I have approved everything What I do this summer?

The idea of this post arose when I read the questions of some students in the efficientlearning.org blog. It did not give credit which they saw my eyes€¦ Somebody that has approved everything and asks how can take advantage of the summer? Please€¦

In Spain summer vacations, those that become when finalizing the course, last between 8 and 12 weeks. This is words majors.

My university vacation passed mainly in the familiar floor of Madrid and the house of my grandparents, in a remote frontier town. It distributed my activities between wading in the swimming pool, reading novels and to review my works preferred in the guitar. I never reviewed Medicine in summer, except for the year that I had left pending the Cellular Biology of first course€¦

Memory those summers in which, in the middle of an afternoon of heat and drowsiness, at the home of August, looked backwards, already without remembering since they had been the last days of examinations. And it looked forwards, and still it was long time so that the new course began. I do not exaggerate if I say that it felt to me as a happy navigator in the middle of the sea, without haste to return to port.

It has been spoken much of the negative effect that has a so long rest in the learning, mainly, of children and adolescents. In the case of a doctor or medical future, the continued formation is fundamental to avoid that our methods become obsolete. The daily study of a doctor does not consist of memorising ready in the style of a student, but rather of reading specialized magazines, reviewing concepts in selected monographs and to contemplate videos of experts (conferences, surgeries, etc).


1. Thefirstmost importantpointand: it rests. You have passed 4-6 weeks of examinations, studying between 8 and 10 hours daily and confronting an examination after another one. It is important to spend some days completely remote of that type of activity.

It is recommended to completely rest of an activity doing something different, or something that you like much. In the case of the study, something completely different includes physical activity and movement; and to free of schedules and obligations. In this sense, to leave to some vacation visits programmed to a foreign city can add more stress than to suppose a rest€¦

to rest in summer

2. In an occasion a student asked to me how she could make not to forget the studied thing in the first course Medicine. My answer was that it would be to him impossible to remember everything what had had to memorise, and that in addition is not necessary to remember all the details of the Medical Genetics for the future (unless you know very clearly you are going to be an investigator in that field).

Therefore, if you want to review, I recommend to select the most basic material to you of your notes of each subject and to keep it in a separate folder (from computer or plastic), and that is the material that you can reread in the review sessions which you have planned. For example, of Anatomy you can select diagrams with the muscles of different corporal regions, as well as basic schemes of anatomy of surface of guts, vascular system, some cerebral cuts, but it flees from the details.

The review sessions would not have to last than 30 or 40 minutes followed more, that is the maximum time that usually holds our brain to total concentration.

3. €œYou arecrazy? Foddernot to review€. In agreement, it does not seem to me legitimate, I I reviewed either at my university time. But we are not deceived: the Medicine student usually is ratoncillo of library, somebody to that it likes the scent of the new books and that enjoys writing and making annotations. After 2 weeks of total leisure, of indolence under the sun and minimum intellectual, good looking activity what you want to that you throw a little except your routines of reading and concentration. Confess it! 😉

If you want to maintain your agile brain, or to even gain capacity of understanding with a view to improving in the following course, I propose several activities to you:

  1. Posts of this blog reads all and imagines forms to start up the diverse methods that are spoken in him. Before conducting complex battles, in many cases, we have imagined what we were going to do. To beforehand make a mental route by the possible innovations in your study, discovering obstacles and solving them, is going to you to facilitate to start up technical new when the next school semester arrives.
  2. Lee to please. Mainly, if you do not have custom to read books or newspapers in your short whiles of leisure, he retakes the custom. In a group of 23 Medicine students who I had in the UAM, only 3 of them read regularly; only 1 of these students read books. In a 2015 put-analysis, Nakanishi (1) observed that the realised extensive reading during 1 year improved the capacity of reading understanding. If you never read, it buys a sport newspaper or a magazine of history, of computer science or what it desires to you. Itself you read the sport press, chooses a book for this summer: science fiction, romantic novel, mystery€¦ It is not necessary to read philosophy nor the Quijote to benefit from the extensive reading, the one that becomes by benefit (the own reading of the study is denominated €œintensive€).
  3. It begins to study a subject of the next course. Before you throw stones to me, an interjection: nothing to use a manual MIR. These manuals are useful to assimilate data with a view to overturning them in an examination, but they are very little attractive. If some of the subjects seems more interesting to you, chooses a book in your nearer public library or buys a monograph in your medical bookstore of reference. You choose the heaviest neither the more complete volume. It is more, I recommend to you that you choose the book that has more tables, photos or tables, within the basic ones.  €œWhy a book? perhaps€, you ask yourself€¦ Because it is not what you use habitually to prepare examinations. The books more are made than some notes, and can even contain histories that make more interesting the matter.
  4. Painting learns music//theater or anyone of the arts that always you wanted to learn and for that never you had time. You will continue exercising your mind, but in a scope different from the Medicine, and even so your mental capacities will benefit. It looks for actual intensive courses in your city, or follows videos of Youtube (there are many tutorials of musical instruments, manualidades, etc), or registers you to a gratuitous course online of many that exist nowadays in the network. In the Web of Central Class you can look for by categories and once and for all learn that discipline that always has interested to you.
  5. It studies languages. In Spain we see series and doubled films the Castilian, and that has located to us historically to the tail of the lingu­sticas abilities. If the English still resists to you, the moment has arrived for returning to enjoy your series and favorite films in its original language.  If you want to review Medicine, and simultaneously to improve your English, a look throws to him to the platforms (of payment) Sketchy Medical and Pathoma, that contain great amount of videos of much quality on microbiology, anatomy, pharmacology and medical pathology.


Finger aiming


  1. Nakanishi, T. (2015). To extensive puts-analysis of reading researchTESOL Quarterly, 49(1), 6-37.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

4 Commentaries
  • Iratxe
    Published to 11:20 h, 03 July To respond

    Hello! 🙂

    Jaja some years ago scared a little the summer to me because it thought that it would bore to me, but the truth is that in the end it finished formulating plans with the others or with same me and never bored to me; these last years however, I have added myself to the work fields and am enchanted. It is a form to learn, to help, to know young people and to go it pump that I like much.

    I believe that the question, more than to study Medicine as so, is to make things but with the mentality of €œwhich requests the body to you€, because if not (at least it happens to me) nonrest between course and course; after so many weeks of obligations and self-imposed schedules, which I like more and better she feels to me to do are activities that suppose a challenge to me but that they do not give laziness me and that they do not demand discipline, as which you say to learn something that always you have wanted to learn (to also study languages, but for example this last one does not desire anything to me since I began the race, gives very many laziness me to put to me to study again after the examinations).
    In my case, I put myself with ganchillo and now with yoga jaja the question is not to stop 🙂

    Thanks for the entrance, a greeting!

  • Almudena Trinidad
    Published to 14:17 h, 03 July To respond

    A greeting, Iratxe!
    You are of mine then, to do in summer €œwhich requests the body to you€. It is a good form to rest when you have approved everything 😉

  • Laura 35
    Published to 17:38 h, 22 February To respond

    Hello, now I am by the end of the second month of my vacation, enter third semester and I will attend matters of race as Anatomy, Pathology and Histology, but the truth I feel somewhat estresada, all these vacation, in the afternoons, I have taken care to read on these courses, nevertheless, in spite of the time that I dedicate to him, profit not to advance, still more when I put myself to think that my other companions will be doing, which are in an academy of preparation to these courses. I feel that I am wasting the time and many points to favor, in comparison to them, I do not know if to continue studying or to let it everything and only focus me in my method of study, would enchant to know to me how is that I can take advantage of these vacation, thank you very much by all the advice.
    Psdta: Still I have left a month of vaciones.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 19:17 h, 24 February To respond

      Hello, Laura. My first answer exceeds how to take advantage of these vacation it would be that you were of vacation, really. That is to say, resting. It surprises to me that your companions are in an academy preparing the courses of the next semester, because of being something that in Spain usually does not become.

      If it is a practice common in your surroundings, then it seems well to me that you are reading on the matters. Sure, surely it gives laziness you to do it without supervision. You do not think about how the companions in the academy will be doing it, because certainly everything what you imagine will leave you in bad place. In competitive atmospheres we let ourselves take too much by the fear and we always think that the one of alongside is doing it far better that we, and that leave our work in bad place. Good, I am sure that they are thinking something similar. The best thing is than you stop comparing itself mainly with others, that you stop comparing what beams and so you think that they are doing.

      It is better than you make comparisons between which you knew when finalizing the previous semester and what you know now. Feel calm with paper and pencil to you and write down your advances. Later, it compares what you know now and so they will ask to know the next semester to you. And so they will really ask to you, and so you do not imagine that they know most advanced. From this point, it decides which is the following step to follow.

      I would not consider to begin to right now memorise the content of those matters. He would only be worth the trouble if you establish a system in which you are going to continue reviewing the memorised thing with the sufficient frequency as arriving in good conditions at the examinations of the third semester. This system of spaced review is realised better with flashcards. In fact, it would recommend to you to take advantage of this month that you have left to learn to elaborate flashcards and to review with them. For it you can use one of the matters. It can get to be the best time reversal than you realise in the Medicine race, I assure it to you.

      In order to know more of flashcards, it reads this article of the blog and throws a look to him to some forum of use of Anki in the Faculty of Medicine (p.ej. https://www.reddit.com/r/medicalschoolanki/).

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