I bring in this entrance a commentary of the How book to Medical Pass Exams, written by Marc Barton, specialized British General Medicine doctor and in Medical Emergency As British doctor, it has happened through multiple typical medical examinations of that one country. If the things follow€¦

If you are very visual or the method GTD that explained you in this entrance seems to you too confused, I bring this method to you of control of tasks, the Kanban method. It was designed in the factories of Toyota to facilitate the pursuit of tasks in the diverse ones€¦

To tighten the teeth or to laugh, that is the question. I write this article inspired by a TED video. You know TED talks, conferences on ideas that are worth the trouble to be shared? You can know more envelope they in this connection. Then, this TED video arrived€¦

I write this entrance after to have realised this course 3 reviews online in direct with two different software. The reviews were of the subject of Otolaryngology and were oriented to the diverse formats of examination of the UAM of every moment. In previous years, it did€¦

We are in half of the month of June, which means, for many medicinos, to be in half of the weeks of final exams. At the outset you begin strong; in the end, the perspective of vacation gives forces you to finish off the last days of confinement and€¦

In these weeks examinations are being realised type ECOE in all long and wide it of Spain. I participated in one in them as evaluating one of a modest station with a written clinical case of repetition tonsilitis. For who still does not know what means ECOE: €¦

I offer a compilation to you with the simplest instructions to survive the weeks of final exams. A 6-8 average weeks in which no longer you need internal motivation to sit down to study, because the external motivation has been rushed on your head! 6+1€¦