To really rest in the middle of the final exams

We are in half of the month of June, which means, for many medicinos, to be in half of the weeks of final exams. At the outset you begin strong; in the end, the perspective of vacation gives forces you to finish off the last days of confinement and study.

But in the middle, when you have made 2 or 3 strong perhaps examinations and you have left other 3 examinations the more€¦ some recovery, if you have suspended to subjects€¦ this transit by half of the way of the examinations is looked like a peregrination by the desert. That yes, that you like Medicine, but you it does not like to live tortured. Mainly if you live in a country with stations, as Spain, and the people who surround to you spend the day enjoying of the swimming pool and terraces summer, while you are locked up studying.

I wrote envelope how to motivate itself to one same one to study when the examinations are still far in the time. You can find those entrances in this connection and this other. But the thing changes a little when it is to follow motivated straight end in the heat of, when it even though begins the fatigue, the frustration, the boredom and the heat.

I give by fact that already you are applying short pauses enters relatively short sessions of study, in the style of which we spoke in this entrance on Pomodoros. But, what happens when these pauses are not sufficient?

We need something more fort, something than helps to loosen to the corporal fatigue and the anxiety.

Modified of Pixabay

Modified of Pixabay


Warning! The best way to rest of the study activity is to choose something that you like much, and that it is different possible to study.

That is to say, if you want to rest of the study activity, that consists of reading and to read and to read in paper and screen of computer, seated in a chair, he is advisable that you move away of the paper, the chair and the computer.

Outside Facebook, Twitter and television! These activities can relax you in the short pauses, but they are not going to give back as much energy to you as what I propose to you by the way next (, after reading this post, you do not read more of my blog! It rests):

1. Physicalexercise. The one that you like more, is to run, to swim or to make Pilates in the middle of your room.

If you are in a library, go out and walks quickly while listening music. It vetoes to a corner where they do not see you and you do some sentadillas or jumps of scissors.

If you have the luck to have swimming pool in your urbanization, ponte the low bathing suit and to swim some long. If you are scared to lose the force of will to raise to study again to house, it sees when it is only half an hour so that they close€¦

The benefits to make physical exercise in the middle of a day of study are several:

  • Reactive the circulation and you oxygenate your blood to the maximum.
  • Loose muscular tensions in neck and back, that undergo much during the study.
  • He is proven that the exercise favors the genesis of neurons in the seahorse (cerebral headquarters of the memory).
  • It facilitates the entrance in the diffuse way of thought, during which your brain, in background, reorganizes the concepts that there are learning recently.

Taken care of! You do not make the exercise that you think that it agrees to you or the one that bores but to you they have shelp you mortally that more it is adapted. It must be the one that desires to you more. Any decision, by small that is, reduces your reserves of will force, and you need them all to study.

2. To the maximumlivedmusic. I am not speaking to you to listen to in silence a symphony of Bach or the last single of your favorite singer. That already you can have it basic while you study.

I am speaking to you TO LIVE and TO FEEL your favorite song. It raises the volume and it sings as if you were in the scene. It dances enjoying your preferred singer, of your favorite song, move to you, oxygenate to you.

A form to fuse music and physical exercise is to approach the gymnasium nearest a aerobics class, hums, step, indoor cycling or what it desires to you. Apt for longer rests it enters long sessions of study (of 3-4 hours). *Esta idea I have robbed it to @elena10martinez in Twitter 😉

3. Relaxationormeditation. Useful when or you have done physical exercise that day or physically you are very tired. If you do not know how one becomes, you can prove this guided relaxation that I myself use from time to time (duration 20 minutes):

Also you can read the method of meditation of a Medicine student in this connection.

4. Shortnap. If you go short of dream, perhaps you need to give a little rest to your neurons. The investigators recommend naps that do not surpass the 25 minutes, with the purpose of to avoid to enter deep phases of the dream of which it is more difficult to wake up and to espabilar themselves again.

An ultrashort nap (6 minutes) is even able to improve some types of memory (as they affirm in this study)

How to assure to you that you wake up to you? Pon several alarms. Although the best trick is to obtain than your roommate goes to one hour decided with your favorite song sounding to all volume in his mobile. To wake up glad guaranteed 🙂

5. Advice friki to relax tension, given of yourmedlife: HE SHOUTS! (number 13 in this entrance)


€¦ If you are 4 or 5 until the following examination, if very you are exhausted, if notes that the anxiety does not let to you concentrate to you to the maximum that you can€¦ spend or a complete day noon to leave the mountain of notes. March an afternoon or a whole day to you to the swimming pool, the field or to with friends mount furniture of Ikea (it is only one idea) or relatives.

Perhaps it produces remorses to stop to you studying so many followed hours, but your brain needs reset and it is going it to be thankful with a better yield. You do not allow that your self-esteem is governed by notes, as advises Andres in its Yourmedlife blog.

An examination is only one fixed and imperfect photo than you know a subject a certain day. It is not a deity to which to render cultured. After the examination you can continue learning.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

4 Commentaries
  • Aaron
    Published to 12:43 h, 13 June To respond

    They are the 14:41 in the afternoon and I finish waking up. It had examination of pneumology to 11. I lacked because I remained slept to 8 after almost 48 hours uninterrupted in the writing-desk.

    I want to die. Only that.

    • Laura
      Published to 15:21 h, 13 June To respond

      I feel it much!
      I am going to try to be constructive, perhaps because the damage this fact, you can solicit that they allow you to realise the re-evaluation? It is the only way that I see save the subject right now.

      The moan much, to see as all the inverted effort has gone away to the fret.

      On the other hand, and in spite of it last it of the moment, we do not have to never forget that the studies are an area of our life, but he is not it everything, far from it. Perhaps you have had an accident, either, comes to you or to cry, to patalear and to cabrear to you, soon will be necessary to analyze the failures that have taken to this moment and to correct them for the following examination!

      Much spirit! A hug

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 15:24 h, 13 June To respond

      Ufffff what works€¦ Even a fatter word because we are in public€¦
      Era the recovery, or you can go to another call in the following weeks? My goodness€¦
      I do not believe that you are the unique one to that it passes this to him, I create I, but that does not serve as consolation. Either if I do not tell you that within some years you will laugh yourself of this, but now very you will be made dust.
      Tell how the thing finishes to us please. This way you have to us if you need something

    • Miguel
      Published to 14:43 h, 14 June To respond

      Hello Aaron!

      I remained slept for the final exam of Pharmacology the past year. I passed it very badly, but I approved in the recovery. They are things that happen. This year by the hairs does not arrive at the ophtalmology examination, I had to take a taxi to me!

      My advice is the same that Laura, speaks in case there is some possibility that they repeat it to you. Following the department, although he is oral, possibilities has.

      Much spirit, and not you autoflageles!

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