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I write this entrance after to have realised this course 3 reviews online in direct with two different software. The reviews were of the subject of Otolaryngology and were oriented to the diverse formats of examination of the UAM of every moment.

In previous years, it made the calls tuiteros disturb-reviews: short questions by twitter followed of the answers, and answers to doubts of the raised students in the same way. They did not go either bad, but a social network of limited popularity followed less people the being.

reviews online

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My technologies of review online

Twitter. - Since I have told you before, an account in this social network forces to become to follow the review. Also it is necessary to follow the account of the educational professor/who is directing the review, or to at least follow hashtag associate the same. In my case I have used #examenORL and #exORL. In each occasion that I made this review (2-3 times), they followed to me between 20 and 25 people.

The advantage is that he is very agile and forces to you to be concise, since each message admits 140 characters at the most. This, as well, also is a disadvantage, because it does not allow long explanations that sometimes are necessary.

Periscope. - This is a tool of video in direct that is connected with Twitter. I used it in an occasion to relay an actual review that we organized in my hospital. 4G was enough a connection to me. To the classroom people went some 25-30 and followed the review by the Web up to 160 more. The tool works very well, and allows to take care of a chat of questions in writing, although in that case you need a person who dedicates herself to take care of exclusively those written questions. In my case, in an actual review, it was not possible and she does not have much sense either.

Other tools of streaming or video in direct, according to I have read that way, would be Youtube Live and Facebook Live.

The disadvantage of retrasmitir an actual review, in my opinion, is mainly in the audio one. I used a lapel microphone to assure to me that perfectly my explanations were heard. Unfortunately, the commentaries of the students were heard very badly, which was a pain because with some commentaries we laughed ourselves much€¦ and what it is learned between laughter remains better engraving in the memory, I create I. In a future broadcasting I will have to investigate other possibilities, because I always make classes and reviews asking the assistants.

Gotowebinar. - This is an application Web of payment seminaries online, but it has the option of gratuitous test during 30 days. I have used it in two occasions and twice I have been very satisfied. For the listeners she is intuitive, and for the organizer perhaps a little less. He is advisable to trastear awhile with a test conference to know clearly what icon to use to share screen, to share camera and to open microphone to the assistants.

One of the reviews adapted perfectly to the examination format that we were reviewing, since it consists of answering questions presented in slides. It is enough therefore to share a presentation of Power Point or One Note and to be passing slides, or to speak in off when it is necessary.

In case there are few assistants, it is possible to leave open all the microphones and to be making questions. Also it is possible attending them to make questions of alive voice or being marked an equivalent icon to raise the hand, that gives a warning to the organizer in its screen.

In one of the reviews it had more than 80 assistants, and was enough with being opening micros according to was giving to passage to the doubt and question-and-answer session.

My impressions about the reviews online

  • It is an excellent way to alternate ways of study for the students, and that way to favor the productivity: some were in the library and others at home of companions to attend the connection in group. Many others followed the broadcasting from their houses, which allows to connect with other people without losses of time in the displacement.
  • My idea is that it can lead it a student who knows more than the rest, or somebody who has approved the call and helps to which they appear to the recovery. Also it can consist simply of a meeting between classmates to comment doubts and to help you mutually. The advantage of the connection online is that it can be realised from house. In case of having less than 10 participants, the option of Google Hangouts seems to me very suitable.
  • Another option is to find a professor who lends himself, like I have done. You can ask your professors, and if no is arranged, you will have tried it at least.
  • If there is nobody available one, why not to request it to a motivated resident of the specialty at issue? Probably, of a reasonable economic return (1-2 ‚¬ per person), the resident is in favor more than arranged to organize a review session that can be very useful to the students.

The classes online are not the future, but the present

In some American Medicine faculties the actual classes online as a service are hung more than it provides the student. This allows to see the classes in the most advisable schedule for each, to stop the video if there are doubts on a concept, to return to listen to the parts that have not been clear€¦ the possibilities are multiple.

In fact, I am trying to remember what prestigious University of the USA began to offer an semiactual Medicine title€¦ The theoretical classes were realised online and the students were summoned to the campus for the practices of the laboratory of Anatomy 3 times throughout the academic course. I do not know what will have been finally of this experience, that I believe that it began in 2014.

As for me, many of the knowledge that I contribute in this blog come from courses online which I have realised through Coursera, the famous platform of virtual courses. So that I am a fervent defender.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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