I write this entrance after to have realised this course 3 reviews online in direct with two different software. The reviews were of the subject of Otolaryngology and were oriented to the diverse formats of examination of the UAM of every moment. In previous years, it did€¦

With this entrance I hope to finish off this subject that does not trouble too much to the present university students, but who that seems it clears the dream to me€¦

A technique that locates to you, from minute 1, in way study ON, or in class or the first reading of tocho or the book. Advantage? That you put yourself to learn before and you take advantage of better the time. In this entrance I spoke long and laying to you€¦

The Cornell method of notes was devised in years 50 by an expert in techniques of study of the University of Cornell, Walter Pauk. YEARS 50! We are speaking of a time at which the students took notes always on paper, to pen and€¦

IT HOPES! You do not go away of the blog. Give an opportunity to this article and soon you decide. If it is not by me, do it by Cal Newport, expert in study techniques and a fierce defender of the attendance to classes;) you have the connection Here to€¦