A time ago I read an interesting article envelope how the musicians can give example in the world of the Medicine (1). In general, this article picks up several characteristics of the musical learning and it tries them to apply in the world of the medical learning: the importance of the good one€¦

If you are very visual or the method GTD that explained you in this entrance seems to you too confused, I bring this method to you of control of tasks, the Kanban method. It was designed in the factories of Toyota to facilitate the pursuit of tasks in the diverse ones€¦

This article is more personal of the habitual thing. I hope that you like or or less she helps you to put in perspective your problems of study, if you have them. New weekend with reflection article because servant is entered with a pneumonia. In€¦

Good, because the day arrived. The day in which, for the first time in 4 months, I do not publish my post habitual of Saturdays. And it had to be in Christmas. When I returned from vacation, in September of 2015, promised same that it would be€¦

It seems that in the USA they are as in Spain, all the locked up students preparing his final exams. To plan the study is complex and I have received newsletters on this subject of two of the experts who itself, Tom Miller and Thomas Frank. It is a signal. I also€¦

It goes ahead that I am not a crazy person of the work. Good, perhaps yes. But not all along. That it consists in act that I like to study, but also I like to have rest and leisure. To spend time with friends, to leave€¦