Doubts of vocation You are studying the suitable race?

This week I bring a post done with short-beats. But you do not go away! I put here a series of commentaries that arose in the blog does a few months and that talk about to the vocation doubts that some Medicine students have at some time of the race.

It seems rare, but it is a problem that I have always observed in several people in each course. The moment in that they appear the doubts of vocation is variable, and is two great categories:

1. Those that doubt in 1º and 2º course, because the subjects of the initial cycle of Medicine do not correspond with the idea that brought about which means to study for being doctor. The Statistic, the Medical Physics, and the very small details of the Anatomy dishearten and bore more to not being able. If above you suspend, the crisis is served.

Against this disappointment, you are not hopeless: in the middle of race the clinical subjects arrive, that correspond totally with the doctor profession.

2. Those that doubts when they arrive at 3º or 4º and face the first practices in a hospital.

For who has not arrived at that point, I will tell you that my initial impression was discouraging. Some patients are very ill and you know that they are going to die; the scent of the corridors often is disagreeable and reflects the symptoms that the patients suffer (diarrhoeas, vomits, impossibility to move of the bed and to clean up properly); some professionals are burned and deal with abruptness the inexperienced student€¦

With time you are accustomed to certain scents, you know to avoid the hours in that one is cleaning up to the patients in the bed, you learn to detect (and TO AVOID) in 1 minute the professional who is going to you to plant difficulties and you discover that many patients improve quickly after the hospitable treatment, which does the most rewarding work.

Also you must know that the medical formation is very €œhospitaloc©ntrica€, but also much Medicine in centers is made of Primary care, with patients in better conditions, and than you can evaluate professional exits in other surroundings as the management of humanitarian help, sanitary prevention, forensic and legal medicine, management of centers and investigation.



Lara, 12 of 2016 July. Commentary to the article €œHappiness and productivity €œ

€œHello Almudena:

Leo your blog for a time and I like very many. I consider that it is very useful and necessary a support for the students, beyond the breath words that, although always are wonderful, are not so practical because they give tracks you exceeds how to do what it is to you surpassing.
This entrance in particular causes that it sees me especially reflected. I am 31 years old and although I take 4 in the race I am going to begin third party. It is a situation that, although is responsibility mine, gives much shame to admit me. I acquired the bad habit from the start of not presenting me to the examinations, and have entered a vicious circle of €œnot studying sufficient presentarme- deprimirme- not to feel to me incapable€¦€ of that I do not know how to leave. Ground to approve the subjects to which I appear, but I am not able to take more than 3 subjects simultaneously (my incapacity I recognize that it resides in the lack of will before the incredible tochos).

This summer I will make a decision that not yet I know well which will be. I am very greater, and I do not know if it is by the burned thing that I am but sometimes I do not know if continue I liking the race. I would not like to leave it, but she makes seriously think about it the fact me of not knowing me able (that is to say, I believe that I am too vague) and the doubts as far as the labor possibilities once finished and in case surpasses the MIR.

I have had very difficult familiar circumstances in this time, but I believe that the conflicts are intrinsic to the day to day of any person and I do not believe that to cling to it as it excuses does no good to me.

I write all this so that there are in my family no people who work in health, and I am very lost. It would be to me helpful your opinion, more than he is not nice to read.

Thank you very much by your time and the blog.€

My answer, 12 of 2016 July

€œHello, Lara

Thank you very much to follow the blog and to comment?

I have read by far interest which you tell me. I believe that more than a person one would feel identified with your situation. Thus at first sight it seems to me that you have a very pessimistic internal speech, that is to say, you say same many negative things. You write €œshame€, €œvicious€, €œincapable€, €œvery greater€ circle, €œtoo much it wanders€, €œit excuses€€¦

Recently, speaking with a university professor of psychology on the differences in yield between Medicine students, it commented to me that these differences could not be explained by intellectual incapacity. When somebody has been able to enter a demanding university race as this, it has already demonstrated sufficient intellectual capacities. The performance that you have within the race will depend on the motivation, mainly.

With respect to the decision that you say you must take this summer, it tries to feel, more than to think, which you want. If to think about leaving the race it produces sadness to you, if you do not see future after that, you do not leave it. It is very difficult to know what really it is wanted, and normally demands that you are alert on same you to detect the signals that incline towards a side or another one to you. Somebody near or by far does ascending one on you ask to you that you do a thing or another one? Sometimes we thought that we wished something, and that really wishes it he is somebody external one whose opinion is important for us. Letter to those signals. If a direction makes feel light or cheers you, she is the correct one. If it weighs to you or it crushes to you, it is not it, although it is disguised of sense of having. But you must give you some weeks to be perceiving these signals, you cannot decide it in 24 hours. A trick to know if what you decide to do he is correct: it looks for this summer activities that you like, and salt of your habitual address. It sees the sea, to the mountain, it gives long strolls between trees, laughs to you what you can. At moments of benefit it is easier that, in background, your mind is evaluating the options of more trustworthy form. Perhaps bursts come to you from desires to continue, and that makes you feel well. That will be a good signal. Also it will be it if what comes are bursts of desires to leave and to dedicate you to another activity, and that makes you feel well. What resonates with positive sensations will be your way to follow.

With 31 years you are not €œvery greater€. I know people whom she has changed of specialty with 36 years and are happy and working after this. Everything depends on if you can allow you, that is to say, if you can have sustenance although you continue studying. To enter to make a MIR with 35 or 36 years, if it is of a specialty that mistresses, will be satisfactory you have the age that you have.

Everybody has agreement problems, but you happen through a difficult problem you have all the right to recognize that it is difficult, independent of the fact that you throw ahead. What if is clear is that a difficult external circumstance makes very hard fight against negative beliefs on same you. Too many things are joined. If the life gives a breathing you, you have margin to fight against those beliefs that you have on same you: €œtoo much it wanders€, €œincapable€€¦ So radical beliefs usually are false. Than more incapable, you have simply not found your way. You are not vague, is that you have still not found how to motivate day to you to day.

If you have a so negative speech on same you, it is difficult to motivate itself to study and to prove new techniques that could give an upset him to your situation. You speak of the lack of will before the incredible tochos€¦ And it is that it is really necessary to have steel brain to study in tochos! It thinks that any text book takes an immense amount of work for its content, and also for the format and the edition. Tocho done by students needs much brilliance on the part of all so that the result is better than a book. I do not doubt that there are good tochos, but I have seen some of quality doubtful, or very irregular.

Often he gives the sensation me of which the brain becomes bored when they give all fact him, when you do not have to fight to you with a book to extract a scheme-summary done by same you, constructed to your pleasure. If tocho or manual MIR you gives it everything chewed, it is more difficult €œto enter€ the task, to enter flow. To enter flow is obtained when you are doing something difficult, but accessible for you, and you must put a effort of your part, but neither too intense nor too much it weighs. In this sense, he tries to prepare your own schemes. To some people to go to class them help, simply because the challenge to listen to concepts and to shape them on the paper is to them stimulating. That synthesis and shape in notes, although are incomplete, already supposes a learning. It thinks if it can be an option for you.

With respect to the techniques that you use with the tochos, probably they consist mainly of rereading and emphasizing. Test to elaborate your own tocho completing your notes of class, or using a book. Test to begin a subject doing examinations exceeds she, so that the initial questions catch the curiosity on the matter. In short, you can prove different methods, without fear to that they do not work, because it is clear that the present situation, in to you which you feel as much boredom, is not better.

In order to finish, because this is being almost more length than a normal article of the blog, how you plan the study? In mini-it guides that I wrote and I hung 2 weeks ago is the technique of the line of the time, that can be elaborated each subject and to compare in parallel to see how you can arrange the study of all.

You can continue consulting any doubt that arises to you. A hug and I hope to continue reading you by the blog?


Answer of Esther, 26 of 2016 July

€ Hello Lara. It was giving a stroll me by the blog of Almudena and I have not been able to avoid to feel to me totally identified with you. Nonstudy Veterinary Medicine but (I have consulted to Almudena in a situation similar to yours). So good, it is not a trustworthy opinion 100%, perhaps but it helps you.

I have 26 just fulfilled and I am in veterinary medicine third party, so imagine you what ballast position to the backs. I in the future consider to make Medicine. And yes, everything seems very complicated, everything seems horrible! and I either do not appear to the examinations, profit to present me to few subjects to the year, because nonstudy the sufficient thing (I mainly relax with stupidities and with negative thoughts appellants) and when I want to put to me to study fodder that does not give time me and I do not go to the examinations. And it is an absolute error because that thought resides in the lack of confidence in one same one. And as you say is a infernal curl, ow, what I understand to you well.

Then, the life is not perfect, and to throw to you in face time and time again that you did not do it at the time as you had is not going to remove to you from the jam, that only makes worse the situation. It dates a breathing, it analyzes where they have origin your difficulties and tries to surpass them, to your rate, is not neither too late, nor you are too old nor nothing of the sort, do not let yourself take by the simple social conventionalisms and nothing of shame, you have done it as well as possible and that never will be reason for shame. If you began Medicine would be by something, by vocation, curiosity, etc. When €œthe vocation finishes€ and you begin to consider that perhaps you would have to leave it, is hour to work and search that motivation where perhaps you had before not considered and it is not necessary search it within the Faculty. If beams things were that they motivate to you, surely soon you are able to remove more starting off to him for the time from study. I do not have nor idea, but I understand that sensation of anguish of not knowing how to leave, and I believe that to back down or to leave if you began the race with illusion, does not have sense, since there is something, although now you do not see it, that she at the time made you decide to you by Medicine. In any case, that is a decision that you can take only, and whatever, if it takings thinking about you, will be the good one.

To consult to Almudena has been very good idea, in my case few people have known to transmit the tranquillity to me with respect to the future that needed as her.

Much spirit and a hug to two.€

Final answer of Lara, 20 of August of 2016

€œHello Esther!

thank you very much by your commentary, I finish reading it. I have liked much to feel to me so identified and your words. and I believe that you take reason when you say that once finished the vocation it has to make use of the effort, to remember what deludes to us and search motivations.
I have looked for professional help and in September certainly I can write a as positive message to you as the one that you have written, thanks really?
As much Veterinary as Medicine they are races with much academic load, and I am convinced that the problem is since you are saying, lack of confidence or feeling of not being to the height€¦ Any entrance of the blog of Almudena helps, but the push that we needed to stop only introducing same ties to us we can find it, since there are saying, looking for the causes. I am sure that you will be able to surpass, and listening to you with time same, to make the best decision.
Much luck!

Gracias Almudena for your answer, I did not say anything but it has helped me much. I read it to all my surroundings and I have followed your advice. Not yet it is 100% insurance but I believe that I will by all means follow in Medicine and reading and commenting your blog, that to many helps us with a little complicated days.

Greetings! €



Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

14 Commentaries
  • Luis
    Published to 21:35 h, 18 September To respond

    What has of which they have the crisis in 6º-PreMIR?

  • Nicholas
    Published to 16:52 h, 02 March To respond

    Hello Almudena! Very pretty the Blog, help to motivate much. Now I am in doubt with my race if it is really my vocation because they take hold those fears to me to commit bad praxis in the future, or of not being happy for being the 24 hours working. Dudo.porque is much competition also between the doctors, people who are thankless also by commentaries, many sad faces of which exert the medicine€¦ In aim I would like to see your opinion with respect to which I am raising, sometimes she gives n me returned by the head. I am 22 years old and I am in third year, he changes to me twice of race and my parents even maintain to me. Gracias

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 12:05 h, 05 March To respond

      Thank you very much to follow the blog and to write, Nicholas! 🙂

      I believe that the fear to the future always is present in a Medicine student, or would have to be it. That means that you are conscious than they will put the patients in your hands (its life and its health, the most appraised). So you do not worry, because you will always do the necessary thing to do it well and that is the maximum guarantee that can offer any human being.

      Bad people have in all the groups, nonsubjects to find more egotistic or little empathic people you in Medicine that in other scopes. It can be that determined faculties they have a more competitive culture, but in the real world you will find the same good and bad characters that in any profession.

      With respect to the exigency in time and effort of the race, it depends on what professional exit you choose and where. In Spain the official schedule is from 8 to 3, and separate the guards come; but in many Services this is not respected, mainly those with many entered patients, since the work of hospitable plant much more has been time that, for example, the one of consultation. It depends on the hospital, the specialty€¦ The guards of 24 hours are hard, but when you have done a few are satisfactory to realize of which you are able to ahead take a demanding work with that schedule. It is not the ideal, of course; the own Medicine teaches to the effects of the fatigue on the health and the intellectual yield to us. But while the hour custom is that, it is necessary to hold and to pass it as well as possible.

      If finally you do not like the welfare medicine, you will always be able to choose other ways as the investigation, the management of sanitary centers, teaching, the advising to pharmaceutical companies, etc. If you have been 3 years, follows ahead, you will infinitely be glad to finish something that you have begun and that are so beautiful 😉

      I hope that these advice help a little you. Thanks to follow the blog again:))

      • Nicholas
        Published to 19:12 h, 05 March To respond

        Thank you very much to respond my message again€¦ I can say that what often motivates to me is the one to help the others but sometimes I do not believe in my by fear to not knowing how what to do in a while expensive to face with a patient. Sometimes it costs to me to also study, profit not to have a motivation the sufficient thing as to study it costs what costs, south wind that I am something dispersed also. I would like to know envelope more technical of how studying because in the end I do not obtain discharges qualifications to which she frustrates a little to me not to obtain the wished thing. I want to obtain some change in study forms so that finally it knows as studying and obtaining better qualifications. From already thank you very much Almudena€¦

  • Isabella
    Published to 00:55 h, 28 July To respond

    Hello Almudena! I have read your blog and I believe that he is pretty that you want to motivate the people. I feel identified with the people who have written because the truth I the same have doubts of my vocation. I go in 2nd semester and I have constant thoughts of the race; it worries to me much to fail although I know that I would like much to finish the race, and feel that this fear simply does not let give the 100% to me, does not let to me concentrate to me well in which study and I feel as incapable and so I do. The so competitive atmosphere the same makes me feel worse because I feel less than the others although on the inside that if could do it but for some reason not yet I develop well. If it left the race would feel to me sad and that I failed but itself I am scared which in the future it regrets my decision, aside from which I cannot think about another race to study. What more yearning in the life is to do something by the people and to improve its quality of life; but I am that scared to commit some error and to fail my patients to them or not to be successful. Another problem is that I left my hometown and family to come to the DF to simply study medicine in one of the best faculties and when the things are put difficult I depress myself because I do not have family with me although they support all their to me although they are far from my and my other companions if they have his families here. The same I am scared to stop seeing them by the race and not having that life that the same I want in the future. To be doctor, to have children, to have husband you think that it is possible to have all that. I need motivation and I would like much that you gave an advice me. Thank you very much

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 18:46 h, 17 August To respond

      Hello Isabella! I feel much the delay in answering your message€¦ I read it a day that was of trip by vacation and finish finding it again. Thousand excuses.

      He is hard to begin to study a so competitive race in another city and far from your family. Certainly you have more companions in your situation. It is sad that there is resemblance competitiveness in a race as Medicine, where we looked for to learn to recover the health of our resemblances. Unfortunately during the race we found atmospheres that risk our health, mental as as much physical. It is a problem that exists anywhere in the world, but it is become serious in countries as yours, according to have to me counted.

      2º semestral still is soon for to have developed effective strategies of study. And although you think that you are less than the others, you can be sure that more of 90% of your companions one is feeling equal, although they do not show it. That is something that I verify year to year when I give classes of actual techniques of study in my Faculty. The students are astonished to verify that they are not single.

      I recommend to you that you every week spend some time to even practice exercise or some liking that he facilitates to you to relate to you to compatible people, that does not study Medicine. When the sensation comes to you from minor was worth, it thinks that he is only that, a sensation. He tries to start up the technique of Cornell to take notes in class. Studying, mental test tables and maps to work the most difficult subjects. And to review, pon in march flashcards, little by little. These are the basic ones to begin to improve.

      I wish much luck you. You already know where it is the blog and my contact if you need something more 🙂

  • Lucy
    Published to 00:20 h, 05 March To respond

    The truth I have vocational doubts since I entered€¦ After mistaking me of race I finished in medicine, I do not have doubts that I can remove it ahead, that I can be good doctor, enchants to me to serve to the others, enchants to me what study and what I learn, it goes speaking to me very well academically, the problem is that constantly I lose the interest to study, I demotivate and I waste much the time in other things. Several times I have thought about leaving to me and to enter music, my great passion, when I play music I feel in my zone of flow, I enjoy it so much that the time goes flying, I am good in music and I have the potential, but it gives fear me, because I feel that it would carry out to me better as doctor since they occur better to sciences than the art me, but is something I do not want is to advance in this way and to give account me takes that I was mistaken and is not completely happy. When I see my companions, they always estan studying and they do not doubt what fodder does and that I am bad, since if I doubt it is really because I am really not where it would have, not that to do, I am in third party and I have gone to hospitals, but does not matter when I like, I feel that does not satisfy me€¦.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 22:29 h, 10 March To respond

      East of the vocation is an interesting subject. It is difficult to realize if really he is yours because we are in favor generally conditional not only of our tastes, but by social prestige, the opinions of the family, etc.

      I studied music at the same time as Medicine, but knew clearly that it did not want professionally to dedicate me to first. Right now I comprise of an orchestra of guitars amateur, and it satisfies much me to cultivate that facet, but always I knew clearly that it preferred the Medicine. If you feel that she does not satisfy Medicine you, and it is a sensation that returns time and time again, it seems trustworthy. If you enjoy music, one would occur you well professionally. Nobody can guarantee to you that a way is totally going to be satisfactory for you. Only you can know it.

      Perhaps he agrees to you to take a sabbatic year you from the race to distance to you and to make a firmer decision. I do not know, they are ideas€¦ let to you flow and trust to you in the sensations that come to you when you are calmer or enjoying. They are those that are in favor less conditional of social factors.

      I hope that, you do what you do, goes to you very well. A greeting.

  • Valeria Sebasti¡n
    Published to 06:19 h, 14 August To respond

    Hello. I hope is possible to be given an advice me. I have already read all the previous one but my mind cannot be sprightly nor think about those good ideas.
    I am in the third year of Medicine and in both first (especially in the second year) I was happiest of the world because Medicine enchanted to me, enchanted the matters to me (not all) but were a few seemed to me fantastic. The problem is that I like too much the art (the painting specifically) and from first year of Medicine empece to doubt because it wanted to study visual Arts, but continue in Medicine because every time it was causing more curiosity to me. To end second year also doubts because they did a practical examination to me and it seemed to me very boring to be in front of a patient listening to it but soon it studied the matters and it enchanted to me to do it so it asked €œif it stopped to me studying medicine and dedicated me to another race one would regret€ And my answer always was €œIf€ but when entering when 3er a year comence to doubt again because I realized that me it is necessary passion and if that is certain but I am not scared to discover it. I have wanted to give me of low weather in my faculty but really that I am much scared, I am scared of which is not Medicine in the end and everything changes completely but also I am scared of which yes it is Medicine and I already am €œlost€ a year of my life. That it would not be a lost year if gained but in Medicine that year attending it had not been really valuable. Sometimes fodder that I am only tired of Medicine because soon I tell them to my papas €œI am muuuuy safe that I will return to medicine after that year of low weather€ and I put myself in certain happy part but later returns my fear of which is not medicine and that I will have to initiate something new and I feel as if it was disappointing family.
    No longer that to do, nor if it wants give desire me to go no longer to class and study with taste and that is frustrated to me really since always I have been a good student.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 16:01 h, 17 August To respond

      You really raise a dilemma that cannot be solved thinking, but walking the way that you must walk.

      What yes it is absolutely certain is that €œto lose€ 1 year is not going to have serious repercussions in your professional future, you finish being doctor or no. When you are very young and you are in the race, 1 year it seems eternal and you think that it is going to change all your world, but creates to me, is not nothing. When you are 30 or 35 years old and you look back, as much it is going to give to you to have taken 6, 7 or 9 years in making Medicine. It does not concern what afternoons, if the goal is important for you.

      If the patients bore to you, you do not worry; that can change to the following course, or you can choose a specialty in that you do not need to talk with patients, or dedicate to you to management, investigation, direction€¦ Not him DES more returning to the subject. That is to say, not him DES returned with the mind. Beam things that please and give satisfaction you to you, and at those moments you will be receiving tracks than really you wish. Intention and force!

    Published to 10:18 h, 28 September To respond

    Hello Almudena, I would like to comment my case to you, I am 25 years old and finished home the medicine race, good now I am in second course, although I take subjects of 1ª. Before acceding to the race I was studying two years until securing the place so that I could not enter first. The problem is that the first course has thrown to me very many backwards, I have felt a very great difficulty to remove the subjects exclusively same dedicating to me to it. There have been subjects that always drew very many attention to me from as Anatomy and Histology, and were subjects that were not able to surpass them. Although at the outset I fought much to accede to the race, now I feel very lost with my future, am scared of which the years go and he is not able to approve what it assumes and in the time that would have. At the moment, I am giving many returns in the head, because I feel that medicine is what would really do to me happy, but at the same time I face many doubts on my future, mainly in which says with respect to the age which I will finish the race if itself to this rate. It would feel to me very sad to leave it even because he is something fills the heart to me, but also I am scared of not being sufficiently good to arrive until in the end and leaving it in the middle of the way. At present, I have thought about changing me of race or to even make some course of short duration related to the health, search a job to me and to part-time continue dedicating me to the race, and in this way not to leave it.
    Opinion would like me hers and if possible advice, since in the university I feel that each goes to his and the own professors even end up seeding competitiveness between the students, but in fact seems that way only the time all.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:02 h, 31 December To respond

      Deivid, that happens to you is completely normal. When you enter the Medicine race a little later than the habitual thing, they flood thoughts to you of low self-esteem and bad sensations. With 25 years you are very young and you are many years old ahead to later develop to your studies and your medical race. Fix to you, I been I have turned over in the Medicine and spending many hours to investigation, until the 40 years of age I began to feel much more attracted by teaching. In a few years I have turned towards this field and I am developing to this blog and an educational activity parallel welfare work of the hospital. Still I have left more than 20 years ahead in this field and I have much to advance and to develop€¦ Spirit with your 25 years, because you are in the best place to continue growing.

      On the other hand, I want to clarify you that the medical subjects have great complexity, and is not easy to approve them to first. They have a great volume, they are new for you, and you first need to understand of what they consist for knowing how to study them. And to practice during weeks with different approaches and readings to discover how to extract general norms and rules within each subject that facilitates the memorization to you.

      For example, musculo-skeletal Anatomy: each muscle you need to know origin, insertion, function, inervaci³n and irrigation. Once you have read these data for each muscle of a concrete region, is important to read cross-sectionally and to know how what muscles are inervados by the nerve To, which by nerve B, to understand therefore if the nerve To dominates to a certain movement/group of movements or if it is distributed between several nerve. To summarize how many muscles have then origin/insertion in this epic³ndilo, or this zone of the bone, etc€¦ at the outset a novice ignores the necessity to study €œcross-sectionally€. It reads a muscle behind another one and it tries to memorise them thus. When you understand the necessity to compare and to resist the information, you are advancing and improving your form to understand the subject.

      The competitiveness within the Faculty is an evil that most of invades Medicine Faculties of the world. The professors lived it as students and think that he must continue fomenting itself. We continue these bad traditions when us deserts not to think that the things can be different and better. In fact, at work real doctor, we needed the support our colleagues and to work in equipment to solve better many diseases.

      I hope that you read this soon (in spite of the very many thing that I have taken in answering to you) and you continue advancing. A hug!

  • Guadalupe
    Published to 04:55 h, 08 February To respond

    Hello my situation is this: ever since it was about to register me for the university was not safe than it wanted, it doubts very many and behind schedule in making the registry, finally I did it but I put my options by €œdiscarding€ and demand being medicine in 1