We are in half of the month of June, which means, for many medicinos, to be in half of the weeks of final exams. At the outset you begin strong; in the end, the perspective of vacation gives forces you to finish off the last days of confinement and€¦

In the last Technical class of the subject of Study, a student asked to me €œThere are legal substances that serve to wake up to us, as the coffee? It is that the coffee does not do anything to me€. I answered to him that yes, but that he was more natural and sustainable€¦

Hundreds of thousands of words are spilled in scientific and general press on the syndrome of the burned doctor. Tremendous articles on the suicide between doctors, subject very debated in countries of English speech. Whole decades military, as much buried as open, between doctors and nurses,€¦

Good, because the day arrived. The day in which, for the first time in 4 months, I do not publish my post habitual of Saturdays. And it had to be in Christmas. When I returned from vacation, in September of 2015, promised same that it would be€¦