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This is an interview realised to a student who has turned out to be very timid. There has been no way of which J. provided an image to me of its face, his signature nor nothing don't mention it. It only authorizes that it shows this strange photo that uses as transformation in some lost social network by Internet€¦

transformation J

J. can consider a student of the pile, that does not emphasize by above, nor by down. Moderately interested in the university life, the Medicine and without stopping enjoying its other likings. A way has not lived either on fight and autodescubrimiento as Marco, to which I brought to you in this other interview.

Then, you will ask yourselves, What has this interview of interesting?

I bring this interview to emphasize something essential for me. It seems very important to me that all student knows to reflect on his experience in classes, practices and studying for his examinations, and draws interesting conclusions as which secures J. in this interview.

This reflection allows to improve results in the studies and any project that is approached. This knowledge is extracted of life real and is worth much, although it does not score in the academic file.

Ah, J. studies in the Independent University of Madrid. It is the maximum that I can reveal of him€¦

Tell us in what course you are and what specialty you would like to do.

Good, the last course I have been making half of 5º course and half of 4º that had slope. The course that comes I finish the other half of 5º that I have left.

As far as the specialty that I am going to choose in the future, I do not have it still very clearly, but I know that it is going to be a medical one. The grace is that the scent of some surgeries causes that raises to me to resign to certain pleasures that the gastronomy offers us, as bacon. And no, I do not know what would do with my life if each mouthful remembered me to a esternotom­a.

What type of student you would say that you are? I talk about to what notes usually you remove, what importance him DAS to notes, and what you value more of your Medicine studies

I am a student of the commons person, jajaja. Of that they aspire to those 5 with flavor to 7 (already you know to what I talk about), since I either do not inhale to dermatologist nor plastic surgeon, and good, I do not want either that the race occupies my time most of.

I am in the hope that it leaves the last note the Digestive examination. For June only I had left to recover that and Paediatrics, and this last one I approved it with notable and everything, for my surprise Jajajaja! To see if in Digestive I have the same luck. The truth is that until I remained surprised, because my average usually does not raise of the 6.

Bond, I understand what you say, although I was a €œgrind€ that she enjoyed the substitutes€¦ But explain to you better, you think that being thus, €œof the commons person€, still you will be able to be a good professional doctor and?

You are better professional at the most you study, that without doubting it. But a student of 5 does not mean that half of the agenda has been looked to only remove the examination (at least in my case). I can have given three returns to him to all the agenda, but between the questions that faults, those that remove on the basis of agenda that has not occurred in your hospital, and the based scales in which the approved one is put in 75% of 10 better notes, your note is deflated much.

What value him DAS then to some notes that do not reflect your effort faithfully? That the time will tell you. Perhaps it finishes being a mediocre doctor, or no. But now, being student, I cannot be ventured to remove inferences towards the future.

Of all ways, I do not believe that the human part of a doctor depends on its file. This does not teach it to you in the race, but I believe that it depends more of yourself. Like there are more or less smart employees of stores, also it passes the same with the doctors. He is something and so one is born, and one becomes. But not within the race, but besides her.
The good professional competition is obtained studying and assimilating knowledge, that I do not discuss it to you. But nonfodder that a test serves to measure with much fidelity this aptitude. Another type of tests, or the amount of experience would say rather that you have acquired in the practices. But a test to value the competition of a student as doctor€¦ Perhaps no. In case, is used you for knowing if you will be good or not responding to the questions of the MIR, because more than to train you to be doctor they train you for being a machine to do tests. Or that seems to me.

It seems that you are being able to turn you into a machine if you have raised your average in Paediatrics, no?

For these examinations (Paediatrics and Digestive) I have tried to repeat many examinations of other years. Normally I make only 1 examination of the old ones before appearing to mine. But in this occasion, because it went with more time, it gave me to look many more to me. The case is that I have realized from which, if it did not look any to me, it would cost to remove the examinations to me.

Why, it is that usually they repeat questions?

Then everything fits. Many are repeated, but it is certain that with questions of other years you retain concepts that the same not them DAS importance when reading them in the notes, but which usually are asked, or you learn things that do not come in your agenda, but the same yes they occurred in another hospital. In the end, many we demanded a generic agenda and homogenous for the four hospitals [the Independent University of Madrid has 4 assigned hospitals in which they distribute to the students as of the third year] and we do not realize that generic agenda is within that battery of examinations where it comes what you must study to you and what no.

Fix to you what it happened in Oncology, put a new battery of questions and suspended half of the class. Why? To a large extent, because they asked things of the CSF-G that did not occur in some hospitals. But they return them to repeat, the thing changes yes, because although it does not come in your agenda of the hospital, that you will have the theoretical concepts in the examination of this year, and that is what you will learn yourself.

What clinical rotation you have liked more to date? How you took advantage of it?

Paediatrics, certainly. It was in that I learned more in that course. Why? Perhaps because they treated as a a resident more. The associate from the first day gave the theory you of the pathologies more frequent than usually they see in his consultations (in my case, Gastroenterology) in some scripts destined residents that begin, and so I got to understand what it saw in the practices. From time to time it could appear something that did not come in those notes, but understood the majority of the cases that appeared, and that made feel to me integrated in the practices better.

The majority of the associates usually avoids this because they give by seated that the students we know the theory: thing that seems of drawer and that it would be most logical. The reality is that the lack of coordination between the calendar of theoretical classes and the one of you practice is already classic in this faculty [note mine: I am afrhelp that he is classic in many faculties] and I do not believe that is something that in the short term is going away to solve. The case is that, if we have this in account, he is simple to understand why a rotation could spread to me as much of which it had not given anything in class because the theoretical classes correpondian to another fourth month period.

I do not say that the associate must give a manual of resident to each student who begins the rotations in his service, but comment from the home now a minimum to him, at least the pathologies more frequent than they are seen in its Service, without giving by seated that student knows theory and even €œshe has examined of her€ (thing that some doctor has arrived to think and to comment), with the intention of that, although has not given the theory corresponding to the classes, can at least take to something preparation.

After all these years, which is your technical star to study the examinations?

Mnemonics. They have served enough this ready year to me to learn amount to me on very detailed things. That, and examinations of other years to have an idea of the approach of the questions.

What mnemonics you use exactly?

Good, some are happened to me, others them coat of Internet, manuals of academy or some other person that is it to me counted.

Of my harvest that can put as example, I have one I invented for the familiar adenomatous poliposis of raritos names, in particular for the syndromes of Turcot and Gardner. So that I had left myself, which for was to associate names in a single phrase both: €œThe garden of the Turk€.

€“ > Garden >garden in ing©s> Sd. Gardner, who is associated to osteomas in the jaw, and so playing a little with the words you have Gardner looks oneself like €œGarlic€, that is garlic in English, and that speech of garlic, speech of teeth, reason why already you have automatically associate the syndrome with the familiar poliposis and the mandibular problems.
€“ > and on the other hand with the Sd. of Turcot, that is associated to tumors of the central nervous system; also you can play with which the Turk wears turban, and the turban you put it to you in the head.
It seems a little searched carefully, but for people as I, with a very bad memory, this come to me from pearls, mainly when you take more than fifteen read subjects and begin to mix concepts.

Again he leaves the review examinations of other years. Why you think that it worked?

Good, the case is that, since I have shelp before, to make examinations it helps you to focus better what they are going to ask. In fact, this last one has become a pillar important to prepare an examination to me. Basically, because you can be giving three him or four returns to the agenda, that the general concepts you you can know very either, but facing those questions you do not go that is to say what to respond, either because they are questions that successfully obtain concepts of the agenda very lovers of detail, or because that who ask not has explained in your hospital but in another one (another great classic one of this our faculty), but that is again thing of the associates who are in charge to coordinate the subject and to write up the questions of the examination.

It will change this sometimes? The professors of Oncology have tried to make a homogenization of the agenda in the four hospitals (in spite of to have put some questions that did not come to story but which properly they were annulled after the revision), so I have certain faith in that someday the agenda of the hospitals and the one that is asked in the examinations is the same.

With all your experience, what you recommend the students of first course to pass its examinations?

The truth is that I do not consider an exemplary student who can give survival advice. Perhaps to the most left behind I can tell them that they take the race calmly. If it touches a bad year, will touch and be necessary to surpass it with high the good head. But, mainly, that the race and stress do not make change or end up you sabotaging your life.

If there is to lighten, although it implies to extend the 6 years to 7, it becomes and it does not pass anything. 7 better good that 6 bad ones. A phrase that a very smart resident of my hospital told me and that now comprises of my philosophy of life is that says that:
€œThe race as a Sprint, but as a marathon is not necessary to take itself€.

An endurance racing in which one gains reaching the goal, independent of if you have arrived first or if you have arrived the last one. The objective is to finish it.


Up to here the interview that granted J to me. I emphasize several lessons that are come off their words:

  • When the conditions to approve are so hard (when you must guess right at least a 75% of the total that are right the grinds more), approving means MUCH. You are not scraped approving, you are a REMARKABLE student (it says what the file says).
  • It is important to learn, but also to be strategic. If to happen to the following step in your race to be doctor it means pass, it looks for old examinations and thus you will know what you must take well memorised.
  • To be empathic and amiable can work within the practices, but also besides the race. It is a life learning.

What you of this interview have learned, and what has seemed to you? We wait for your commentaries underneath

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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