Good looking me what you want to that you do not know to what demons talk about the experts with this palabreja. She is the one that I have chosen to translate the English term €œinterleaving€. This technique talks about to the process to combine, to put in or to alternate different contents related between€¦

We enter another one of the more effective practices of study according to the scientific evidence, although also it is of less intuitive, and most unpopular. To space reviews! To study €œto the day€! If there were saying to me, when she was student, whom it had to begin to review daily or€¦

The examinations are an undesirable part of the studies and nobody wants nor an examination more of the essential thing. In my case, 20 years after finishing the race, itself having nightmares in which I appear to examinations without having nor idea and group of people€¦

To read several times the examination material is one of the most popular tactics between students of all the ages, in addition to emphasizing. To put an example, used it 65% of the students of psychology in a 2003 study (1). And a 65% me€¦

A frequent Medicine complaint is difficult that it turns out to retain the differences, the sometimes small thing, that is between a disease and another one. This happens generally within a same subject or organic system, that is as the agenda in many faculties usually is organized€¦.

In fact all we used real images and mental, at least partly, to study certain very visual subjects of the sanitary branches, as Anatomy, cellular Biology, Histology, etc. That is to say, those subjects that describe the structures that compose the organism at level as much macro€¦

With this home a series of posts that goes directly to the marrow of the work of the student: to the study techniques. But also to the marrow of any professional who needs to update himself continuously. To the university student the study abilities €œassume to him€, as the value€¦

WHAT IS A FLASHCARD? I say it as I lived it: I read in English this expression and flax appeared to me the mythical pole of the childhood (the children are the only colouring creatures able to eat that mixture of and artificial aromas). [caption id= " attachment_119€ align= " alignright€ width= " 300€]€¦

Who more, who less will have read or received chats sometimes on the learning styles. I always had the vague idea that I was very visual and €œworse auditory€, because a class was incapable to learn great thing listening,€¦