In Spain the classes in a few days begin. Thousands of medicinos, futures nurses, fissiums, psychologists, etc, begin a great adventure€¦ The perfect occasion for this post.
You have entered the university. You have new companions coming from all the regions of your country. Everything is novel and exciting. Perhaps you yourself /a you come from a small population, you finish arriving at a great city and begin to only live for the first time in your life. The emotion of the schools majors, the illusion of a shared floor.
You come from your institute of secondary education with excellent notes. It is probable that there are between the best students of the class. Perhaps you have secured to a honour degree in the last course.
The race contains subjects that never in your life you have heard name. Some are looked like which already you know, but deepen in their field with a magnitude that you had not known before. My university professor of Anatomy announced to us, in the first day of class, that we were going to learn more than 10,000 new terms in both first years of race. It is an impressive revolution for your mind!

To read several times the examination material is one of the most popular tactics between students of all the ages, in addition to emphasizing. To put an example, used it 65% of the students of psychology in a 2003 study (1). And a 65% me€¦

It did not want to let pass the occasion to bring a reflection to you that has seemed me that it hits the nail on the head. Tom Miller does, who has a very interesting blog on techniques of study for students of technical races (you can look around doing it here click). Many of you€¦

A frequent Medicine complaint is difficult that it turns out to retain the differences, the sometimes small thing, that is between a disease and another one. This happens generally within a same subject or organic system, that is as the agenda in many faculties usually is organized€¦.

In fact all we used real images and mental, at least partly, to study certain very visual subjects of the sanitary branches, as Anatomy, cellular Biology, Histology, etc. That is to say, those subjects that describe the structures that compose the organism at level as much macro€¦

With this home a series of posts that goes directly to the marrow of the work of the student: to the study techniques. But also to the marrow of any professional who needs to update himself continuously. To the university student the study abilities €œassume to him€, as the value€¦

Sometimes you have had the sensation of which you are not as intelligent as your parents create? Sometimes you think that in fact you are mediocre and that good extractions notes in the examinations because you have luck? You have arrived at your limits, you will not be able to continue deceiving to you: in fact€¦