8 advantages to go to class

IT HOPES! You do not go away of the blog. Give an opportunity to this article and soon you decide. If it is not by me, do it by Cal Newport, expert in study techniques and a fierce defender of the attendance to classes 😉 you have the connection to its blog Here.

In many Medicine classes, when list does not go, many students fall in the temptation to lack. This happens mainly in the clinical years.

Medicine classroom

€¦ And the professor looking for by the corners€¦

The reasons (as you call it) are varied:

  • €œthe professor is boring€
  • €œhe is too early€
  • €œI arrive by far dream and I do not find out to me don't mention it€
  • €œI already have the summaries of academies MIR€

If you decide not to go to class, assure to you that it is for a good reason (we spoke of it in this article).

I am going to give 8 reasons you important not to lack to class except for unforeseen expenses (disease, etc). It agrees to you to go to class and it will facilitate the later study to you. It is on the awares well:

1. It is a faster form to understand a subject because you are in silence and concentrate under the glance of the professor and surrounded by other quiet students and concentrates.

2. Normally hourly of lost class it is translated in 2-4 hours of time inverted in obtaining the ideas nails of a book or €œtocho€ (the tochos so are worked that they are not summarized). Why? Because in the book or tocho there is no emphasis when speaking; there are no subtle signals that €œthis€ or €œthat one€ usually it falls in the examinations. There is no summary. There are references to articles. There is complementary information that you do not need to know in one first reading (and probably either for the examination). In a class the professor always summarizes, does not have more remedy. That summary that you extract already of a class is a pile of advanced work.

3. The professors usually signal more or less subtle of what parts of the material are more useful or must be known (that is to say, parts that will fall in the examination). They even can offer examples of questions of examination of other years!

4. Cal Newport (the author of the blog study hacks) emphasizes something important: if lack to a class by laziness, or because you do not want to rise early, you run the risk of taking it as a habit. You will have to spend too much energy in overcoming it. Better it creates habits that favor to you at the time of studying.

5. It is your profession. The fact to deliver the attack to go to the classroom is tonificante for your discipline. If the professor is bad or you already know the presented subject, Cal Newport recommends to use that class to review other things, since a full classroom of students concentrates is a good site to study. I suggest take to the book or the notes to you of reference of the subject and am marking or emphasizing envelope they according to speech the professor.

If you have curiosity to know more advice Cal Newport, you can throw a look to some of his books. This of underneath these lines I have liked much.

6. If the professor knows you the classes and of the hours of position of a guardian, at the time of describing your examination, will grant the benefit to you of the doubt (in case you need a little to approve or to raise of note). However, that knows you because you take care of its chat. You do not use his class to chat with a friend to the back of the classroom, by God€¦

7. Not always it is enough with the manual of academy MIR. Some are excellent and contain great part of the information that you need for the subject. Others are insufficient, if this subject as soon as it has questions in the MIR. So that assure to you that a certain manual MIR is used for that subject before using it as text bases.

8. Either I know, or I know€¦ Always there is some companion who does not go to class and removes best notes with studying the notes by his account. In fact, in an occasion it came to see a student me of the past year that all the classes needed, but removed 10 in the examination€¦ Good, always it will have superequipped or great memory in your course. This student in particular started up a series of techniques that allowed to remove the maximum benefit him to their hours from study (already we will be speaking of them in the blog). But assure to you that you also will be able to do it thus, or more is worth to you to attend class and to discover what it works to you.



*€ tocho€: it forms to call in the Independent University from Madrid to the notes coming from previous years, completed and worked generally with text books. In other universities the notes made by the €œcommission of notes€ are used.

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Patricia
    Published to 16:31 h, 20 November To respond

    I am student, I go to class and always I am completely in agreement with this entrance. To go to class saves a work to me that soon at home would take the time double to me. And although some professor is bad, the mere fact to listen helps me to do an idea to me of the content of that class, and thus I know what I must review of other courses or in what I must affect more at the time of organizing the study to me.

    A greeting and thanks for the blog 🙂

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 21:41 h, 20 November To respond

      The truth is that in this subject to go or not to go to class there are opinions for all the pleasures. I studied in the 90 and she always went to class because it was the only way to have some decent summaries. Now there are manuals MIR, notes of other years in digital format and sources online. I believe that the fundamental thing is to realize of what it goes to him better to each, and if you stop going to class, that you are sure that it beams because you can replace it with your personal work, that you do not lack simply by laziness.
      For example, in the UAM the ORL consists of 26 temas+seminarios. If you go to the classes, they are already 26 working hours that you have done with the subject. If you do not attend class, assure to you that you are going to replace those 26 hours suitably.
      A greeting and thanks to you to pass you through the blog. 🙂

  • Mireya
    Published to 19:08 h, 14 April To respond

    In Malaga we have classes from 8 to 10 and from 10,30 to 15,00 practices, you arrive at house and you finish eating almost to 16,00 and the subjects have between 600-800 folios (we used a system to take notes: we make cooperatives, several students take notes that are sold in reprographics and, who make notes, obtain all the subjects free), reason why to go to class supposes to rise to 6,30, reason why afternoon he is made too much cuts. If to this we added living to him in floor of students, it is necessary to make eat, clean and all the tasks that suppose to have a house€¦ Reason why those hours of class are very good to sleep, to study and to clean.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 20:39 h, 14 April To respond

      I understand€¦ What I ask myself then is if usually are many volunteers to take notes or people prefer to pay and to sleep more

      • Mireya
        Published to 16:39 h, 15 April To respond

        Every year necessary we bring up to full strength, sometimes is even necessary to draw for the positions, but it goes rather well and it is a form of which all we study on the same notes 🙂

  • Raffi
    Published to 20:28 h, 10 October To respond


    In which post could find the techniques that this student used to remove 10 in the examination?


    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 20:41 h, 10 March To respond

      Hello, Raffi,

      This student did not have special techniques aside from home to study in time, and to be very active to include the matter from the first day. Sometimes the students are very liabilities in the practices because they cannot work directly with the patient. This student, instead of becoming bored and to disconnect, was active constantly, asking and taking notes. Soon he passed notes the same behind schedule to the manual of study to have the prepared information when the time arrived to memorise for the examination.

      Facing the preparation for the examination, he always began several ahead weeks. I do not know if he used some special technique of memorization.

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