Kanban to plan and to control the study flow

If you are very visual or the method GTD that explained you in this entrance seems to you too confused, I bring this method to you of control of tasks, the Kanban method.

It was designed in the factories of Toyota to facilitate the pursuit of tasks in the diverse plants, and in 2011 envelope began to be written how to use this method for the personal organization. Its use in equipment of development of software is very popular.

In order to apply it in your life of student, only use it for the Medicine tasks that you must realise in the writing-desk. This method is not as useful as GTD to agglutinate in him all the facets of your life. That yes, is simpler to apply than GTD and very visual.

If you like to move, to handle the hands to you and to use papers and labellers, this it is your method!


The board in 3 zones of €œstate of the task€ is divided

  1. Slope
  2. Becoming
  3. Fact

Some people add more zones, if it is precise, for certain more complex projects, but these 3 are the basic ones.

Kanban 1

With respect to the post-its, he is recommendable to use different colors for each subject or project. A project can be a written work, a notebook of practices or an examination.


1. Compilation

He is recommendable that you have an inbox of all the tasks that arise in the Faculty and/or hospital, all that with Medicine. In this, the method is similar to GTD. You can use one app of notes in the mobile or a notebook of paper. There you overturn everything what appears at any time by the horizon: requests of the tutor during the practices, warnings in class, e-mails of the library, announcements of dates of examinations, etc.

Once seated in your writing-desk, it reviews your inbox and transforms it into concrete tasks, each one of as it will be reflected in a post-it. These tasks must be placed in €œthe Slope€ column. With a little luck, you will not have to add new tasks every day, but it is probable that they arise new features every week.

How to divide the pending tasks in concrete tasks? It agrees to reduce them to €œpieces€ of task that have been a similar time in complimenting itself. For example, 1 hour, or 2 Pomodoros (you remember the technique of the Pomodoro). Thus you will have equivalent tasks in each post-it.

Kanban 2

2. To choose tasks of every day

Under the column €œBecoming€, every day you select a concrete number of tasks that you think that they can be realised in the time available. If you choose as time unit 1 hour, and you feel to work in the afternoon from 4 to 8, you will be able to locate a 3 maximum of post-its in that column.

It is important not to overrate your capacity in this column, because that only can take you to the frustration.

Kanban 3


3. To review the study day and to mark completed tasks

When still you are far from the examinations, he is advisable to mark one hour reasonable to stop studying. Then you return to the board and you review what already it is realised. It is the moment for feeling well by the post-its that happens to the third column.

If you are not able to pass any leaf, it is because you have not divided the tasks well. You can divide the task of 1 post-it in two, and place again in €œthe slope€ column.

In the example of the photo, it can happen that the subjects are unbalanced and you have not realized which 1 precise subject of 2 hours for its reading, instead of 1 hour. This is easy that it happens since you are learning. Nothing reason why to lash itself, already you know (the entrance remembers exceeds how to speak with your mind).

Kanban 4


  • Minimum learning curve
  • Very visual
  • Compatible with a calendar (habitual method of planning of students). - In this case, the calendar marks to the dates limit and the board shows the evolution of the tasks
  • Adaptable to digital systems

The post-its sometimes has an irritating tendency to take off itself of the board, mainly if this one is of cork. You can use in his place a board of plastic or metal, or determine the tasks with thumbtacks or magnets.


If you are geek, you will be touched with the movable applications and Web. I have not used any, so I cannot do personal recommendations to you. These are some available ones when to write up this article (July 2016).

  • Trello. - Gratuitous and accessible as much by the Web as through apps
  • Asana
  • Kanban Flow. - With version gratuitous, intuitive and easy to begin to use
  • Kanban Tool. - Also with gratuitous and intuitive version
  • Lean Kit

Ten in account that these applications Web are directed to the work of equipment in companies. That means that they offer 1 board by each project, and different card colors can be used according to the person to whom each task is sold. In the case of a Medicine student, your only project is the race in himself, and you can use different colors by each subject. This allows you to use the gratuitous plans without great problems.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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    It seems to me interesting and super simple, I am going to try to prove it!

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    Published to 22:35 h, 01 November To respond

    it will try to prove it. thousand thanks!

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