Taking the reins! 4 reflections for the life

This entrance has been inspired by a post invited by the blog of Omar of the Source (haciaelautoempleo.com). Shelp post it is written by Alejandro Caballero, a university student of industrial engineering of 20 years of age. It demonstrates in his commentaries a reflection capacity on itself, and the world that surrounds to him, of a great maturity. A maturity that, of course, I did not have with his age, nor much people around.

I believe that maturity is the one that all university student must develop if she wants to generally improve his results in the study and the life.

I opened this blog because I want to reflect in him everything what I am learning on techniques of study, productivity and personal development. I create sincerely that any student can be benefitted from these advice, but I have oriented Medicine students because in the blog specific techniques for the study of the health and the disease will be developed.

Shelp this, I mean that it seems essential to me that each reader learns to reflect on his own capacities, dreams and values if wants to remove the maximum benefit from this blog. To study to turn to you into nurse, doctor or physiotherapist does not consist only of knowing tricks that allow you pass and to follow ahead. It would not have, at least. It would also have to be a time of learning and discovery of your strengths and weaknesses, than you want to do in the life and of how you wish to take it to end. At the same time as you learn the wonders of the human body and their mechanisms to stay healthy and to fight against the disease.


1- To spend hours to something supposes to resign to other many things. This resignation is what gives as much value to which beams.

The fundamental thing is that you are conscious of the things to which you yes say, and of the things to which resignations in a while determined. And thus you decide if it is worth the trouble to follow by a way or another one.

When you decide to study Medicine, you are resigning to all the others: you will not be nurse, you will not have that direct bonding and continued with the patient in plant, you will not have a title so quickly nor will leave to the labor market in 3-4 years, but you will take a few the more.

You will not be physiotherapist either, you will not be able to cure the evils with your hands nor to diagnose muscular problems and will articulate with only one careful palpation. To the inverse one, if you decide to be physiotherapist you are resigning to have all the knowledge and the medical technology to arrive at the diagnosis of a disease as doctor. And thus everything.

2- To begin the classes of first course of a sanitary race does not turn to you automatically into the essence of that sanitary race.

With 17-18 years we made decisions from formation that they do not have why to be definitive, and of course that to study Medicine or Infirmary would not have to make you feel definitively catched in each of those €œspecies€.

You have decided to study a race with great biological and sanitary content. Point. You are not that race, you are a person with many more facets and edges, and if at a certain time you feel more apt in another way, you must do it, is in the middle of Degree or when you have been several years working:

  • A Medicine student that was not prepared to spend to hours and hours in memorising the very small orifice of the base of the skull and went to Infirmary with great success.
  • An operating room nurse that decided to study Medicine because it wanted to know more and to participate more in the interventions in which it attended as nurse.
  • A nurse who also is clinic help and enjoys his contracts as helping because he has direct deal with the patient without undergoing the responsibility of medications.

That is to say, feel frees you to pass of some studies to others if you think that way is going to you to do happier.

3- To study a sanitary race does not force to dedicate to you exclusively to you to that.

There is one who studies other things at the same time, as music (was my case), or languages (I meet a pre-doctor that studied Chinese), or works as monitor of free time.

The hours that you invest in those alternative activities are hours that subtractions to the study of your sanitary race, and perhaps prevent to remove better notes you in a while certain. But it beams with the conviction that it fills to you as person, that parallel activity acquires more value by itself, and it gives value you as being human.

4- All the exits will not be welfare.

You can dedicate you to the scientific research, or to work in a biomedical company (as technician or editor or expert in marketing), or to submerge you in the management, or to overturn you in teaching and the formation.

You have an amplest world of possibilities. All do not have to cross the same way, but each must be known same itself/to know well what it does to him happy.


From here return to the post invited of Alex Caballero. It has diverse projects in Internet with the intention to make money and to make contact, and proposes a series of steps so that other students as he uses Internet as platform to open a business and of occurring to know. I would say more, would say that to enter this world of Internet and to open a blog to present your knowledge on a specific subject she allows you to learn new things as much as to teach.

You learn much of you mismo/a, as for example:

  • your capacity to write
  • your discipline to persist in the project
  • your emotional stability to surpass small reverses.
  • You learn humility, because if you are locked up in your small niche you can think that you know it everything, but when salts were, it give account to you of the immensity of things of which you know less and another many they can teach to you.
  • You learn that the Medicine is not patrimony of the doctor, but a receiver of collective knowledge where physiotherapists, doctors, nurses and speech therapists contribute cautious varied and fresh that make you reframe your work to you.

Mainly, just as Alex, you learn that you are the owner of your life and that your profits do not depend on an accessible professor or a university professor €œbone€. That the notes are important for the title but not the only component of your knowledge. That the health and the disease are a game land in which is worth the trouble to enfangar itself to serve to others and to grow you yourself. In short, that you are€¦:

owner of your destiny, captain of your soul

(in words of poet William Ernest Henley, as the film €œInvictus€ remembered).


I believe that a student or resident who decides to write a blog can have interesting things that to transmit on its vision of the profession and the studies, so there this listing of blogs goes.











Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Sophie
    Published to 10:20 h, 19 December To respond

    Thank you very much to recommend my blog, although is something stopped lately 🙂

    When I was Medicine student I worked during a time as volunteer in Cruz Roja, it was a form to evade to me of the sanitary world and that did not absorb the mountain to me of notes€¦

    The sanitary blogs that I know are €œParadoxical to turn as a ferris wheel€, of Nebulina, R1 de Internal Medicina; €œA medical history€, of Anna Pardo, R4 de Internal Medicina; €œHow to become trainer pok©mon€, of Emilienko, an associate of ORL; €œOncoblog€, of BulBul, an associate of Oncology; €œOcularis€ of Ocularis, an associate of Ophtalmology. Perhaps it leaves some me by the way, if I decide to me I return to comment 🙂

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 13:07 h, 19 December To respond

      Ah, yes, the one of Emilienko. I know it for a long time.
      I have wanted to mainly recommend blogs of students and residents, that are for that I write in this blog of study techniques. Although I have improved my techniques of study and associate productivity, €œI do not dare€ to question directly to other associates.
      I add the blogs of residents.

      A greeting and thanks!

  • Susana
    Published to 01:16 h, 05 February To respond

    Hello Almudena! Hello Sophie! Thank you very much to recommend my blog!
    I now am being made many questions about me, of how I am, of that one to which I want to resign and to which no,€¦ And he is very difficult. I talk about to choose specialty. One hopes that suddenly it gives to an upset the heart him and says: €œThis, this is what I want€ But that inner vocecita sometimes is very hidden or their vibrations are cushioned with a pile of things which absolutely we do not know to come off itself. I talk about to the fears.

    As you know I finish leaving that disagreeable period in which the one world (outer and almost if you also worry to me inner) is reduced to memorise rare tables, data, drugs and syndromes that he is to mir,€¦ And ow, what heavy has been sometimes€¦! The examination (from now on I will call it affectionately €œthe pu±etero€) was rare. After to have worked almost half year as R1 and to return to make €œthe pu±etero€ the sensation that had era the one of to have passed a very absurd test. It was not thus with some maneuverses that had done in the academy, in which it could perceive important deficiencies of knowledge when not knowing some answers, or when recognizing the value of the knowledge that there is behind that yes it knew. No, this time was as if outside everything very absurd. As if to anybody it mattered to him that it knew or not to treat a cardiac insufficiency, or to recognize a TEP. As if outside more important to know €œthe rare thing€. Perhaps outside stress, the lack of dream, the dehydration or hypoglycemia after 5 hours seated in the same position. Although I believe that no, that what happened to me was that at certain moment I was very conscious that the sense of €œthe pu±etero€, their form and content, are very questionable. I will still at risk reflect envelope it in some post of which everything what says in him seems obvious. Although if it is obvious for all why it continues being therefore €œthe pu±etero€? Why it continues being therefore the system? I already know that it is going to change with the one of the troncalidad, but it seems to me that what was bad in this system they are not going it to fix, seems rather that they are going away to load some of the good things that it had. In short, always me enrrollo in your blog. I am going to have to begin to write in mine, who I have it €œabandonao€.
    A hug to two (Almudena and Sophie)!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:13 h, 07 February To respond

      This year 2015 the €œpu±etero€ I have understood that it has been rare. At least in ORL there were 2 questions that did not fit in general medicine, were for specialists. I do not know if it will have happened in other questions.

      An advice to reactivate the physiology is to rise and to leave to the bathroom in half of examination MIR although does not desire to you. Thus the arterial pressure raises and you oxygenate with more vigor, assumes that the brain thanks for it€¦

      A hug and thanks for the commentary. By me you can be coiled what it desires 🙂 to you

  • Susana
    Published to 17:43 h, 07 February To respond

    Ow, if the one had before known to rise to me,€¦ The truth is that a drowsiness was entering me, at the time of the nap,€¦

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