To motivate itself to study. It overcomes the laziness in 5 minutes (1/2)

You have realized the good thing that we are planning?

And the bad thing that we are at the time of acting?

You write a list of things that to do€¦ and goes away the time on Facebook to you.

You rise in the morning with a clear goal (to begin to study subject X)€¦ and lie down having made thousand idiot tasks and without have opened the notes.


This is repeated time and time again. Why? If you want to know how to overcome this tendency, it continues reading€¦

We make the lists with the reason, but that decides in the end it is the emotion.

When the examination approaches, the fear decides. When you like the subject, the curiosity decides. When the professor is good and near, the love decides. That simple.

An expert in motivation, Piers Steel, knows that to motivate itself it is very difficult sometimes. He designed a formula to calculate the intensity of the motivation. By definition, a formula is something extremely rational.

Motivaci³n=Expectativa x Value/Impulsiveness x Demora

But it happens that these factors are soaked of emotion.

The more far (Delay) is an examination, the less desire you must to study it, because there are thousand interesting tasks ahead. And if you are very Impulsive, the desire are reduced still more. Either nor I tell you when the subject bores to you (Value under) or you are scared to face you her, because you think that you are not going to be able to remove advanced it (low Expectation).

I like this formula because she explains to a great extent what she happens to us when procrastinamos in the study. But I like more since I know than the emotions are in the nucleus of that formula.


The emotions are the key! It does not concern the suitable thing that is your list of tasks. It observes how, without giving nor it tells you, you begin by the nice tasks the more and flee from which scares to you or bores.

The laziness and the boredom are loaded of negative emotions, or perhaps lacking of positive emotions, passion, genuine interest. This entrance remembers in which the neuroscience explains why some people hate the mathematics.

Yes, it is certain, you entered Medicine because you liked, because to be doctor she was what more you wished in the world€¦ But nobody warned to you that the way was seeded of little attractive subjects and of arduous examinations and works.

To motivate itself

It is easy to rise a tree to take fruit when you are much hungry. Nobody must push you to study when the examination is the following week.

But€¦ what difficult to sit down to prepare the written work that there is to give within 2 months.


We did not speak of your favorite subject, that can be the Physiology, Anatomy, or any clinical subject. We either did not speak to hope to that they lack few days for the examination and then you receive the external push.

We speak of those subjects that you do not like, and of those subjects that bore to you mortally. Of how domesticating your boredom or your rejection and turning the work to study in something nice.


1. Method of the questions. - When you are in the table of died study of boredom, it observes how you are spoken on the inside. €œSubject roll goes€, €œI do not know why we must study this€, €œpsychiatry does not occur me well€, €œcardio is not for me€, €œIs absurd whom they demand to know how to know as much biochemistry to us€, €œWhy there will be as much bone in the body€, etc.

Even so, you begin to read the subject. In the second page you reaffirm yourself in your first impression and you continue brooding your misfortune.

If it happens to you this, holds immediately, and you be done the following questions:

  1. Why that is subject/subject in the agenda?
  2. Why I have to study it?
  3. How it will be useful to others if I learn it? Twin question of the following one: When he is [specialistic X], what advantages will have my patients if study this?
  4. What other times has happened to me that bored to me with a subject?
  5. How I solved it and I ended up approving?

These questions are a modification of which Cal Newport in its blog proposed and which I mentioned in this entrance.

Why they work? Because they increase the Value than you must study (the formula of Piers Steel remembers). These questions remove to you from your vicious circle of victimism and the egocentrism that supposes to be amargado/a to have to study something that you do not like. They directly call to that part of altruism and vocation humanist who all sanitary student owns, and they help you to locate to you over your boredom.

they have given turn out to finish works me that did not motivate to me, and also has helped some students. Perhaps prove it, surprises to you.

2. Method of the reward. - This it is very easy. It is the same technique that you use with your dog! You do not take offense, but all we are animal, and to compensate to us to do something works well because it improves the Expectation in the formula of Steel.

Recently a student of the UAM commented to me how she used to do when she happened through a bad streak in his studies. One sat down to study during hours, and if she did not spread to him, culprit felt and little continued studying more, as being punished for being productive, thinking that of that way she would end up retaining better.

When M. read on the technique of the Pomodoro (of which we spoke in detail in this entrance), began to put it in practice. Briefly, one is to divide to the session of study in short sessions of about 25 minutes, and to take a rest you after the same being done something that you like or you need: to drink water, to eat your favorite chocolate, to look at whattsapp, etc. One was with that it gave result him!

Those rests tell him to your subconscious mind that has worked well and a pause is deserved. They cause that it is less difficult to return to the work, and are marking the study with more positive sensations.

Which would be your favorite reward for 5 minutes? A cake, a fresh glass of water, a song that raises the spirit to you, a call of telephone to your novio/a, awhile of game with your mascot, to look at photos of last vacation€¦

When you erase a task of your list, when you pass difficult, you do celebration! It dances, it sings, it eats or it drinks. You deserve it to you, creates to me.

3. Generator of behaviors. - This method me taught it a coach and serves to optimize so much the Expectation as the Value than beams.

The procedure is as it follows:

  1. Standing up, with the fallen and relaxed arms, sights your left hand and you say yourself €œWhen it arrives at the examination of X with all the studied subjects, taking it perfect in my memory€¦€ and you visualize your arrival to the classroom of examination with the certainty that you know it very well to you€¦
  2. €¦ You above raise to the right hand and it sights, and you say yourself €œ€¦ I will see the full classroom of nervous companions, and will enter with traquilidad, I will greet the professor who watches the examination with all tranquillity, I will read the examination and I will smile because I know all the questions to me€, and you visualize doing that same one
  3. €¦ and you end up lowering that right hand, it sights, and you say yourself €œ€¦ and I will feel like night watchman, alleviated and in the heat of it forms, and when leaving the examination my novio/a will receive to me with a smile, and I will make celebration behind schedule that to celebrate it€.

This sequence has the effect to replace a negative emotion (fear or boredom by a difficult subject) with other positive ones, those that you will enjoy when your intention becomes reality: joy, pride and calm.

To the subconscious mind it does not concern it that not yet has happened; since you have visualized it, it creates firmly in it and already it enjoys beforehand the good sensations. You do this practice before sitting down to study that subject that (no longer) you hate 😉

Here we arrived at the end of the first article exceeds how to motivate itself to one same one. The second part you can read it in this connection: To motivate itself to study in 5 minutes (2/2)



Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Elena
    Published to 21:24 h, 14 April To respond

    The entrance has enchanted me! I what I ask myself am how to obtain that the mini rewards (especially type to look at the WhatsApp) are not ended up perpetuating.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:51 h, 16 April To respond

      That I also ask. If you are not able to limit the reward 5 minutes, you will have to leave it for a longer pause, or the food or dinner

  • Medina Lopez, Enoc
    Published to 19:21 h, 12 October To respond

    I thank for much to the author, thanks so much.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:46 h, 13 October To respond

      Thank you very much, Enoc 🙂

  • vanessa
    Published to 16:56 h, 17 October To respond

    Often, one creates to be ready for a partisan. But when they do opened questions to you, doubts in as writing it. As to be preparation for that type of questions.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:16 h, 27 October To respond

      For that type of questions you must prepare to you in advance, trying during the study to respond opened questions of that type. Once Leiden the question, is fundamental to spend some minutes in aside making a scheme of the answer in leaf. You write down all the ideas of the answer, you reread them and you number them for knowing in what order you are going them to write up, and then you write up.

  • Dayron
    Published to 00:00 h, 30 March To respond

    Thank you very much really it is of very many help

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:35 h, 30 March To respond

      Thousand thanks, Dayron 🙂

  • nathaly
    Published to 21:56 h, 07 July To respond

    hello Almudena, I am Nathaly from Uruguay, Fonoaudiolog­a study, am 42 years old and the truth is a great challenge for my to this height to begin a totally opposite race to which I have done during my life.
    Infinite thanks for your advice, I am going to put them in practices, per moment I feel that I am not able but when entering your blog I feel that there is much I can learn. thanks thanks. I already put it in practices

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:25 h, 08 July To respond

      Spirit, Nathaly. They wait for difficulties and doubts to you, but each landmark that you surpass goes to you that is to say to glory. It is a very exciting way. Here I am for the difficulties that you can arise 🙂

  • Sony
    Published to 06:33 h, 10 December To respond

    Thank you very much! I believe that it could not better have found a page. I will really put in practices these Tips.

  • Fryda
    Published to 04:02 h, 09 February To respond

    Hello I am fryda, study my first year of medicine, but the truth sometimes I feel very frustrated because soon not what to study of a so extensive subject, in addition I do not know because technical they are possible to be used to review and to retain information€¦.

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