Yes, you can improve as student. You can make it not only course after course, but month after month. There are few absolute truths in the life and this is one of them: it does not matter what age you have, how much you know, what abilities you dominate nor how much you have studied. You will always be able to improve, and often€¦

I bring the history of overcoming of a Medicine student of my faculty. Marco Antonio was student of the first Technical promotion of the optative subject €œof study and examinations in Sciences of the Health€, distributed in the Independent University of Madrid between February€¦

To tighten the teeth or to laugh, that is the question. I write this article inspired by a TED video. You know TED talks, conferences on ideas that are worth the trouble to be shared? You can know more envelope they in this connection. Then, this TED video arrived€¦

The wise people of blogging say that agrees to have 3 or 4 articles beforehand written so that the bull does not pillage to you if you have problems at some time. Past Sunday was of undertow post-TribuCamp (encounter of bloggers and digital entrepreneurs) and I thought, €œby one€¦

Recently I had a debate in Twitter where it was spoken of the best way to describe the examinations as Medicine (you can read in detail on this subject in this excellent revision written by Miguel Gal¡n). During €œthe tuitero€ debate it was mentioned several times that all the Medicine students are shining, because therefore she demands the system and the exigency of a highest average note to enter a Medicine Faculty, at least in Spain (more than 12 points on 14). Something sounds me bad in this affirmation, since, to my eyes, each student with whom I coexisted at my time of Faculty, and each student who I know as professor is different. There are great differences as far as motivation to learn, profits in examinations written, performance in the practices, capacity of organization€¦ If you want to know more of this subject, it continues reading€¦

Hundreds of thousands of words are spilled in scientific and general press on the syndrome of the burned doctor. Tremendous articles on the suicide between doctors, subject very debated in countries of English speech. Whole decades military, as much buried as open, between doctors and nurses,€¦

Well, you have read on different methods from study. Diverse techniques that seem attractive, as the comparative tables, the review cards, the Cornell method of notes€¦