Hundreds of thousands of words are spilled in scientific and general press on the syndrome of the burned doctor. Tremendous articles on the suicide between doctors, subject very debated in countries of English speech. Whole decades military, as much buried as open, between doctors and nurses,€¦

That butcher. Not to memorise. Before you think that there am lost the head, it continues reading, because you are going to understand it immediately. In fact, that is the keyword in this subject: to understand. TO MEMORISE VERSUS UNDERSTANDING Says Scott Young, one of my referring in study techniques, that to learn€¦

Good, because the day arrived. The day in which, for the first time in 4 months, I do not publish my post habitual of Saturdays. And it had to be in Christmas. When I returned from vacation, in September of 2015, promised same that it would be€¦

It seems that in the USA they are as in Spain, all the locked up students preparing his final exams. To plan the study is complex and I have received newsletters on this subject of two of the experts who itself, Tom Miller and Thomas Frank. It is a signal. I also€¦

I am going to tell to you what so has gone to me with the technique of inverse study of applied Tom Miller to the Rheumatology. If you do not know of what I am speaking, it reads this entrance where I tell everything you. My first impression is good. It has been to me entertained,€¦

This entrance is an experiment of reverse engineer. Or of learning perhaps based on problems. This idea part of Tom Miller, an engineer dedicated to teaching and that has a blog on techniques of study applied to students of technical sciences. It calls it €œto review learning€¦

It goes ahead that I am not a crazy person of the work. Good, perhaps yes. But not all along. That it consists in act that I like to study, but also I like to have rest and leisure. To spend time with friends, to leave€¦

A technique that locates to you, from minute 1, in way study ON, or in class or the first reading of tocho or the book. Advantage? That you put yourself to learn before and you take advantage of better the time. In this entrance I spoke long and laying to you€¦