He is called on to me to study in summer. Examinations of September

In many Medicine faculties of Spain still they are continued celebrating examinations of recovery in September, although many have been changing to the last weeks of June. This forces many Medicine youngsters to share library in July and August with competing poor men MIR€¦

Or perhaps no. Depends much on how many subjects you have had left. It is clear that an opponent MIR has a strong motivation to study several hours to the day in summer:

  • A legendary examination that takes almost waiting for since the race began
  • 6º course with hardly rotatory examinations and many clinical and TFG
  • A pile of friendly in its same situation
  • An academy MIR behind that with its maneuverses and classes stimulates the daily work
  • A pile of new manuals that it has not had to grind in all the previous school year, and therefore, has not taken odd habit to them

In the case of a recovery of September, the incentives to study are much smaller:

  • You finish finishing several weeks of identical examinations to which you must prepare
  • As the dog of Pavlov, you have developed a strange conditional answer, in your case, to the vision of the notes of the suspended subject: anxiety, rages and frustration, a true reaction of post-traumatic stress.
  • Most of your friendly are in different situation from yours, mainly if they have approved all the course. Therefore, you feel in complete solitude.

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Step 1. To rest. - By poor men who have been notes from June, the realised effort has been great and you must rest. As we commented in the previous article (what to do in summer when you have approved everything), it is fundamental to do quite the opposite than you have been weeks doing. So it looks for 2 weeks of break in which€¦:

  • You are not forced to fixed schedules throughout the day
  • You do not enter in touch with the safe Medicine to cure wounded or blisters
  • Yes you move the body and you make exercise
  • Yes you practice your favorite likings, are to read comic strip sleeve, to play p¡del or to doze at any time of the day

Step 2. To plan. Perhaps perhaps - one occurs you fatal to plan (reason by that €“ perhaps €“ you have suspended in June), or gives much laziness you, but your first day of summery study it must consist of preparing the calendar and the material of study. This first study would have to be placed at some time of the first fortnight of July.

Calendar. - You do not have to study in days of trip, in later days to indicated nocturnal celebrations (birthday, weddings€¦), nor when you suffer slips of health (insolation, diarrhoea or any own excuse of the summer).

Discounting those days, it reflects which is the moment of the day of summer in which you have more energy. This depends on your internal clock, your activities of summer and those of your family. Reserve 2 hours followed of study (about 90 minutes effective) by each pending subject.

Material of study. - It is possible that the notes that you used in June to suspend the examination bring about disagreeable feelings to you (or a heat rash, directly€¦). , It is at least what it happened the summer to me that I had to prepare Cellular Biology for September.

Here I suggest something to you worked to me: to use a book to read the agenda of the examination the first weeks of the summer. I used the mythical Cellular and Molecular Biology of Of Robertis, that was to me more interesting than my full notes from lists and concepts underlinings.

Why a book? It confesses! You have not looked nor one in all the course; or at least for the examination that you have suspended. And it is that the books generally are written, thought, organized well and full of photos, graphs and tables. That to you more attractive than some aren't notes to begin to open mouth?

How I used the book? I dedicated myself to read the feet of photos superficially, the titles of paragraphs of the subject that touched to every loose day and some paragraphs to me. Of that way, it was not memorising in depth, but he was able to review some concepts in the memory and to be undoing concept errors that dragged from June.

Step 3. To construct the study habit. - Here I will follow, aside from my experience, the advice of Rafael Santandreu, a very popular mental psychologist in Spain.

You do not hope to be able to study 4 or 5 hours to the day in the middle of the summer. But you can aspire to every day study during 2 periods of about 40 minutes each, separated by a small rest. It is possible that you cannot study more than 1 period. But that is the advisable minimum. We are speaking €œto happen every day awhile€ with the subject, that small Pomodoro that can consist only of reading, or in making a mental map.

Doing it every day, in less than 1 week you will have obtained that your own body €œasks to you€ to make that short while of study to be able to later follow making summery activities WITHOUT REMORSES.

What other things you can make to help you to determine that daily habit?

  • To think to the great thing: not to want pass, but to wish to embroider the examination and to remove a substitute. Delude to you with that objective.
  • To make many rational arguments in favor of that habit, around a fact that you will not be able to reject: to understand that, by once, to study in time it will benefit to you.
  • To give rewards you: just as you have glided what subject you study every day in your hours of study, plans activities that you like much for the later hours of rest.
  • To do it funny: ejem! This already is more difficult. But you must try it; at least, do it with pleasure. It buys a good notebook, a game of special ball-point pens, post-it of colors, leaves DIN-A4 of good quality€¦ A ventilator of quality for you, if it is warm in your quarter. It looks for another place of study: the garage? the cellar? a library? Perhaps the moment has arrived for proving different techniques: flashcards, mental maps, comparative tables€¦ It elaborates and it reviews flashcards every day.

Step 4. 1 week before the examination, locks up to you. - Yes, this step is inescapable€¦ After some technical weeks trying new and reading on the matter according to your hunger, now in a book, now in the notes, the moment has arrived for using the most universal technique€¦ To grind several hours to the day. Thus you will enter way €œconcentration€ for the examination. You can retake to total power the June notes, review many flashcards to the day and be useful more to memorise those abstract data that you know that they will request you in the examination.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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