Well, you have read on different methods from study. Diverse techniques that seem attractive, as the comparative tables, the review cards, the Cornell method of notes€¦

The today entrance is more personal and shorter than no of the previous ones. The reason is simple: I promised to you 1 week ago to today bring a summary to you of the Learning book Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide (connection of affiliate, thanks), but, you guess what has happened€¦

It did not want to let pass the occasion to bring a reflection to you that has seemed me that it hits the nail on the head. Tom Miller does, who has a very interesting blog on techniques of study for students of technical races (you can look around doing it here click). Many of you€¦

This entrance has been inspired by a post invited by the blog of Omar of the Source (haciaelautoempleo.com). Shelp post it is written by Alejandro Caballero, a university student of industrial engineering of 20 years of age. It demonstrates in his commentaries a reflection capacity€¦