Or we have spoken in the blog of how using the €œsubconscious mind€ or the €œdeep level€ to know the correct answer in examinations test. You know what I talk about? It is that €œblow€ of certainty that appears of the interior of your mind when they do one to you€¦

You have realized the good thing that we are planning? And the bad thing that we are at the time of acting? You write a list of things that to do€¦ and goes away the time on Facebook to you. You rise in the morning with a clear goal (to begin to study subject X)€¦ and lie down having made thousand idiot tasks and without have opened the notes.


This is repeated time and time again. Why? If you want to know how to overcome this tendency, it continues reading€¦
In the Hispanic world, an examination type test is what the Anglo-Saxons denominate multiple choice questions. Generally each question has 4 or 5 options between which there are to choose one. Thus it is, for example, examination MIR. We have luck of which in Spain custom does not exist to use more complex variants of this type of questions in which it can have to choose 2 answers that can be correct, or to connect terms between 2 columns of words, each one of as it contains 5 or the more terms€¦ and the question are correct when you are able to make all the connections correctly€¦ In short, we are not complicated the life. An examination type test as the one of the MIR already is sufficiently complex. It is generally necessary to know moderately the matter to be able to approve. Examination type test Sometimes it surprises to find students to me who in 5º year of race lament themselves because €œshe does not occur tests well them€¦€. It is not that it has prevented them to arrive until 5º, but I can imagine me the anguish that will suffer in each examination of this type whom they must face. Recently a student of 2º of Medicine requested advice to me through e-mail on this subject. If you want to know what I answered to him, and still more, he continues reading.

This article is more personal of the habitual thing. I hope that you like or or less she helps you to put in perspective your problems of study, if you have them. New weekend with reflection article because servant is entered with a pneumonia. In€¦

The wise people of blogging say that agrees to have 3 or 4 articles beforehand written so that the bull does not pillage to you if you have problems at some time. Past Sunday was of undertow post-TribuCamp (encounter of bloggers and digital entrepreneurs) and I thought, €œby one€¦

In the last Technical class of the subject of Study, a student asked to me €œThere are legal substances that serve to wake up to us, as the coffee? It is that the coffee does not do anything to me€. I answered to him that yes, but that he was more natural and sustainable€¦

With this entrance I hope to finish off this subject that does not trouble too much to the present university students, but who that seems it clears the dream to me€¦

Recently I had a debate in Twitter where it was spoken of the best way to describe the examinations as Medicine (you can read in detail on this subject in this excellent revision written by Miguel Gal¡n). During €œthe tuitero€ debate it was mentioned several times that all the Medicine students are shining, because therefore she demands the system and the exigency of a highest average note to enter a Medicine Faculty, at least in Spain (more than 12 points on 14). Something sounds me bad in this affirmation, since, to my eyes, each student with whom I coexisted at my time of Faculty, and each student who I know as professor is different. There are great differences as far as motivation to learn, profits in examinations written, performance in the practices, capacity of organization€¦ If you want to know more of this subject, it continues reading€¦