to motivate itself

To motivate itself to study. It overcomes the laziness in 5 minutes (2/2)

We continue with methods to be able to motivate one same against entregables examinations and works in a more or less distant term.

Not to lose the thread, the formula of Piers Steel, expert in motivation remembers:

Steel formula Motivation

These factors of the formula are loaded of emotions, and explain why the reason often loses the game when it is to study€¦ by obligation.

In the other entrance we saw 3 simple forms to move to us positively and to motivate to us. We did increasing it to the Expectation or the Value than you must study, to be able to work in case a subject/subject was boring or it caused anxiety to you.

Now we will see how surpass other obstacles, as they are our Impulsiveness (that sends to us to waste time in FB or with the mobile although we know that we must study), or the lack of external impulse that supposes that the date of the examination still is far (Delay). Perhaps after the last semester you swore mismo/a that this time you would put yourself to study in time€¦ We are going to verify how to do it.

to motivate itself


Four (4) forms to reduce the Impulsiveness. - We know that the impulsiveness is a character characteristic with which we are born, and that we are learning to handle and to control little by little, according to we grow and we were related to other people.

The impulsiveness is what pushes a boy of 3 years to throw toys or to put itself to sing in the middle of the nap in the day-care center (real history, made my nephew). That same boy, in agreement his prefrontal crust is maturing from the 7-8 years, he will gain in automatic control and discipline, and will be able to control his desires of diversion when the circumstances require it.

The discipline and the capacity of automatic control require of all our force of will, and as Baumeister explained in the Willpower book: Rediscovering Our Greatest Strength, our reserves of will force depend on so physical and simple factors as the dream and the feeding.

Therefore, if you fear to let take to you by your impulses and lose too much time with whattsapp or Facebook, assure to you to follow these steps:

1. It restsandfeeds to youcorrectly. - It will allow you to have your A batteries the 100%. The rest includes sufficient hours of dream, €œintellectual€ rests throughout the day and rests through physical exercise.

2. It delegates all the decisions that you can. - If an important issue outside the studies demands your attention, leaves it to others or solves it as soon as possible. The most trivial decisions even rob will force to you. Obama declared that he avoided to make decisions on his clothes or the food, as I told you in this post.

3. He looks for accountability to partner. - This so fashionable expression in the western USA and other countries does not have comfortable translation. Some translate it as €œcompanion of surrender of accounts€. For a student, one would be to have a friend or companion of course with that to meet periodically to share doubts and to clarify concepts facing the examinations. The fact to jeopardize to you with another person to solve doubts in certain dates can help to take the study you to the day.

4. It extinguishes the notifications. - This advice would not be necessary, but in case it was some doubt€¦ He closes FB, TW, Instagram, and what lack makes to avoid that the small noises of notifications rob the attention to you.

€¦ and 5. To make a line of time. - This method is fundamental if in your Faculty as soon as are partial examinations or if you most of gamble the note in a final exam.

In my experience, Demora is my main enemy to make tasks in the suitable time. As much in short periods (of several hours) as lengths (weeks and months). Other people have a sense of the time that is active even in background. It is not my case€¦

If I am engrossed a Sunday in the morning, looking for information and writing an article for the blog, I neglect easily and I behind schedule get to eat outside. I need to concentrate during some minutes and to conduct complicated mental operations. €œIf I must be to eat to 15 hours€¦ I must leave from house to 14,45 h€¦ I must begin to dress me to 14,30 h€¦ I must shower me to 14,15 h€¦ I must close the computer before the 14,10 h€¦ €œ. Once fact this mental arithmetic, the hour limit goes ahead in my brings back to consciousness and it allows me to do everything in time.

Something similar you can make to define your trip ticket way of the final exams. To establish datum points throughout the time, since she would make an expedition that wanted to arrive at Polo Norte walking hundreds from km.

If you must make an examination of Hematology within 6 weeks, and need 3 returns study to take the subject well, you know that:

  • 4 days before the examination, you must begin 3ª returned (the last review). In order to obtain this€¦
  • €¦ 2ª returned must begin 2 weeks before the examination€¦
  • The first return of the study (first reading, schemes and cards of review) must be completed in 4 weeks
  • So that takings these 4 weeks and you distribute the work throughout the same: organization of note-compilation of examinations old-to determine what subjects are fundamental and which can be left without reviewing if outside necessary-Reading of the first return

That is to say, you stop thinking about that date of examination that is muuuuuy distant and you replace it by several nearer concrete dates in the one than you have individual missions but concrete. You will know that if you achieve the individual missions, you will be able to arrive in good conditions at the examination.


Part 1/2     To motivate itself to study. It overcomes the laziness in 5 minutes (1/2)

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.


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