This article is more personal of the habitual thing. I hope that you like or or less she helps you to put in perspective your problems of study, if you have them. New weekend with reflection article because servant is entered with a pneumonia. In€¦

That butcher. Not to memorise. Before you think that there am lost the head, it continues reading, because you are going to understand it immediately. In fact, that is the keyword in this subject: to understand. TO MEMORISE VERSUS UNDERSTANDING Says Scott Young, one of my referring in study techniques, that to learn€¦

I confess that, when I read for the first time on the technique of the autoexplicaci³n (in English €œself-explanation€), I discarded to write envelope she. It seemed practical little to me and the revision of the Dunlosky (1) granted €œmoderate€ utility to him and many you beat. But Peter and Alex in its book €œLearning€¦

In fact all we used real images and mental, at least partly, to study certain very visual subjects of the sanitary branches, as Anatomy, cellular Biology, Histology, etc. That is to say, those subjects that describe the structures that compose the organism at level as much macro€¦