First help at time of final exams

I offer a compilation to you with the simplest instructions to survive the weeks of final exams. A 6-8 average weeks in which no longer you need internal motivation to sit down to study, because the external motivation has been rushed on your head!


  1. There is no time to prove new complex techniques. - The USA the methods that you dominate, although in this blog consider them less effective than others. It emphasizes, it rereads aloud and it recites, which always you have used.
  2. The USA this simple technique to improve your yield. - A technique of effectiveness scientifically proven, and that is learned to use on the march, is to make cards of review or flashcards. I explained how to use it in this article of the blog, and I advise to you that you consider these details:
    1. At the most simple, better. Question and short answer. P. ex. Which is the antibiotic of election in the syphilis? Penicillin.
    2. You do not make 20 cards by subject, but only 1 or 2 cards of the concepts that are to you the more complex. In this way, to make the card helps you to determine data, and when you review cards, you will be working and so really it needs more review.
    3. It reviews cards at the end of a long session of study. You will not be able to maintain the concentration reading notes for more than 7-8 daily hours. To alternate the work of study favors the yield. To finish off the day practicing with cards will allow you to scratch one more hour.
  3. You do not lament yourself by the work that you did not do in the previous months. - You do not spend time in remorses. Surely not always procrastinaste by laziness, but because the life lay down to you above. An influenza, the disease of a relative, a friend with problems, a pair that leaves to you, a notebook of practices that becomes difficult to finish. It takes care of the words with which you are spoken same, as I explained you in the post You speak with your mind of the suitable form?
  4. You do not exhaust your energies daily. - It does not pass anything to sleep few hours the night before an examination, but you will not be able to maintain your productivity if you rob hours to the dream every day.
    1. You do not abuse the coffee. - In this post I explained to you how to use the rest and caffein to maintain to you intelligently wide-awake. It moves away the temptation to use stronger drugs supposedly to improve your yield, the side effects can play it to you.
    2. It takes care of your body and it continues practicing physical exercise. - We know that to make exercise it favors the creation of new neurons in the seahorse, it serves to loosen muscular tensions and it allows you to enter diffuse way of thought, during which your mind continues consolidating what you finish studying.
    3. Salt to take a walk. - If you do not practice any sport, salt to walk during half an hour with your cards of review moving your body and oxygenating the brain. Do it in a near park, because it is demonstrated that the nature improves the physical and mental recovery.
  5. It plans, it plans, it plans. - You do not study as chicken without head. Although it is for 1 week, for 2 days, plans. If you do not know how, it reads these advice.
  6. It dominates your emotions. - Although it annoys to us that they say this to us, we know, at heart, that our form to think decides to a large extent what emotions we felt at every moment (except for dramatic events outside our control as a death, clearly). It is easy to let itself take by the anxiety and the fault when you arrive at the final exams with bad preparation. You know what? It does not serve don't mention it. Take care since you would do it with a baby, to whom you are not going to shout because he is sluggish and it costs to him to learn to walk. You either do not leave much space him to the boredom nor to the distrust (when you think that your companions hide examinations to you of previous years€¦). Focus to you in you, in your principles, objectives and illusions. The USA one of these 3 tactics to change your emotions most positive.

€¦ And finally, 7. It plansyournextyearastheyearofthebestsuccessesofyourlife. - Now you are fighting to swim and to cross the sea of the final exams. The next course you will apply new strategies that will do more effective fort to you and, you do not doubt it. Self-examination, spaced intelligent of the reviews, flashcards digital available in any place€¦ This blog is full of suggestions and strategies that will give to a return of nut to your studies and your medical life.

Always ahead, towards the best version of yourself, of same you. You do not doubt it, because it is certain, year after year you are better person and better future doctor.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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