of leukocytes bad thing in a matter of hours€¦). In short, it was going to be an asthmatic model. The Cuidad­sima, most kind, disciplined.

Who has not promised all type of things to the universe in those nights of ground wild before an examination that no, there are no preparation in time? Who has not tried to put to the Sky by witness of which never a subject without looking at the day was more going to leave itself, that was going to begin to study before, that would not return to leave all night whole in the previous month to the examinations. Promises, promises.

The first night I could not stick eye. The corticoids and the bronchodilators that arrived at midnight, as know more than one, are exciting. I spent 5 eternal hours listening I hiss of oxygen, chugging of my companion, the sounds of the air conditioning and some distant moans of patients more ill than. My intentions of good rest had to hope. When I fell slept after the 5,30, soon the nurse woke up to me who came to administer more medication and to extract new analyses to me.

To whom him it has not happened that type suddenly after a dangerous decision? That examination of otorrino for which reserves few days because there is greater subjects surround that they demand all your attention. Soon to arrive at those two days with the influenza of the century and to lose all overcome possibility of€¦ That examination of Ophtalmology that fails because exactly they enter your grandma, or simply because no longer you can more. My intentions of life heal and sufficient rest will have to survive until it can take them to end.

As in so many things of life, the conscious planning is key at the time of facing examinations. To study in time guarantees not only approved or the good note to you, but to remember with more pleasure and during more time the subject, that in the case of the sanitary subjects is crucial for your professional future. To maintain a regular physical activity throughout the weeks and the months seating of study will allow you to hold the long ones, and, to surpass better my guards and my colds.

During these days of entrance I have had the luck to enjoy the company of my family and the visits of my companions, my Service and the choir of the Hospital (you know, musical likings). Although I enjoy much to study and to read my things in solitude, the company of the people of meat and bone is comforting when you are in weakness situation. If a near examination worries to you, nondiscardings the possibility of sharing doubts and anguishes with some friend of class. In spite of the legendary rivalry of some university races as Medicine, certainly you are with some support that you perhaps did not hope. When you have recovered, it offers your help without doubting it. A good person that aspires to being a sanitary professional must know how to take care of the people who surround to him (this article remembers).

In short, jumping the passage to me of the depression (my infection is being cured satisfactorily), and arrival the Acceptance (in capital letters), I only has left to tell you that we will continue speaking in the blog of good intentions and accomplishments, of routine improvements, to learn to plan although never have occurred us well, and in summary, of being happier as students, that to that we have come to this world, no?

I more ahead leave for decisions on my obligations and likings. The days are limited, my exciting work of absorbent otorrino, my musical likings, and this blog, my beautiful boy. But each human body requests its space of rest and perhaps it must value what I must sacrifice of my present life to make less probable a future pneumonia.



Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Andres
    Published to 09:58 h, 06 March To respond

    If I say the truth to you, I like much this type of writing. It makes me connect with the authentic essence of Almudena.

    Much spirit, I hope that you recover 😉 soon

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:03 h, 06 March To respond

      Thank you very much, Andres. There I am, objective health?

  • Anto
    Published to 16:00 h, 06 March To respond

    Hello, I again from Cordoba, Argentina 🙂
    Although it does not comment much enchants your blog to me and it has helped me much. I hope that you recover 🙂 soon
    As for me this week has been one of changes and intentions, I managed to awake early and to sleep 7/8horas per night, I began to follow a more healthful feeding, and Monday home boxing classes 🙂

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 20:10 h, 06 March To respond

      Thank you very much. Congratulations by the advances. Keep these sensations to you from profit because more ahead they can come to you to surpass stumbles very well.
      A hug.

  • Miguel
    Published to 17:16 h, 06 March To respond

    Improve Almudena to you! I have liked much the entrance, I believe that I also would have to try to write things thus more often. She has been very beautiful:).

    A hug!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 20:11 h, 06 March To respond

      When the moment arrives, it leaves. Thank you very much, Miguel!

  • Marina
    Published to 15:15 h, 09 March To respond

    I hope that you recover 100%, Almudena!
    The entrance has very well been. There are times that you cannot avoid to write an entrance as this, no matter how much you set out not to count much on your personal life.
    The body asks to you that even a little. Sometimes we want to do so much, and mainly by the others or our obligations, but usually we do not sin to spend too much time to us same. It rests as far as possible, take care and it leaves take care of to you, and here we will be waiting for your advice for when you are better 😉
    A kiss.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 12:20 h, 11 March To respond

      Thank you very much, Navy. There I will follow, replacing to me and reading to return to the load 😉 soon

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