Interview surpassed Marco its Medicine pocket

I bring the history of overcoming of a Medicine student of my faculty. Marco Antonio was student of the first Technical promotion of the optative subject €œof study and examinations in Sciences of the Health€, distributed in the Independent University of Madrid between February and May of 2015.

From the first class its corporal language drew attention at the same time to me, because it showed preoccupation, and great avidity by each word that was shelp. At the end of the first lesson it went to speak both with professors who we were there, requesting advice to us about his programming of study.

Their questions were very interesting for me, because it opened new aspects to me on which to reflect and to investigate. Marco made multiple questions at the end of each class and defied our knowledge.

The best moment of the course took place in the middle of the same, when the expression of Marco changed. It began to smile! It had begun to prove some new techniques, and mainly, to include better as student and person.

In the last lessons, Marco unfolded an ample smile in its face. It had happened of an approved average note of to 8.5 in its examination of Pathological Anatomy! Our joy was immense when verifying that this approach of the study techniques could serve as help to a student it jeopardize.

Marco has had kindness to answer a few questions on its experience. I hope that benefits of this interview.


Surpassing obstacles. Photo of Pixabay

Tell us in what course you are and what specialty you would like to do in the future

€œStep now to Fifth, although would have to be in Sixth. So far I do not know clearly that specialty I would like to realise, although I show preference clearly for the surgical branches or that have part of this one at least. Neurosurgery has always drawn me attention€.

What clinical rotation you have liked more to date? How you took advantage of it?

€œThe Service that I have liked more has been Neurology, since the attention has always called me much and in my hospital they strive much in which we learn. In addition, they do not put you limit in our implication, so that I have been able to see diverse branches and techniques within Neurology as the electroencephalograms, the echo-Doppler of neck and skull, sections specialized in neurodegenerative diseases, Unit of Ictus, etc. Moving me by all the different areas and asking much it is since I have removed party to him (in addition to enjoying really than it learned)€.

A time ago you had a stumble in the studies. You can tell us what happened to you?

€œMy stumble, to call it of some way, began in First, although more it was pronounced later. I say this because rather they were a set of pockets, being some almost left offside me.

My problem in First was that it did not know how to study: everything what used until then with great results was totally ineffective. Luckily, in the home of the second fourth month period, and with concerted effort, I could change the sufficient thing as being able to only approve and to pass of course dragging a subject.

My second pocket was in Second, where I began with certain personal problems and, in addition, it could not maintain the rate that it had acquired in first by the new difficulty and amount of subjects.

In Third year it was when definitively I had the great pocket and I reframed everything: from if the race he were mine and tapeworm the qualities to remove it, even if truly I liked and were worth the pain to continue trying it. In this course one added the ineffective techniques that used until then, along with the great amount of subjects that had taken to try to maintain to me and to avoid to repeat course. It surpassed and I ended up to me approving the right subjects to be able to continue in the race.

Resigned to repeat course finally, I dedicated myself search information on new techniques of study, I planned the best thing than I could the course and, luckily, I had the opportunity to register itself in the Optative Subject of study techniques, on which it had deposited enough, if not all my confidence. It was partly the hope to receive the help necessary to change everything. For the home of this course already I could solve one of the great problems that it had in my life and I changed many other aspects of this one, which it hoped that it helped me, although still was most important: my self-confidence and the techniques and suitable organization of the study€.

How you left that situation?

€œI could leave that horrible situation thanks to being so €œstubborn€ and not to render to me before which it knew that I liked. In spite of all those questions that they flooded to me, it knew that really it enjoyed and so it was learning and it wanted to arrive more far. Also I have to admit that it denied to me to throw overboard all those years of effort and suffering (and it also enjoys, everything is shelp).

In this way, I held as I could until, in the second fourth month period, I could begin with the Optative one and I became jumbled everything what I could. I had the luck to have something of advantage since] knew the blog techniques of study of one of the professors [ I discovered it in one of those fits in which it dedicated search all type to me of information to change and to improve (unfortunately in the middle of the examinations, when it saw me more overwhelmed and they did not leave the things to me as it wanted). It allowed me to have certain ideas of some lessons that soon we would learn, so that it could solve doubts and to work more quickly with the information.

However, not only I recovered the hope, but I could see that the error really is in how we make the things, not in we ourself. Sometimes only we needed a little help to realize and not to lose that confidence that as much we needed. Finally I could gain or reclaim part of that confidence in same me who I myself had allowed me to lose, and could learn valuable techniques of planning and learning that changed my life€.

After all this experience, which is your technical star to study the examinations?

€œOf all the great changes that I did, if it really had to emphasize those that for me are most important would allow the luxury me to select two: one as far as the study, and another one as far as lifestyle that favors the well-being and, indirectly, also the learning.

First it is the technique of the Pomodoro, studying by intervals according to my capacities and sometimes to the conditions of every day (being flexible with one same one, something that also I learned with the subject).

Second one talks about to realise physical exercise: I until then denied to me to realise it because she considered that she did not have enough time and that was more beneficial to spend all that time to the study in himself, in spite of any situation (in the sense to feel to you tired, to have some personal problem, etc), until I realized that is quite the opposite. At the moment it is a priority in my life (for me he is forced to realise sport, as minimum, twice to the week, and ideal three). He would add that, for me, these are two fundamental pillars, unquestionable€.

With all your experience, what advice you would give a student who was right now in hardships?

€œIt is a really complicated question. If that person knows that really it likes what it is studying, if it enjoys and so it learns and it someday sees as doctor, would say that it did not leave him his mind played bad a past one to him, that does not think it is not worth for it and that cannot obtain it. At least by my form to be, nonacceptable that something cannot be attainable: if you want, you can. The problem is in which you are arranged to sacrifice and to make an effort you to obtain what you wish, and often patience is needed enough.

As immediate changes as far as techniques would recommend to him to harness their own abilities. If you have brings back to consciousness of which you learn better listening, power this type of study; if it is reading, writing, realising practical exerciseses, etc, the same. It is necessary to have a minimum knowledge of one same one and, if you have not put yourself to think it and you are in time (far from the examinations still), it is worth the pain to spend time to him.

It would insist to him on the important thing that it is to be flexible with one same one, although I have to admit at least that it is tremendously difficult to give account sometimes you, for me. To know how when to stop, to know when these better and you can give more, etc.

To be more strategic: unfortunately it is commited to us to approve whatever and often one is not really what you know and you have worked on something, but you have in mind certain concrete data. Therefore, it finds out what is what demands yourself you in that subject, looks old examinations and studies according to it. Thus you save time and improvements results. Also it is important to make a certain planning, mainly in the next period at the home of examinations.

As far as improvements in the lifestyle, it would emphasize the changes in the feeding (mainly in examinations). For example, the light meals as the salads improve the yield, mainly in the home in the afternoon, and at night the rich carbohydrate meals favor the dream and they allow you to recover to you better. As far as the sport, in case of being in the examination period, you mainly do a minimum to the day after the examination or other efforts, since, since I have commented, the sport produces multiple benefits, in the control of stress€.


Marco company

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Sonia
    Published to 22:11 h, 28 August To respond

    Very inspiring. I feel enough identified.

  • Lara
    Published to 09:12 h, 29 August To respond

    That wonderful example! Thanks to count it. Looking for thousands of techniques of study in examination period is something that also happened to me, now I reread the entrances of Almudena. Of the techniques that I have tried and they give good result me were not to emphasize, but to point words or concepts, the cards and when I am tired pomodoro. Thus I had good result in genetics and organografia.
    I will prove the exercise and the form to feed to me in examinations, it had not been happened to me to pass carbohydrates to the night to rest, and costs with the nerves.
    It enchants to see examples to me of other companions, and I recognize that it comforts and it animates a pile!
    Gracias Almudena and Marco.

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