Miriam Casillas-Triatleta interview and doctor

This interview does a great illusion to me for several reasons. Miriam Casillas, Spanish triathlete, has jumped to the member arena as of the equipment of triathlon of Spain in the Olympic Games of Brazil 2016 and shortly before that he has secured his Medicine Degree. It in the last has been to an ascending trajectory years in national and international championships, with an athletic vocation that goes on a par with its medical vocation. I knew of his double profit of this year in this interview that did to him in a national newspaper.


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We have some things common: both we studied in Complutensian of Madrid and the Clinical Hospital San Carlos (I did it before 20 years, detail without importance); and all my family is of Badajoz, just as she is it.

Here the similarities finish, because I am incapable to swim 100 meters followed in the sea (it has waves), and my bicycle is of stroll€¦

I already let with the interview and my gratefulness to you to Miriam answer my questions in the middle of the preparation for the Championship of Triathlon of Banyoles

Miriam, you have arranged during several years your training of professional triathlete with the university. Which you think that it is your magical prescription?

There is no magical prescription, but I learned to concentrate to me anywhere, and mainly to seat to me to only study although outside by 20 minutes. I believe that often we waste time to make the things in a while exact of clock (P. ex. we are o'clock to 2, I will sit down to study to the 15:30€¦) and I have tried to take advantage of those moments.

Most important it is here and now, if I am studying only I am studying, nonfodder in the training of in the morning, nor in which I will have later; but in the same way, if I am training, or taking something with my friendly, I am only enjoying that moment.

Also I believe that it has been very important to know how to organize to me, €œto spend€ one or two days before studying in thinking the strategy with which I am going it to take to end, according to my training, my competitions, the time which I have, the difficulty of the agenda, etc.

Another one of the keys I believe that it is to prioritize, to know clearly what you want at every moment. From the home it knew clearly that it wanted to compete, but that it wanted to do being arranged it with the race of Medicine. I did not consider to go to course per year. That was not the objective. But at certain times or moments the university prevailed on the triathlon, like in others era of opposite form. I always looked for the short term and was what in the long run it had result.

How they were your homes in 1º and 2º of Medicine? You had difficulties with the studies?

The year in that I began to study the race agreed with the year in which I went away to live to Madrid (without my parents) and began to train in center of High performance, reason why, of blow, the 24 hours of the day seemed few.

Yes, really I had difficulties:

  • It did not have neither idea to make an examination type test, nor to study either for it
  • To lose a single class (by my training) was to me very complicated to recover, did not know as studying €œby single me€
  • It did not know €œto take notes€ (it tried to point it everything and that was not nothing effective)
  • I was not either able to study facing an examination that it had within 3 months. It had only studied with a view to 2-3 days at the most
  • It wanted to me to present to all the subjects and that caused that in the end reality was made the saying €œall covet, all lose€

As result, in the first fourth month period I suspended 3 of the 5 subjects that it had. And in the second another one more. Reason why for September it had 4 of the 9 subjects of first and in addition two to them were annual. What is equivalent to more than half course.

I believe that there it went when I began to improve, and to suspend was good and necessary. I began to consider the courses of another form; for me as of September it was not a failure there, and to present to me to less subjects either. It raised the course to me in 3 periods (February-June-September) from the first day of course, and I began to organize themselves and to study of another form.

We know for a time that the exercise generates new neurons in the seahorse and favors the memory You think that to be triathlete it has helped you to be good student?

To be triathlete has given discipline me, routine€¦, and to want to be triathlete has made me value the time and to take advantage of it.

In the last years you have had search short whiles until underneath stones being able to study and to train level to the maximum. You have been able to finish the race and to arrive at the JJOO How you have fixed to you to secure them time of study?

I have always used that time that €œexceeds to us€, the hours of scale in the airports, the trips in airplane, the hours of rest in the hotels, the time that happened between leaving the dining room and going to the fissium or to train. My notes have traveled much, and mainly they have gone much in my backpack; it found any moment to emphasize them and left the study for house.

In these two last years my priority was the classification for the JJOO and I decided to continue studying, but without prevailing to me of the necessary hours of dream that they could harm my yield.

What sources you have used to study? Notes of commissions, books, your own notes€¦

Mainly, when not being able to attend with assiduity the theoretical classes by the training, it used the notes that my friendly of class left me (I believe that this has been another one of to have obtained keys it, the generosity of my friendly, always arranged to have to me informed into all the new features of class and to pass the notes to me).

I have used some books of consultation, but it does not stop to study as so, since although it seems to me an interesting source, requires time enough and my study had more to be the possible effective practitioner and.

Some Medicine students suffer by the unhealthy competitiveness of other companions. Have You undergone it, or on the contrary always they have helped you?

I believe that me Medicine is a race in which much competitiveness exists, but always I have known clearly which was my objective, without concerning the one too much to me that had proposed the rest. I therefore believe that as soon as I have undergone it.

How you study mainly? You reread the notes, you emphasize, beams schemes€¦?

  • First I place the agenda and I see the subjects, their difficulty, its extension and value the time that I can take in studying them. Simultaneously, I review my sport calendar, the trips, the competitions, the type of training to date of the examination. Once fact this I am made my own calendar in a folio having written the subjects that I will study every day.
  • Once I put myself to study as so:
    • Leo and I emphasize each subject until the end of the agenda.
    • I return to emphasize keywords of each subject with another color and only make a scheme and/or summarize of each subject, until finishing all the agenda again. For me this is the most important part, or than I believe that more it serves to me.
    • Study each subject centering to me in memorising (as curiosity, always I do it with a folio alongside in which I even write key words or sometimes only pothooks)
  • If it is something of time, review superficially the schemes.

Sometimes, when I am going away to seat to study nearly time or is a day that cost to me to concentrate to me, ground to put alarms to me in the mobile each 15-20 minutes to force to me to be very concentrated during that time, and soon rest 2-4 minutes)

I have understood that the athletes use much the visualization to fight the nerves before competing and removing the best thing from themselves You can explain to us of what it consists, and if you have used it before your Medicine examinations?

The visualization consists of imagining a situation that we cannot see. In the sport case, the majority of times is made to put to us before a situation that will be new for us, with the purpose of to know how to react of the best form when we are before her or before a similar image.

I have not consciously used it for my medicine examinations, but always studying it is to me arising the idea of how it would respond before a disease or a clinical case that they asked to me, or how he would be able to explain a person to him who did not have relation with the medicine of what its disease consists. It is happened to me that in the end this also is a visualization form.


What you recommend the students who right now are in the university and they do not make physical exercise?

By all means, that makes exercise; they will know people another scope, they will be sprightly of the study and they will be able to sit down to study better feeling and with more desire, and I am sure that they will need less time to study the same. The moments at which I always am useful plus the study it is when I look at the clock and I must myself go in not long time, but I want to finish the subject that I have ahead. That part usually is in which I learn more always; unconsciously my brain is put to the 110%.

In addition, my oppression or stress for want of time for an examination, that also I have it sometimes, is the same when I am training, competing or at the times of rest. Sometimes he is better to seat knowing to you than you have 1 hour and a half to study, that afternoon finds out.

You choose a sport with that you enjoy and to practice it to the week occasionally.

Of the three disciplines that compose the triathlon, Which you recommend the university students and why?

Without a doubt it would say that to run. It is what it more desires to me to do at time of examinations because I believe that it is what it clears to you more, releases to you, it forces to you to be outdoors and in addition it hardly does not require time of preparation and it is possible to be done almost anywhere.

Finally, in a recent interview you shelp that you did not know what specialty you wanted to do, but certainly you have had favorite subjects or practices. Which have been?

Physiology, cardiology, maxilofacial surgery, general surgery, internal medicine€¦

Some last advice for still the students of Medicine Degree?

Tranquillity and perspective€¦, difficult thing at those moments, but in the long run is clear that it will be an anecdote.

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Marco A.
    Published to 22:39 h, 13 September To respond

    Very useful. It has enchanted to me!
    Gustaria to at least directly ask a little to me on the visualization technique because I have understood that Miriam Casillas did not apply it as so to the medicine or. An example of this situation what podria to be? Perhaps simply entendi well that part but did not need to ask it.
    A greeting!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 08:30 h, 18 September To respond

      Hello, Marco! I believe that the visualization technique could be applied, for example, to an examination that gives fear you or it generates too much anxiety to you.

      Reason why I have read of this subject, of the case of the anxiety by examinations, a technique would consist of doing some minutes of relaxation; next, with closed eyes, to imagine to you arriving at the faculty or the hospital to make the examination, entering the classroom, home read the questions. When some of these steps generates anxiety, to return to make some technique of relaxation, and to continue ahead.

      I have never applied it with a real student, in any case, so I do not have direct experience. As soon as she knows more of the subject I will write envelope 🙂

  • Jordi
    Published to 15:09 h, 01 March To respond

    Best Almudena interview!
    Great case of success. I have liked much.

    Although she is not medicine student, I also have happened through a race of those long ones and difficult (industrial engineering) and an example therefore I had liked to listen to it 🙂 at the time

    Some advice would have applied as the visualization or productive being to them really.

    When you see this type of cases gives account you that with not much estresamos and we give too many returns at the top us.


    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 12:10 h, 05 March To respond

      Thank you very much, Jordi! I believe that this interview inspired to me to improve and no longer I am student, but as Miriam and you, and as much people, I fight to remove several vital projects at the same time.

      As you say, often we were oppressed unproductively. He is better to stop crying and doing what there is to do: to sleep, to eat, to write for the blog or to work.

      By the way, for that you are reading this and you had not found out, Jordi has a FANTASTIC BLOG ON STATISTIC that can help much in your future Biostatistical Preventive Medicine examination//Methods you of investigation! http://www.conceptosclaros.com

      It is this!

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