This entrance is an experiment of reverse engineer. Or of learning perhaps based on problems. This idea part of Tom Miller, an engineer dedicated to teaching and that has a blog on techniques of study applied to students of technical sciences. It calls it €œto review learning€¦

Good looking me what you want to that you do not know to what demons talk about the experts with this palabreja. She is the one that I have chosen to translate the English term €œinterleaving€. This technique talks about to the process to combine, to put in or to alternate different contents related between€¦

WHAT IS A FLASHCARD? I say it as I lived it: I read in English this expression and flax appeared to me the mythical pole of the childhood (the children are the only colouring creatures able to eat that mixture of and artificial aromas). [caption id= " attachment_119€ align= " alignright€ width= " 300€]€¦

The Cornell method of notes was devised in years 50 by an expert in techniques of study of the University of Cornell, Walter Pauk. YEARS 50! We are speaking of a time at which the students took notes always on paper, to pen and€¦