Mentality of growth and to improve as students

Yes, you can improve as student. You can make it not only course after course, but month after month.

There are few absolute truths in the life and this is one of them: it does not matter what age you have, how much you know, what abilities you dominate nor how much you have studied. You will always be able to improve, and often you learn something new of people who you did not hope that they taught nothing to you.

Why the students make me improve

Just by to open Twitter and Facebook, I can enjoy new entrances in blogs of students and residents. There is no week in which he does not astonish to me by something new.

Days 5 and 6 of November of 2016 some were celebrated at school days on Medicine and digital surroundings of Doctors of Madrid. Who devised those days? Students. @mgalandejuana, @ElenaArmas@dantachan@javierprats embroiled the blanket at the top and found direct support in @BorjaCastejon and the rest of equipment of the School. They brought to hallucinating rapporteurs as @mlalanda@ihmedrano@ojedathiesto @abogadoenfer to me, @jrsendin and other that you will be able to know if you rescue everything what in Twitter #MeDiMad was spoken with the label.

I am specialistic in ORL and professor of the UAM, and a crazy person of the Social Networks, but€¦ it would not have happened oneself to me to do something similar!

Moral: it is on to the awares and the ears. Perhaps some youngster of first course teaches a study technique to you that you did not know.

Why the old wise people teach to me to improve (also)

One of my less popular entrances of the blog is the titled one Takes advantage of the time as Gregorio Mara±³n.

The title must of seeming attractive little although intellectual Spanish of century XX is a great medical figure and.

Peculiarly, a phrase of Gregorio Mara±³n took to me to use a concept that is revolutionizing the form to manage the time of my students of mentor­a: €œragman of the time €œ.

My students of mentor­a are learning to find the 25 hidden hours of the day to review more for the examinations, with the purpose of not having to resign to the time of leisure, rest and exercise that is so important for any person.

Them intention to inventory of €œtime rags€ to review flashcards and thus to face more control and less anxiety the near examinations. AND IT WORKS!

The key is in taking advantage of loose short whiles to review loose concepts that previously you have selected while you studied (in the form of flashcards or of questions of self-examination). Each concept appears in the form of question and it is answered less than (or the answer is reviewed) in 1 minute: Antibiotic What is indicated in an angina of Plaut-Vincent? What 2 signs in cardiac auscultation are typical in mitral stenosis? It names 3 causes of painful red eye.

In what rags of time you can review the previous thing?

  • Static bicycle in the gym
  • While the food or dinner is warmed up
  • While you brush the teeth
  • While delays the bus or the train
  • Hoping to the tutor of practices in the plant
  • €¦

If you want to know how more envelope how to use flashcards to review, it reads the entrance that I wrote for the blog of yourmedlife.

Method €œreads€ for the companies

The method €œreads€ was described by Eric Ries and it is based on looking for inefficient practices and continuously improving a product during all the phases of his development. It has to also do with concepts as €œcontinuous innovation€ and €œviable minimum product€.

A practical example: a company wants to know if it is possible to make money selling shoes online. What does, to buy a pile of shoes and to risk not to be able to sell them if the idea fails? No. Contacts with traditional footwear and hangs photos of its shoes online. When it verifies yes that, that people are enchanted to buy products online, then she can risk to invest more money in having stock of shoes.

As you see, it is a process of test with minimum risk. You do not need to risk all your capital to see if the idea works.

Analogous, as student, you do not need to spend all your time in a new technique of study to see if it works. It proves your methods with A single subject. If you are successful, you will be able to extend the innovation to all the others.

Taken care of! Either you obsessions with technical determining. Perhaps perhaps perhaps one adjusts completely, no. you must change something.

The 3 passages of the continuous process of improvement as student

Step 1. It is on to the awares and the ears

You do not ignore the companions who are younger, or to that study another race. You do not scorn what a gentleman of century XIX can offer to you. Kind Mantente, mantente letter to the successes that you discover to your around€¦ You do not know from where the next idea can come.

Step 2. COPY.

Copy which you like, which works to him to your friend of the Faculty, which does empoll³n/of a class.

Copy which draws attention to you, which seems to you that it can work. Copy which works to him very well to others. You are not scared, because it is very probable have a good day.

When I sent my service of mentor­a, I copied the example of page of sale of one of my blogueros of reference. He was not nothing bad! In 3 weeks, near 20 people they asked for the service and 12 finally contracted to me.

Call does the attention the mental maps to You? Notes with tables? Handmade Drawings of anatomy? A form simpler to emphasize? That software of flashcards that has good dot€¦ Copy it without fear and test to use it in one of your subjects. When it works, you will be able to adapt the method in all the others.

Of this form to introduce new methods I spoke Zone of tests at the entrance.

Step 3. IT ADAPTS. It changes what fails, adapts the methods to your personality, to which you like. Once proven the standard technique, it modifies what you need just as others €œtheir car or its motorcycle tunean€.

When finishing mentor­a with one of my students, made a commentary to me that drew attention to me: €œAt the home of the service really it did not know that it was what it had contracted, thought that it was a species of tutorial on study techniques generally€.

Caramba! He was not that what it was offering with mentor­a. So I returned to read my page of sale, and understood why my student shelp that to me. So that I changed part of the text to try that she reflected what I really offer.

Tony Buzan, the ideologist of the mental maps, insists on which we use drawings and colors different to make each mental map more significant line of vision and. But, if they tire the colors to you and they do not need to you To the club the colors! The USA which you want.

I have spoken to you in this blog of how to use comparative tables to study, and I insist to you on which you do not compare more than 3-4 organizations in the same table. But, if after proving it, the body asks to you to be sticking folios and increasing the table until the infinite because thus you see, P. ex., all the hematological malignancy in a single giant table, ahead!

IT SEES WATER, MY FRIEND. The techniques are to YOUR service, and not the other way around. We are customary to try to mold us to the norms from the times of the school. That finished.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Javier
    Published to 14:32 h, 10 March To respond

    Good article the very interesting truth that for those who we studied, thanks!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 08:47 h, 11 March To respond

      Thanks, Javier, I am glad that whom you like 🙂

  • Wagneris
    Published to 03:09 h, 27 March To respond

    I liked much €œrags of time€ I will put more in practice this, in the long run she is of very good benefit. Thanks for their article, have enchanted to me.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 09:32 h, 27 March To respond

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Umar
    Published to 21:00 h, 26 March To respond

    Very interesting books as a result of this thread:
    1. Waking up to the inner giant, Tony Robins
    2. The ego is the enemy, Ryan Holiday

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