A time ago I read an interesting article envelope how the musicians can give example in the world of the Medicine (1). In general, this article picks up several characteristics of the musical learning and it tries them to apply in the world of the medical learning: the importance of the good one€¦

Yes, you can improve as student. You can make it not only course after course, but month after month. There are few absolute truths in the life and this is one of them: it does not matter what age you have, how much you know, what abilities you dominate nor how much you have studied. You will always be able to improve, and often€¦

In my sessions of mentor­a online, this question arises repeated times. It has all the sense. Although the best thing to study is the benefit to do it and the satisfaction of the knowledge, is necessary pass to be able to advance in the race. They are fixed of the way€¦

The wise people of blogging say that agrees to have 3 or 4 articles beforehand written so that the bull does not pillage to you if you have problems at some time. Past Sunday was of undertow post-TribuCamp (encounter of bloggers and digital entrepreneurs) and I thought, €œby one€¦

I am going to tell to you what so has gone to me with the technique of inverse study of applied Tom Miller to the Rheumatology. If you do not know of what I am speaking, it reads this entrance where I tell everything you. My first impression is good. It has been to me entertained,€¦

This entrance is an experiment of reverse engineer. Or of learning perhaps based on problems. This idea part of Tom Miller, an engineer dedicated to teaching and that has a blog on techniques of study applied to students of technical sciences. It calls it €œto review learning€¦

A technique that locates to you, from minute 1, in way study ON, or in class or the first reading of tocho or the book. Advantage? That you put yourself to learn before and you take advantage of better the time. In this entrance I spoke long and laying to you€¦

I confess that, when I read for the first time on the technique of the autoexplicaci³n (in English €œself-explanation€), I discarded to write envelope she. It seemed practical little to me and the revision of the Dunlosky (1) granted €œmoderate€ utility to him and many you beat. But Peter and Alex in its book €œLearning€¦