Examination type test

How to confront an examination type test

In the Hispanic world, an examination type test is what the Anglo-Saxons denominate multiple choice questions. Generally each question has 4 or 5 options between which there are to choose one. Thus it is, for example, examination MIR.

We have luck of which in Spain custom does not exist to use more complex variants of this type of questions in which it can have to choose 2 answers that can be correct, or to connect terms between 2 columns of words, each one of as it contains 5 or the more terms€¦ and the question are correct when you are able to make all the connections correctly€¦

In short, we are not complicated the life. An examination type test as the one of the MIR already is sufficiently complex. It is generally necessary to know moderately the matter to be able to approve.

Examination type test

Sometimes it surprises to find students to me who in 5º year of race lament themselves because €œshe does not occur tests well them€¦€. It is not that it has prevented them to arrive until 5º, but I can imagine me the anguish that will suffer in each examination of this type whom they must face. Recently a student of 2º of Medicine requested advice to me through e-mail on this subject. If you want to know what I answered to him, and still more, he continues reading.

I am going to give to some RECOMMENDATIONS and TRICKS to you so that you improve your results in this type of examinations.

Disclaimer: If it seems to you that what story down is interesting€¦ Tells it to us in the commentaries!

Disclaimer twice: If it seems to you that what story down is obvious and boring€¦ Tell it to us in the commentaries! 😉


It seems to have certain evidence that the techniques that commonly we used when studying, as the underlining, serve as help to confront examinations type test. This is due to that habitually we emphasized important data and concepts, that they are those that soon will fall in the examination.

How to simulate this type of examination during the last days of study and review? The ideal is to use flashcards, they are of fine cardboard or digital, and written up with simple questions. That is to say, not to use great cards with dense schemes of a subject, but small cards with questions and simple answers. *Recuerda that to autoexaminar itself is one of the more effective techniques of study, as we explained in this entrance.

P. ex. €œAntibiotic What have effect anti Pseudomonas? (8)€. In the reverse one, to enumerate €œticarcilina+clavul¡nico Ceftazidima/cefepime/carbapenems/piperacilina+tazobactam//aminoglycosides (tobra, genta)/aztreonam/quinolones (cipro, I weigh)€

Very important, like the back of her hand to know the rules the examination. - Inform to you into how many options have each question and how much score badly reduces each answered question. The question model is frequent test in which 5 options exist and each 3 questions badly answered reduce 1 asks to you correct. This model is popular because he is the employee in the MIR until the call of year 2015.

  • 5 options + 3 questions bad reduce 1 asks well: in this case, if you are able to discard with certainty two of the options, you can risk to you to choose at random because the statistical account to your favor.
  • 4 options + 3 questions bad reduce 1 asks well: if you can at random discard 1 option and conversations between 3 options, the statistic says that the balance will lie down to zero, but the risk of having a negative balance is relatively great. If you can discard 2 options, the statistic plays your favor.


Each will have its routine, but it does not work to you well, you can take ideas from the routine that I used and she was to me very productive:

1. Lee well what they ask to you to answer. - They can ask to you that you choose the correct option, or on the contrary, the false option. They can request it to you with these words, or with phrases of the type €œWhich of the following options would not be correct? €, that is as asking to you that you choose the false one. In this step much people hurry and they are mistaken, so, attention.

2. The first impression is the one that counts (as in the perfume announcements). - To begin by the principle, and to be answering the questions that you know. Often, nothing else to read the statement, an answer jumps in your mind. You With that answer have left, and look for the correct option based on her, because usually she is right. The answered ones at the first moment YOU DO NOT RETURN THEM TO TOUCH. Perhaps you are mistaken in some, but he is generally much more dangerous to review them.

3. The USA the material adapted to each step. - If the answers are marked in the examination form, it marks with ball-point pen those that you know yourself surely. In the doubtful ones, in that you will do the exposed thing in steps 4 and 5, it uses pencil. If you have a leaf of answers and the time is very fit (less than 2 minutes by question), I recommend from the home to mark the questions to you that you know yourself surely. That will avoid to you to confuse to you of line if you must pass the questions quickly and running at the end of the examination.

By the way, not to confuse of line, you can help to you you of a small rule of plastic or another ball-point pen.

4. Those that you do not know, mark them with a symbol for the second reading (I I put a question).

5. When you have doubts, probably you are able to discard 1 or 2 of the answer options. Mark them with another symbol and leave them for the second return. For example, with false F of and V of true. A word writes after the statement that expresses of what the same goes, if you know it (€œpneumonia€, €œatrial fibrillation€, or what is).

6. In the second reading, it returns to read and it closes the eyes hoping an intuition blow. This is not superstition, but it corresponds to the way of diffuse thought, demonstrated scientifically. It is opposed to the way of focused thought, that is the one that we used when we are concentrates in a concrete activity (P. ex. an interesting chat through Messenger or a session of study). The way of diffuse thought explains why often the writers, artists or scientists find the answer to a problem in the middle of an anodyne activity (a stroll, a shower, the dream nocturne), after to have spent hours or days concentrates in that problem.

7. If the blow does not come from intuition, it is necessary to happen to analytical way. It tries to discard options that seems to you they are not correct. If you are able to discard 2, you already can risk to you to answer. Fix to you well to what asks to you, because often questions €œin negative€ are used, of the type €œwhich of the following is not certain€.

8. The very long statements are exhausting but sometimes they give the diagnosis you at the end of the statement. Look for it, and if it is not thus, it evaluates the option to leave it for one second reading.


Biennnn€¦ Here it is when Picardy begins. The one that never has used tricks, that the first stone throws!

The reason by that we can use these tricks that we are going to expose next is that it is very difficult to write up good examinations type test. My experience is reduced to the little questions that I write up for my blog of otorrino (aprendeotorrino.com), and I can assure to you that from 3ª or 4ª it asks the thing is put uphill€¦ It is easy to write up 2 or 3 options, but the two rest become difficult and a strip of long and complete answers the more, or to put €œto and c they are correct€, and things thus€¦ A gift of the Sky, karma the universal or mere human nature is the one that exhausts the imagination of our professors and it helps us with these truquillos:

, when 2 options are very similar, but 1-Generalmente opposite, the correct one is among them.

2-Normalmente the radical options, that is to say, those that never tell you €œtake place X€ or €œalways cause and€, they are incorrect, being correct the options expressed with verbs as €œit is accustomed to€, €œcan cause€, etc. The medicine is thus.

3-in analytical numbers of prevalence, values, etc, some central option usually is correct and not them extreme values.

4-If one of the options is longer than the rest, often is the correct one. If it seems removed from a text book, with more reason. For that reason it is necessary to read all the options although one of first seems certain, since next it can be most complete and therefore correct.

5-La option that includes the most repeated options usually is the correct one, because the rest of options is distractores that are constructed introducing variations in the correct option.

6-Remember that is current that repeats questions of previous examinations, which is logical, because it is difficult to write up questions year after year, and because there are basic contents that your professors want that you know to answer. For that reason it is important to try to secure to examinations of semesters or previous years and to practice with them, using them of help to study and to strengthen concepts.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

7 Commentaries
  • Marina
    Published to 14:09 h, 03 April To respond

    Thank you very much by the entrance. I am not able to remove as much benefit to the type test. I have friendly that occurs them brilliant, but not has examination in that it has not changed the question in the last minute, that has not read or the examination, or has passed badly the group.
    Lately what it serves to me is fiarme of my subconscious mind. My submarine xD. I believe that all that enormous amount of information remains in a very deep level, so I entrust myself in the option that first comes to me at the top. Perhaps I do not know it, but my subconscious mind yes. And I only give two returns him to the examination. First I answer those that we know ourselves (submarine and I), and according to me first return has left that, I risk more or less in second. But even so, the chance never is of my side€¦ I hope that me 🙂 gives back karma the day to it of the MIR
    A kiss and thousand thanks.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:43 h, 03 April To respond

      The name of submarine is funny! 🙂 That is what I also used, the intuition tap that came from the bottom of the mind. I hope that better more and more with each wild examination until it 😉

  • Elena
    Published to 16:54 h, 03 April To respond

    Hello! Then I have another I pocket a ball: if an answer has errors or misspelling usually are false, since often, although the question changes to something, some professors rescue the answers. Brilliant entrance, did not have nor idea of the one of the diffuse thought.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:46 h, 03 April To respond

      The one of the diffuse thought I knew it 1 year and a half ago in the Learning course to Learn. I already suspected something, but name had not put him€¦ I must speak of it in the blog the sooner 🙂

  • Carlos
    Published to 10:08 h, 04 April To respond

    I have liked to read the advice who nobody teaches to you and you must learn during the race. The majority of the proposed resources I have used them. And I have a doubt with respect to which use:

    1. - I to fix to me to noncorrect or false, or to avoid that the eyes go away directly to the options without reading the statement (noncorrect, correct, false, etc well) commit myself to read with a rule of dark color each line being emphasized key words. Perhaps that he clears a little time, but to make take a systematic one you. Considerais that can be a little loss of time?

    2. - I recommend to use ballpoint pen eding when happening the answers to the reading of optical leaf, it makes gain time and it gives speed. And to pass questions, mentalmrnte I make the process 1c, 2b, etc forcing €œsay it to n my mind to me€ to avoid errors. Although it takes but time, it assures enough not to be mistaken. That opinais?

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:00 h, 04 April To respond

      What peculiar the one of the Edding ball-point pen. I am looking it in Internet and seems that it has an end heavier than other models, no? It seems to me good trick. Also the one to repeat mentally the number of the question. Any system of verification is valid in an examination type test.

      The one of the rule can seem loss of time, unless the view goes away to you systematically and that makes still spend more time you. If it helps you, he is perfect.

      It is important to very clearly know each one of the techniques that I explain in the blog can modify and adapt to the customs of each. Thus it is as better they work 🙂
      Thanks to comment!

  • Mar­a ngeles
    Published to 14:14 h, 04 April To respond

    Very good entrance, since as some it has shelp are things that you end up doing throughout the race but learning €œwith blows€.
    I always, always, emphasize with a circle if she puts CORRECT or INCORRECT, for as soon as that does not forget me when answering (some profes are majetes and until they put these things in capital letters in the examination so that not you pass).
    Also I make the one mark in ball-point pen the safe answers and try not to touch them€¦ and in pencil those that I am not safe.
    Another thing that I do (but this already is odd habits mine), mainly in the very long examinations (>40-50 questions) is to make blocks of 15-20 questions and then I make those, passage to the group that block (and thus €œrest€) and soon itself with the following block. In the end I make a review of which I have been leaving in target. it seems to me useful because you are them happening little by little and you are avoided the tension to pass 120 questions at the end of the examination and in addition you have the first €œsafe€ return of a look and see to what extent you can risk in which doubts a little more.
    Thanks for the entrance and spirit to all with which one comes to us above!

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