It takes advantage of the time as Gregorio Mara±³n

A hospital of Madrid takes its name, and also a tube station. Gregorio Mara±³n lived between 1886 and 1960, studied Medicine and wrote hundreds of texts between scientific articles, monographs, prologues of books and books of medicine, history and thought. All this in the middle of an intense activity as doctor and lecturer, in addition to its participation in social political issues and their property to five Real Spanish Academies.
One is asked, when it reads his biography, how were demons able to remove all that work ahead?
Good, it is clear that all we lived days of 24 hours, not more, and the Dr. Mara±³n was not an exception. But it is that it took advantage of any free short while to write and to take notes on its projects. €œRagman of the time€ was called to itself. In one of its works this appointment takes shelter:
Not to waste any rest of the time. To be ragman of the time. This one is the secret of the work. (1)
There it is the key of his productivity.
And you will wonder yourself what has to do this with you.
Good, for me it is obvious. He thinks about all the dead short whiles that you have passed between class and class chatting over any thing with your companions of studies. The time that you invest in going from your house to the faculty and from the faculty to your house, is in car, meter or bus, thinking about the shrews.
I do not mean that you must use all the minutes of the day in studying. To improve the personal productivity does not consist of working plus every day, but of using better the time, with judgment, to be able to ahead remove your studies with solution without neglecting the sport, the familiar life, the contact with friends and the leisure.
Several ways are happened to me to take advantage of better the loose short whiles the day. I myself I constantly put it in practice. For example, now I am writing this post in a hollow of half an hour that has been me free between patients.
Awhile loose it is not the time destined to rest after eating. That is a programmed time of rest, and is necessary to respect it.
What loose short whiles have a student throughout the day?
  • Classes suspended unexpectedly
  • Rotations that finish before the habitual hour because the tutor must leave (or he has not appeared€¦)
  • The passage between house and faculty
  • Those 20 minutes that you are going to wait for after the gymnasium and the shower, just before being served dinner in the table€¦
  • If you only live, the 5 minutes that take in warming up the food
The key is in reserving certain tasks for these loose short whiles. Obvious you will not be able to dedicate them to write up a work from zero, nor to read a long subject of Physiology or Pharmacology. These pieces of time must fill up with short tasks:
  • To order the notes of a subject: to number leaves, to complete words, to verify if lack some class, to review your notes technical Cornell€¦
  • To make a simple underlining of the notes of the day: to draw boxes, to define sections, to write the key words if you have used the method of notes of Cornell€¦
  • To review schemes or data for some next examination: with your cards of review, they are of fine cardboard or digital. Mnemonic rules, pure and hard data type €œTreatments for the acute linfoc­tica leukemia: vincristine, prednisone and L-asparaginasa. Acute mieloc­tica leukemia: daunorubicina, citarabina and tioguanina€ (2) (*ojo, this are not notes of Hemato, are only an example! You do not use it for the examination).
  • If you use car to transfer to you enters your house and the faculty, or you get dizzy reading in the bus, it can turn out to you useful to listen to an audio engraving by same you with data that you must memorise. If you think that you do not learn well by auditory route, you test first. same it has surprised to me to verify how much information I can assimilate when I listen to audiolibro, and that always I have been mainly visual.

The fundamental thing is that it is a short activity that fits well in the time available. I never use these challenge to them of time to begin to write an article, am a task that requires more time and focused energy. But they serve me to unload 1 article of the virtual library, or search a reference by Internet (as which they appear on the foot of this entrance). If you take to end the task adapted until the end you will feel satisfecho/a very, and that is the best motivation to continue imitating the Dr. Mara±³n€¦


2. Leukemia treatment&management.
Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Lucas
    Published to 02:53 h, 22 January To respond

    From the past year I have begun to use the Cornell method €œstyle€, the section of key concepts, in fact point it in a small agenda, this helps me to have all the information €œnails€ condensed in a single place€¦ Now after reading this article I am going to begin to record audio with the information that I must in the agenda and listen to it in my died short whiles, sincerely I believe that it is of mejroes technical of study that I am going to implement and probably it had not been happened to me if not leia this article.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 18:07 h, 22 January To respond

      Thanks for the commentary! You will already tell us what so goes to you with the audio ones. I used it in the Faculty, but they did not help great thing me. It was relaxing to me easily and it lost the thread. It depends much on each, but it is worth the trouble to prove it in case it is of help.
      A greeting!

  • Alexander
    Published to 13:55 h, 06 March To respond

    IMPRESSIVE! At the moment I am competing, and this post is going to help the truth very enormously to me. Not sabi­a whichever €œfree ratillos€ tapeworm throughout the day, the delay of the train, the rest at work, etc etc€¦.

    A greeting!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 08:44 h, 11 March To respond

      Thank you very much, Alexander. I hope that he serves to you as much help. You do not surrender to first, continues looking for loose short whiles to review and thus you will be able to use the time of good quality (with the family, with friends) to rest 🙂 to the maximum

      A greeting!

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