A time ago I read an interesting article envelope how the musicians can give example in the world of the Medicine (1). In general, this article picks up several characteristics of the musical learning and it tries them to apply in the world of the medical learning: the importance of the good one€¦

To the thread of the disciplinary investigation initiated to M³nica Lalanda, I promised to help it and to support it in social networks. During some days I have reflected on the question, and here I bring my conclusions to you. A little ethics and medical deontology, to vary within this blog. The problem€¦

Yes, you can improve as student. You can make it not only course after course, but month after month. There are few absolute truths in the life and this is one of them: it does not matter what age you have, how much you know, what abilities you dominate nor how much you have studied. You will always be able to improve, and often€¦

In my sessions of mentor­a online, this question arises repeated times. It has all the sense. Although the best thing to study is the benefit to do it and the satisfaction of the knowledge, is necessary pass to be able to advance in the race. They are fixed of the way€¦

This interview does a great illusion to me for several reasons. Miriam Casillas, Spanish triathlete, has jumped to the member arena as of the equipment of triathlon of Spain in the Olympic Games of Brazil 2016 and shortly before that he has secured his Medicine Degree. It takes€¦

This is an interview realised to a student who has turned out to be very timid. There has been no way of which J. provided an image to me of its face, his signature nor nothing don't mention it. It only authorizes that it shows this strange photo that uses as€¦

I bring the history of overcoming of a Medicine student of my faculty. Marco Antonio was student of the first Technical promotion of the optative subject €œof study and examinations in Sciences of the Health€, distributed in the Independent University of Madrid between February€¦