In my sessions of mentor­a online, this question arises repeated times. It has all the sense. Although the best thing to study is the benefit to do it and the satisfaction of the knowledge, is necessary pass to be able to advance in the race. They are fixed of the way€¦

I bring in this entrance a commentary of the How book to Medical Pass Exams, written by Marc Barton, specialized British General Medicine doctor and in Medical Emergency As British doctor, it has happened through multiple typical medical examinations of that one country. If the things follow€¦

In these weeks examinations are being realised type ECOE in all long and wide it of Spain. I participated in one in them as evaluating one of a modest station with a written clinical case of repetition tonsilitis. For who still does not know what means ECOE: €¦

In the Hispanic world, an examination type test is what the Anglo-Saxons denominate multiple choice questions. Generally each question has 4 or 5 options between which there are to choose one. Thus it is, for example, examination MIR. We have luck of which in Spain custom does not exist to use more complex variants of this type of questions in which it can have to choose 2 answers that can be correct, or to connect terms between 2 columns of words, each one of as it contains 5 or the more terms€¦ and the question are correct when you are able to make all the connections correctly€¦ In short, we are not complicated the life. An examination type test as the one of the MIR already is sufficiently complex. It is generally necessary to know moderately the matter to be able to approve. Examination type test Sometimes it surprises to find students to me who in 5º year of race lament themselves because €œshe does not occur tests well them€¦€. It is not that it has prevented them to arrive until 5º, but I can imagine me the anguish that will suffer in each examination of this type whom they must face. Recently a student of 2º of Medicine requested advice to me through e-mail on this subject. If you want to know what I answered to him, and still more, he continues reading.

I am going to tell to you what so has gone to me with the technique of inverse study of applied Tom Miller to the Rheumatology. If you do not know of what I am speaking, it reads this entrance where I tell everything you. My first impression is good. It has been to me entertained,€¦

This entrance is an experiment of reverse engineer. Or of learning perhaps based on problems. This idea part of Tom Miller, an engineer dedicated to teaching and that has a blog on techniques of study applied to students of technical sciences. It calls it €œto review learning€¦

I confess that, when I read for the first time on the technique of the autoexplicaci³n (in English €œself-explanation€), I discarded to write envelope she. It seemed practical little to me and the revision of the Dunlosky (1) granted €œmoderate€ utility to him and many you beat. But Peter and Alex in its book €œLearning€¦