Or we have spoken in the blog of how using the €œsubconscious mind€ or the €œdeep level€ to know the correct answer in examinations test. You know what I talk about? It is that €œblow€ of certainty that appears of the interior of your mind when they do one to you€¦

The wise people of blogging say that agrees to have 3 or 4 articles beforehand written so that the bull does not pillage to you if you have problems at some time. Past Sunday was of undertow post-TribuCamp (encounter of bloggers and digital entrepreneurs) and I thought, €œby one€¦

That butcher. Not to memorise. Before you think that there am lost the head, it continues reading, because you are going to understand it immediately. In fact, that is the keyword in this subject: to understand. TO MEMORISE VERSUS UNDERSTANDING Says Scott Young, one of my referring in study techniques, that to learn€¦