I began to study on techniques of learning in 2012. It is absorbed to study more on a subject that is excited, and having the wide world and its experts through Internet and the digital bookstores. But there is something is difficult. As much in the world of today, hyperconnected, as at my university time pre-Internet.

To act!


Well, you have read on different methods from study. Diverse techniques that seem attractive, as the comparative tables, the review cards, the Cornell method of notes€¦

I confess that, when I read for the first time on the technique of the autoexplicaci³n (in English €œself-explanation€), I discarded to write envelope she. It seemed practical little to me and the revision of the Dunlosky (1) granted €œmoderate€ utility to him and many you beat. But Peter and Alex in its book €œLearning€¦

This is a frequent complaint of the students of any university race, even of most vocational. It can adopt all a series of shades, as the concentration difficulties when the subject is boring, the facility to feel dream when one takes awhile€¦

Good looking me what you want to that you do not know to what demons talk about the experts with this palabreja. She is the one that I have chosen to translate the English term €œinterleaving€. This technique talks about to the process to combine, to put in or to alternate different contents related between€¦

The today entrance is more personal and shorter than no of the previous ones. The reason is simple: I promised to you 1 week ago to today bring a summary to you of the Learning book Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide (connection of affiliate, thanks), but, you guess what has happened€¦

We enter another one of the more effective practices of study according to the scientific evidence, although also it is of less intuitive, and most unpopular. To space reviews! To study €œto the day€! If there were saying to me, when she was student, whom it had to begin to review daily or€¦

The examinations are an undesirable part of the studies and nobody wants nor an examination more of the essential thing. In my case, 20 years after finishing the race, itself having nightmares in which I appear to examinations without having nor idea and group of people€¦