You have realized the good thing that we are planning? And the bad thing that we are at the time of acting? You write a list of things that to do€¦ and goes away the time on Facebook to you. You rise in the morning with a clear goal (to begin to study subject X)€¦ and lie down having made thousand idiot tasks and without have opened the notes.


This is repeated time and time again. Why? If you want to know how to overcome this tendency, it continues reading€¦

It seems that in the USA they are as in Spain, all the locked up students preparing his final exams. To plan the study is complex and I have received newsletters on this subject of two of the experts who itself, Tom Miller and Thomas Frank. It is a signal. I also€¦

Often one says that to be a good student good habits must be acquired. Normally one acquires study habits from the childhood, when you begin to take duties to house. At the outset it is the habit to read awhile every day and to draw, and€¦

In previous entrances I have spoken of what it is the procrastination and of an organic cause that it pushes to delay tasks to us that they dislike to us, the activation of cerebral areas related to the pain. It is a lightening to know that a real cause for the malaise exists€¦