Commentary of the book €œHow to Medical Pass Exams€

I bring in this entrance a commentary of the How book to Medical Pass Exams, written by Marc Barton, specialized British doctor in General Medicine and Medical Emergency

As British doctor, it has happened through multiple typical medical examinations of that one country. If the things have been following just as for 15 years, when I worked there, are examinations really very hard.

I worked 6 months there and had occasion to know a Spanish resident that was trying to pass the examinations to happen To register of ORL. He obtained it€¦ in the third opportunity!

The formative positions of the United Kingdom are different from the Spaniards. Sight superficially, once finished the race, happens to be Senior House Officers. Who wishes to become otorrinolaring³logo must work during 1 year and a half in General Surgery, and later 1 year and a half more as SHO de Otorrinolaringolog­a.

If they only manage to surpass a series of examinations (with parts written, oral and practical) of general surgical pathology is authorized to work as Registering. In the positions To register they will remain during 6 years as minimum before being able to appear to another examination to choose to be Consultant with all of the law (with the privilege of being able to direct its own private consultation). In this connection you can know more.

As you can appreciate, it had great curiosity to read the book of a person able to pass several examinations of similar category€¦

The book is divided in different sections:

  • Part 1, on how home
  • Part 2, on how studying and learning with effectiveness
  • Part 3, on how understanding of what your examination consists
  • Part 4, on the small things that mark the difference€¦ This is without a doubt my favorite part of the book
  • Part 5, on the final preparation (last days and day of the examination)

There is a very interesting message that appears at the home of the book: €œThe examinations average are proven to provide the abilities to you that you will need in the real world€. I would outside like that this widespread belief of the students of my Faculty, and in fact the reality in all the examinations of the race. But this is another subject€¦

It is a oriented book to great examinations of level passage, as the MIR de Espa±a examination

Nevertheless, it contains wisdom pearls that can be applied to any type of examination.

I am going to mention in this review the 5 that I have liked more, that it is not question to keep awake all the content.

1. Lawofthedecreasingyield. - In all productive process, to add more amount of a single factor, while the other stay constants, will end up rendering less and less. That is to say: it stops reviewing what you already know yourself!

On this concept the algorithms of programs of flashcards are also based. These programs ask to you that you are indicating if each presented card has been easy or difficult to remember, and they will return to you to present the difficult ones more soon.

In any case, it is not necessary to use applications to secure this benefit. Brand in the educational guide the subjects/concepts that resist to you more and centers in them your reviews.

2. NoMedicinestudentislittleintelligent. - Intelligence is more than demonstrated when you have been able to arrive at Medicine (and also when you have remained to some tenth or even to 2 points, but that is another subject). The difference of results between study companions is explained by the capacity to handle stress. By defect it will produce an excessive anxiety, and by excess of confidence it will prevent to work with the necessary intensity.

3. Studyingroup. - The concept of training group that I have read in British Literature is novel for me. At the my time, most similar to study in group it consisted of agreeing in the library and asking some doubtful concept some companion. The bad thing is that soon it derived in a pessimistic dialogue on the difficult thing that was the subject or the bad thing that was professor X. So that it was used to studying at home, since I always felt more comfortable working single.

Nevertheless, which Marc Barton proposes in this book is something very different. One is formal groups of study formed by a maximum of 4 or 5 people. The meetings can take place 1 or 2 to the week, with a duration of 1 to 3 hours. It is recommended to have a moderator and a fixed beforehand agenda to cover the most conflicting subjects before the examination.

The training group can be very valuable and useful to confront mistaken ideas, but also to induce to errors. He is recommendable, therefore, that all the points of controversy score and they are clarified after each meeting.

What seems to you this idea? Too British, perhaps? I would give an opportunity him.

4. Thesmallthingsthatmarkthedifference. - In this section, Marc Barton speaks of the fight against stress with advice who seem of common sense, but eye, that all we have forgotten in some examination or all the examinations€¦

To continue practicing exercise if you have custom of it is an imperative still at time of examinations. To take rests when you are exhausted, to make strechings, to receive a massage, to make exercises of breathing or to make €œpower nap€ (nap of 30 minutes) they are some of the suggestions.

Another interesting suggestion that I never practiced is the positive visualization, that as much help to athletes and sportsmen. Marc Barton suggests a visualization of the complete process of the examination in that at any moment you maintain the type and the force, and that you finish victorious.

The chapter finishes with a review of hygiene of the dream, mental stimulating physical exercise as and meditation and mindfulness.

5. To breakthetabooofthesuspension. - The author comments €œAlmost all the readers of this book will suspend some examination during his medical race €œ. This is the crude reality. So that, if you arrived from the institute feeling to you indestructible, forget it.

If you are able to arrive in the end without suspending a single examination, congratulations. If you suspend some, welcome to 99% of the humanity Medicine student 😉



Dr. Marc Barton. How to Medical Pass Exams (To Survival for Guide Medical Students and Doctors). Medical Exam Prep Ltd, 2015


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Marcia
    Published to 14:13 h, 05 October To respond

    Does Dra. thank you very much by the information, a consultation that gives a little shame there me but go€¦ where podria to unload it free?

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:41 h, 05 October To respond

      Uff nor idea. It could not either put it here because he is illegal€¦ I feel it! He is relatively cheap (compared with other books).

      In the future near planning to publish my own method and I hope, on the one hand, that it is not hacked into. On the other hand, it would want that more people read whatever better to me. The eternal debate.

      • Marcia
        Published to 19:23 h, 06 October To respond

        If, I understand Dra. thanks! it will wait for his book with anxieties

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