Well, you have read on different methods from study. Diverse techniques that seem attractive, as the comparative tables, the review cards, the Cornell method of notes€¦

This is a frequent complaint of the students of any university race, even of most vocational. It can adopt all a series of shades, as the concentration difficulties when the subject is boring, the facility to feel dream when one takes awhile€¦

The today entrance is more personal and shorter than no of the previous ones. The reason is simple: I promised to you 1 week ago to today bring a summary to you of the Learning book Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide (connection of affiliate, thanks), but, you guess what has happened€¦

Often one says that to be a good student good habits must be acquired. Normally one acquires study habits from the childhood, when you begin to take duties to house. At the outset it is the habit to read awhile every day and to draw, and€¦

In previous entrances I have spoken of what it is the procrastination and of an organic cause that it pushes to delay tasks to us that they dislike to us, the activation of cerebral areas related to the pain. It is a lightening to know that a real cause for the malaise exists€¦

This entrance has been inspired by a post invited by the blog of Omar of the Source (haciaelautoempleo.com). Shelp post it is written by Alejandro Caballero, a university student of industrial engineering of 20 years of age. It demonstrates in his commentaries a reflection capacity€¦