When to study it hurts. Organic origin of the anxiety in front of the study.

All we know that sensation.

The date of the examination of that subject approaches that you do not like. Or to give that work that seems so difficult to you.

You do not know very well why you do not like that subject. Or perhaps yes: the professor is bad, bad, bad with desire. Or the classes are always to 8 in the morning and half of the times nor you arrive. Or it is that the first partisan left to you bad and you have taken odd habit to him.

But already you have experience in this of the studies. €œThis time does not pillage the bull to me€, you were shelp. And you really thought that you were going to begin in time.

But the first day you took the swearword from notes and you already felt like discomfort. A little depre. Or hunger entered to you and you went to the kitchen to prepare a mini-sandwich to you. Or is account of which that call to your friend was pending/bride/groom/father/mother. Or no, it sounded whattsapp and there was problems with the next friendly meeting and clear, one already was half an hour in clarifying the subject to you and soon you lowered to buy something that you needed and later it was necessary to go to the gymnasium because to make sport also it is important etc, etc, etc.

At night when laying down to you, you felt a small jab of culpability by not to have begun the predicted study. €œTomorrow I put myself€, you settled, and you fell asleep.

And in the end the bull pillaged to you.

You put the subject between chest and back with more anxiety than effectiveness and the sensation of which eras stupid by to have returned to commit the same error. With that so familiar anxiety, trying to justify to you same in front of the worse judge than you will find in your life, that it is within your head and perhaps of your stomach also, judging by the physical malaise that accompanies you in those occasions.

anxiety hurts


, of course that yes.

The worse thing of everything is than it is continued repeating during all the life. It is what we called procrastination and it affects to all in major or measured minor, children, young people and adults.

In my case, my present obligations are distributed between consulting books/articles for complicated cases of the consultation, reviewing surgical techniques, to make the monthly programming of sessions and work of the residents position, to review articles on the investigation of my group, to correct rough drafts of a pair of doctoral theses, to make workings of maintenance of the blog and to prepare classes.

Of all these tasks, the one that more laziness they give me is to review articles and to make the programming of residents. I do not know very well why, but thus it is. When I must seat to me to work in one of these tasks, I am discovered same procrastinando as a champion and being relaxing to me in looking at the mail, to consult to twitter or to leaf through any book that is close. When I realize, I commit myself to continue with the work, and immediately my attention to any other thing returns to escape. I take almost half an hour in putting to me to work in which it touches.

Nevertheless, it does few months I discovered the physiological reason for which we lie down to procrastinar. The simple fact of knowing is helping to stop it to me delaying my obligations and not to feel to me badly (so).


Some investigators of the University of Chicago published a work in 2012 (1) in which they described what it happened within the brain of people who hated the mathematics when she was requested to them that they made mathematical tasks. They used functional magnetic resonance and they observed that certain cerebral areas activated, the dorsoposterior insular cortex and the cingulada crust average, when the study subject anticipated that they were going to arrive the tasks from mathematics.

The dorsoposterior insular cortex and the cingulada crust average are regions implied in the perception of pain or the detection threats for the integrity of the organism. If the people who have anxiety against the mathematics undergo that cerebral activation, it is logical that they at all costs avoid any activity related to the mathematics. It can say that it is a defence mechanism.

It does not matter that it is physically an exaggerated reaction in the sense that the mathematics are not going to them to damage, speaking. They are not going to lose an arm nor to become ill. But its brain reacts as if it go thus to being, really.

Nevertheless, the investigators observed that those cerebral areas of the pain activated when they acticiparon the accomplishment of the exercises of mathematics, but not during the exercises in himself.

This was revealing for me when I discovered it in the course Learning How To Learn de Coursera (I recommend to you that you make the course if you have time; a new edition in January of 2015 begins). The professor of the course, Barbara Oakley, explains clearly that the tendency to procrastinar works as a defence mechanism, but mistaken, since if you must take to end a task, to delay she only alleviates it temporarily the annoyance. But you overcome your initial inconvenience and you continue working, in a few minutes you will notice that it is to you easier to continue in the task that you do not like.

A technique that you can use to overcome the initial resistance is the technique of the Pomodoro.

By all means, when you have been able to work awhile in that subject that as much laziness gives you, you must give a good prize you by your profit. A chocolate refreshment, piece, or 5 minutes taking the fresh air outside the library. That subject causes a real annoyance to you, but you have known to surpass it and to follow ahead. Surprising our mind responds positively to these rewards, and shortly we will speak also of it here: how to use to Pavlov for our convenience. If you do not want to lose you it, subscribe you to the blog 🙂



1. Lyons IM, Beilock SL. When Math Hurts: Math Anxiety Predicts Pain Activation Network in Anticipation of Doing Math. Plos One 2012; 7(10): 1-6.

Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • ariel roldan
    Published to 02:56 h, 12 April To respond

    Hello, I suffer I upset of anxiety. At present I am studying electronic. The problem is that I cannot be concentrated in the study, I feel frustrated, attempt to study but I cannot. The truth what not to become

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:29 h, 14 April To respond

      Hello, Ariel,

      If the initial problem is the anxiety, you would need help a specialized therapist, to begin.

      If the anxiety comes by your frustration from not being able to study, then you must stop to you and analyze from where the problem comes. You can begin by these steps:

      1-Asegºrate to have good vision and not to have annoyances at the time of following the explanations in the class (there are people that develops myopia after the childhood), and which you do not have problems either to see close by (that can be hyperopiums).

      2-If you go to class, assures not relaxing to you quite often and to be able to follow the explanations. If the mind goes away to another site with much facility, it takes notes. It is not necessary to point it everything, but to point loose words or loose phrases of the important thing

      3-Verify that you can read without problems, that is to say, that you do not confuse letters. If it happens you that you are home in Electronics, and costs to understand the technical words to you of the text, asks your professors if some dictionary of fast consultation exists, in paper or Internet.

      Very active 4-Be when you feel to study. First, it writes in a paper what 3 new things you are going to learn with each subject. Perhaps you learn more, but to begin, it begins only choosing 3 important concepts. S.A. to seat to you to study you limit yourself to read the text time and time again, without writing down words nor making drawings, that is that your brain is not €œputting in task€. It writes down your 3 chosen concepts, and ponte to read. When you finish, test to answer those 3 concepts. This starts up your intelligence instead of to bore it.

      I hope that these few advice serve to you to begin to solve problems. A greeting and thanks to comment!

    • Ivelin Leal
      Published to 20:01 h, 14 May To respond

      Hello€¦. it would want to know as they can help me.
      What happens is that I cannot study well, better I explain myself.
      From the school I have had the custom to learn everything of memory. It is my second month in the Medicine university and my notes are not bad, I have very high notes but I am forgetting everything what study. I understand and at the time of studying I have left myself everything, but I see these problems:
      1. I am delayed very many hours in learning few leaves and therefore I am slow to me of my other matters.
      2. Once study I give the test and as they say my friendly €œuntil arrived there.€ The knowledge only lasted to me until the test.
      3. It bothers to me the fact that I see it as the school, I do not feel that I learn, and that makes me feel badly and until me frusto because I do not feel happy, my papas always tell me that he is in my mention, who changes the study method, but another one does not work to me, I look for to know everything to me of memory and I spend as much time, even more than my companions to only know the basic thing to me.

      He was the best one of my school, better withdrawn of my institution, and this frustration is terrible, because I have the capacity. I want to be doctor, but whenever I feel to study I feel like idiot in front of my companions who manage to retain and I better as soon as I can know the sufficient thing to me for a test.
      I have looked for courses of actual methods of study but only there is fast reading€¦ that the same I do not feel that it serves for me.

      I hope that you can help me with some advice.

      • Florence
        Published to 04:01 h, 25 August To respond

        The same I have and I am medicine student? I am hours to study some leaves and that generates more anxiety to me is a vicious circle

        • Almudena Trinidad
          Published to 21:04 h, 26 August To respond

          Hello to two, Ivelin and Florence,

          Your problem is very frequent in the home of the Medicine studies, and sometimes it extends several years. The cause usually is in a technique of ineffective study, based generally on rereading and emphasizing little and more. These techniques are sufficient in the institute, but in the Faculty no longer they are enough. It is necessary to work of another way, taking notes from more effective form, working with the matter with diverse techniques according to what subject one is (mental maps, tables, drawings), and soon reviewing with certain advance so that the work does not crowd. Flashcards is ideal for this and you right here have an entrance in the blog.

          Once you perceive that you work with more fluidity, the anxiety usually it is reduced. Other forms to maintain the anxiety to ray are to make exercise and to make sufficient rests.

          I hope that you are able to find the way in a moment. You do not surrender: you ask companions, you prove other techniques of study, thirst flexible and investigate what is to you more useful.

          A hug

      • Sun
        Published to 03:49 h, 21 September To respond

        Me senti so identficada. .y in the faculty passes the same to me I had better average at school the best notes costs to me to concentrate to me before did not happen to me.

  • Ivan
    Published to 07:23 h, 18 April To respond

    I suffer anxiety and do anguish thoughts, have to me with risperidone and wouldn't fluoxetina but want much, used clonazepam that it had kept and it worked of wonder, the problem is that Friday I enter an institute of English, will affect clonazepam my study?

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:01 h, 23 April To respond

      Clonazepam is a general depressor of all the central nervous system, and that can mean certain obstruction of the memorization and concentration capacities. But, at the same time, the anxiety also alters to much the concentration and the yield of the students, so it can compensate to use it.

      Of all ways, it is important that you comment your doctor so that balances well all the medication, advises to you on the doses, and thus to avoid problems. A student of my faculty went to a final exam after taking too much medication for the anxiety and suspended, having studied the matter well. So, taken care of.

      Thanks to read the blog and to comment. I hope that better 🙂 soon

  • PB
    Published to 04:08 h, 08 May To respond

    I have 22 and study architecture; I like the race. I left to the studies by severe depression and anxiety. I left them throughout the 2016. I recovered rather well, but this year I returned to the studies (as it had it glided) and it passed the same to me. Anxiety and distresses at the time of designing, negative thoughts that they block to me in all sense, I feel that all this bad one. I feel terrible by not being able to advance. All this does to me incapable. Although I improved in several aspects, in all this itself the same. I already take to therapy a year and a half. I have a panic one almost to mistake to me; I know that it is part of the learning process, but cannot surpass it. He hurts much to me, because I am slow to me

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 21:11 h, 18 May To respond

      Hello, Dove,

      Thanks to write. It seems that you have an almost phobic reaction to the study. In fact, you do not take to as much time combining therapy with the university, so that you have a great margin of improvement.

      Sometimes I have the sensation of which we remained anchored in a form to make €œbadly€ the things (with anguish, without benefit), and we obsessed ourselves with €œimproving€. But €œto improve€ it maintains patches to us to which it worked bad in the past. How you would want that outside your future in the race? If all your past disappeared, how you would live the studies, what new possibility you would create for you? It thinks from zero and it projects new €œI€.

      Perhaps it works to you. A greeting and tells your progresses us

    • Carolina
      Published to 14:24 h, 14 March To respond

      You know? One of the forms that have worked to me (since it happened to me very similar to which is happening you) is to write and to reflect. The first step to be able to overcome this problem, is to accept what you have; after it to inquire (as these doing and that it is a good step); and mainly to confront by far love (or passion) in company (for example: If one has scenic fear a motivator that must impel it is the make to share its ideas with the others and to help them). I wait for you better, discover enters your reflections and you will see to you as which as much she is hopeless to you is only a signal so that you concentrate more in you, in which is passing you and a threshold to understand plus the operation of your mind. Good you vibrate 🙂

  • Alejandra
    Published to 19:32 h, 14 May To respond

    They told me almost two years ago that I have specific phobia to study, I thought that when entered the university that would go because it would be studying what I like and would be different, nevertheless, itself having phobia to put to me to study the subjects that enchants to me, even gives anxiety me and simply I am able neither to concentrate to me, nor to think about nothing else that about that I must study. My head goes away simultaneously to thousand different sites and I cannot do nothing.
    It has never concerned too much to suspend an examination to me, which happens to me is that I do not like to study for them, something without sense really.
    What I can do?

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 21:25 h, 18 May To respond

      As Dove wrote, you also feel that visceral rejection to study€¦ All the students become bored studying for examinations. He is enough that they force to you to learn something to begin to detest it. But not as much as so that he immobilizes to you.

      Often as students we see the examinations as a summary judgment, as an evaluation of all our life. In fact, the examinations are an accident. Centuries ago, the doctors formed working next to other doctors. Nowadays multiple specialists need and to assure us to avoid the professional infiltration, reason why the faculties establish filters to each passage of the formation. The most trustworthy filter and of smaller cost, than allows to evaluate to tens and tens of candidates in just a short time are the examinations written.

      An examination proves your capacity to answer certain questions in a concrete day. Nothing else. All your person does not evaluate. The final note does not imply that you are going to be good or bad doctor; it only means €œSight, this day you were able to answer X well questions€.

      In fact, it is a pain that we take as much disgust to him to the examinations, when they are the best way to learn. Answering questions it give account you if you have understood or a concept or no. To study examining you in every short while would be most effective to determine the learning. He is funnier to make it so seat to you during hours reading and rereading, planted as a mushroom against the notes.

      After all, many things are learned thus, with €œexaminations€. You learn to lead alongside with the professor teaching a little theory to you and soon asking to you that you put it in practice. €œIt puts first€ €œNow happens to second€ €œNo, thus no, better this way€. the Education-ask-education-ask-new education = learning!

      You have tried to study in a training group with more companions? To learn with videos, better than with texts? To read your notes in the park? To study from examinations, in plan €œreverse engineer€?

      There are different forms to examine, and also to learn. Tell me in detail more to be able to help you better.

      A greeting,

  • Laura
    Published to 21:17 h, 22 May To respond

    Hello, I am 18 years old, I am studying psychology and it has not gone to me for anything well, I do not have good memory and sometimes I am frustrated because it goes to me bad, I do not know that to do, whenever I put myself to study my head ends up much hurting to me and sometimes the eyelids and cheekbones shake to me, I do not know that it happens to me, please helps me.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 12:15 h, 25 May To respond

      Hello, Laura. Probably everything what it happens to you has to do with anxiety and the insecurity that you feel when you put yourself to study. Still you are young and you are home. It is necessary to estimate and to try with diverse methods until you find a job stream adapted for you.

      I recommend to you that you work with mental maps and comparative tables in the phase of study in which you must include the matter, and later with flashcards to begin to memorise few weeks before the examinations.

      • Alejandra
        Published to 22:31 h, 28 May To respond

        This week that enters I have 3 examinations. I have been 4 to only study because in my race, we do not have more time to study, is not something that only me pass, happens to him to all the people of my race.
        This is something that I cannot solve so easily. Nevertheless, my commentary is to say that in those four days, been very I have worn for the first time, something that I see normal, but even so I am not able to concentrate to me as it would have.
        I have already left a subject of the last fourth month period, and surely I have left another one of this, and two are the subjects principles that I can suspend to receive the scholarship.
        I am with great problems of anxiety because, as already I shelp in this page, they detected phobia to me to study as ago two years, but I feel forced to study (in spite of the anxiety, as other many) because, due to my family, I cannot allow to suspend more subjects me, but I cannot more, I do not know to give more of me.
        I do not know that to do.

  • Jian Carlos
    Published to 20:54 h, 15 July To respond

    Hello, I am 19 years old and I want to expose the following thing:

    I have entered to study International Businesses of virtual way and at the time of seeing or carrying out the works that leave in the platform, I am hopeless, I anger to me, I fall in frustration and I would want to begin to shout because I am behaving of that way. Treatment of not maintaining been relaxing to me (by the way, I am it), but costs work to me.
    I demotivate quickly at the time of making factories or works and that maintains to me in frustration and also discouraged by not knowing the reason well after all that.

    Please, help me.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:33 h, 22 July To respond

      Hello! Thank you very much to comment in the blog.

      First that is happened to me when I read your message: Adapted a virtual is course in your case, since you are having these problems? That is to say, there are students who learn much in actual skillful classes and take advantage of the interchange questions and answers that take place in the classroom, whereas others prefer to avoid the classes and learn better reading on the matter directly.

      Perhaps in your case it is happening that you miss that presencialidad. You have a forum of course companions where to consult doubts and to comment these problems? You intention to that you use it.

      On the other hand, if you are 19 years old, it means that you finish arriving from the Secondary school, and the jump to the University usually is very hard for all. Often we fixed them to us well in the institute with our current methods of study as emphasizing, rereading, to make some scheme, but in the University these methods can become insufficient. Why? Because in the University it increases to much the volume of the matters, and appear new subjects that we do not know how to study. That transition requires €œto learn to learn€.

      These difficulties, combined with the autoexigencia that we prevail, because think that we must be perfect to first, can take us to your situation of anxiety and frustration. You do not know how to come with the works, and you think that you have a problem in your essence, in your person, when what it happens it is that your essence is well, but you do not know the most suitable techniques to learn online. And this is normal, and you must treat you or same, just as you would deal with or a brother 5 years who tries to drive a bicycle and he falls to the ground. It must learn the technique, it isn't thus? And it will obtain it by test and error, or because another person, with more experience, teaches to him. It is the NORMAL thing.

      By the way, it is normal to relax in this situation. Your brain detects a danger and wants to avoid a pain to you. It is what story in the post more above. When they improve your abilities, it will be yielding the €œmental pain€ and it will less cost to you to seat to you to work.

      You need to spend a time €œto learn to learn€ in your new surroundings of study. Gradually you will be it doing better. You do not doubt in continuing writing and asking to me if you need more help.

      A hug!

  • Fiorella
    Published to 02:43 h, 22 July To respond

    Good, I am veterinary medicine student and this it is my first year of race with 21 years, since I decided to change of a race that had studied last the 3 years.
    I began very either and I very followed or with the matters and the entrance (Having in account that did as more than 5 years that it did not have natural and of a level very under). But for two months it has been obstructing to me with a partisan. It came very well and motivated but when I sat down to study for that matter I leaved to cry and never plus I could throw it. My idea was recursarla why thinking about the same it obstructed me in the other matters, that the same by far sacrifice I approved them. But what it hurts more it is if I regret or it puts to me worse or or I am great I cannot be slow or I am weak, etc. The cause of this anguish still I do not know it. I began with a therapist but already to the second day it wanted to me to medicar and I did not see it necessary. My preoccupation is not to follow with this sensation but it is going to me to do very badly and I do not want to finish thus! Help please. Gracias

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:48 h, 22 July To respond

      Hello, Fiorella. Thank you very much to comment and to contribute in the blog 🙂

      When we obstructed with a matter or a determined partisan, he is useful to analyze the cause of this mental clogging. Usually it happens with especially difficult subjects or subjects for a novice. P. ex. the Anatomy in the home usually causes misfortunes because we do not know how to confront the study. This one usually rests on written text and atlas, that is to say, verbal and visual information. All we are very good visual almost apprentices (the human being has survived during millenia thanks to its visuespaciales capacities), but some need to make use of other sensorial modalities. P. ex., I met a student who was able to begin to approve Anatomy imagining that she herself was the structure that she had to study. This is a quinest©sica ability.

      You are not scared of that emotion of fear that you had when seating to you to study. What means the initial fear is that you do not know how to study those concrete subjects. The healthiest answer to that fear is to prove diverse own techniques, and if no is, to consult to your professors or students of courses superiors how they studied it. The problem comes when you feel fear, and almost automatically, without giving account, you say yourself you same that you are clumsy, weak, idiot, etc. Our society teaches to speak to us to us very badly same.

      You have read my answer of more above J Carlos? Consider you as a baby right now who is trying to learn to walk. Perhaps it costs you more than to another baby of your age, but to anybody it would be happened to him to call to you €œweak€. The adults to your around would help you with patience. Simply, they would accept that a little plus that ability costs to you in particular, just as another many will cost to you less. Thus it is the life and he is well that he is thus.

      You, as inexperienced student of Veterinary medicine, deserve the same consideration in your homes that a baby who begins to walk, or a girl who begins with his first sums. Try to you very well same and look for other forms to study and to solve that puzzle. In that search, you will learn new things that will be used you for the rest as your life.

      You do not doubt in returning to write if you want more help. Tell us what subject gives those problems you and I will try to help the best thing you than it can.

      A hug!

      • Fiorella
        Published to 13:12 h, 22 July To respond

        Thousand thanks?

  • Angels
    Published to 16:10 h, 24 July To respond

    Good afternoon:

    Really that, thanks for this information. I am elaborating a TFM and a barbarism costs to me to advance it, as you comment I feel true pain. Mainly, my problem is internal (it gets depressed to see the lack to me of help that I have on the part of my director and if to this we united problems of familiar nature, because we already have the €œcomplete stew€). Also at external level, I have some disadvantages (really I do not have a fixed place where to study, my house of all the life €œhas undergone changes€ because my grandmother lives with us. We say that I do not have my own space, neither writing-desk nor nothing. This generates frustration to me and continuous malaise, to me usually hurts the chest and until they give stomach problems me. Before it had love by the knowledge, but I realize that has changed my perception as far as learning: every day I like less. I hope to be able to surpass this phase of loss of heart soon, but of course he is quite hard. Honestly, I believe that I am better in works than they require plus a physical effort that mental because my mind is not oppressed so much. In addition spots in the body, a species of dermatitis have left me according to the doctors. In any case, I would affirm that she is due to which I have related previously.

    PS: I am philologist and I am making a masters to exert teaching.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 16:50 h, 24 July To respond

      Hello, Angels,

      I am glad of which this information helps you all.

      To really elaborate a written work as yours it is very difficult. Still more if you need help of your supervisor, because then everything is doubts and insecurity, and you do not know where to place the following step. With help it is even difficult€¦

      In a situation thus, he is not strange to me that all your body and your mind are revealed and tried to escape.

      If you lack own space at home, and you do not know where to find a hollow reserved for you, he looks for a library, or even a cafeteria near your house, where they allow you to work 2 or 3 hours followed in exchange for a pair of coffees. Perhaps with the basic noise of a bar or a coffee you find something of calm and you feel more accompanied. You intention to prove and to choose a site that you like.

      By the way, in this https://paulinacierlica.com/blog/ blog you have advice of a Polish philologist settled down in Spain to realise TFG, and certainly it serves to you as help for your TFM. You can contact with her and share your doubts.

      That sensation is to me familiar from which you render better in a physical work that in one mental one. That is due to the insecurity that you feel now. I, when I began to work of medical resident intern (learning the ORL specialty), had so many lagoons that looked with authentic envy at the watchman, who seemed so calm in their jobs€¦ But not him DES much importance, you will continue evolving and learning and you will adapt.

      Spirit with the TFM!

      • Angels
        Published to 15:15 h, 25 July To respond

        Good afternoon, Almudena:

        I am thankful for enormously all commented and the additional information to you. The intervention is very substantial similarity to me.

        I really know that it is a question of attitude, being positive and to always look for solutions or alternatives that improve my present situation. Although it can be complicated, always is some form to improve gradually.

        A great greeting!

  • Carlos
    Published to 04:55 h, 11 September To respond

    hello queria your recommendation because I have a problem:
    I go to first year of right and when I read to put to me to study I put myself nervous, and it costs to maintain the attention to me since I relax or imagining things or looking at my environs, to you kiss I put so nervous that I must go to make another thing, strange it is that when I put myself to study history of the institutions no of these things I happen to me and I could be concentrated and be studied calmly. Another interesting thing is that to you kiss my father helps me and explains to me and in those cases I can understand. Sera that I do not like the race? I wait for your advice because I am with many problems, not if to change of race or that to do.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 14:32 h, 11 September To respond

      Perhaps it is to you more difficult to learn from text written that from a verbal explanation. On the other hand, the Right has a very specific vocabulary and can cost work to assimilate it in the first months. The history subjects, nevertheless, have a more general vocabulary and contain that component of €œstorytelling€ that they do them more pleasant and easy to assimilate. I believe that your problem can go that way.

      With respect to if the race you like or no, sometimes it is difficult to know it with certainty. Often the parents influence in these decisions and we confused the well-being to please to the parents with the knowledge well-being who you are going by a suitable way. You can need a semester or a year really to know the race and to give account you of if you like or no.

      A greeting and much luck

  • Ines
    Published to 18:24 h, 11 September To respond

    Hello, it wanted to raise my situation to you in case you could advise to me

    I am 19 years old and I finish finishing first of veterinary medicine. I say to finish because the course has finished, because of 10 subjects I have only managed to approve 4. During my stage of secondary always I have been of the best ones of the class, it did not cost much to remove good notes to me and I recognize that it does not need to me to study too much. I was able to remove in the selectivity the note sufficient to enter the race that wanted, and from everything it has been a disaster there.
    I recognize that I began in very trusting course and when finalizing the first fourth month period rained the suspensions to me. The second was not better and after spending the summer studying, the thing has not improved in September.
    This much anxiety is causing me. It began in February and continue giving attacks me before the examinations since then. The reason I know it, I do not go to the examinations with the sufficient preparation, and am conscious.
    The problem is that not as studying well. I pass the time doing summaries to me and I feel that I am advancing, although the reality is that no. When I finish you summarize them and I put myself to memorise costs to me very many to concentrate itself and to the 10 minutes I am relaxing. In addition to my problems to concentrate to me, my summaries are not the sufficiently dense ones reason why when arriving at the examination I am with that I have not studied the sufficient thing although has managed to learn the summary to me. And all this increases my anxiety.
    Not as confronting it, that technical not to be used to render more when study. Very well which is my problem, but not as putting solution to him.
    My anxiety has increased in September, by the studies, my parents vain. To rely that to spend much money in my and because I fear to disappoint to them. They support to me very many and they tell me that I am able although behind schedule more in finishing than the rest of my companions, but sometimes I feel useless and I have the sensation of which everything what I have obtained until now has been luckily and not because he is really sufficiently intelligent as removing this race.
    I hope that you can give some advice me facing this new course.

    A greeting

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 12:11 h, 20 September To respond

      Hello, Ines, thanks to write and to share in the blog.
      Something very very current in the first course of these so demanding races is passing you: you arrive from Secondary with sufficient techniques for Secondary, but it does not stop the race. You have the first suspensions and then it give account you of to what extent you trust the notes that you obtain and were a basic prop in your life.

      If you have read the pdf that I give to you when you subscribe, there I come up to you with several erroneous beliefs: €œI am not sufficiently good€, €œI am less intelligent than the others€, and other expressed normally €œNever I will be able to improve€.

      Error! You can be sure that all the students who manage to overcome the selectivity barrier and to enter this type of races as Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Infirmary, etc, are sufficiently intelligent to study them.

      What they fail they are the methods. Simply, to reread and to make summaries are little efficient with the volume of matter that you have in the university. The anxiety is a logical consequence when you take to All your life being good student in exchange for the coat and protection of your parents.

      €œIn return€ it does not mean that it is a commercial interchange, nothing that to see, but is an agreement based on the love and the necessity to prosper. Your reptiliano brain can get to think that €œgood note€ is equal €œto survive€. If you begin to suspend, apparently everything goes away to garete.

      Nevertheless, since I have shelp in several forums, as in this chat that I gave in Lleida, an examination note only means €œpercentage of questions that I knew to answer on a certain subject a concrete day of my life€. It does not mean nothing else.

      That you have been 1 year without being able to surpass the examinations of the race means that STILL you have not found the most efficient techniques for it. But you will get to find them and to adapt them of the best form for you. That is part of your way now as student and adult whom its vocation in the life looks for.

      I suggest several things to you of which already I have spoken in the blog:

      1) It tries to prepare your material of study with the smaller possible time reversal. You can try to complete notes or the technique of Cornell

      2) It practices the sooner to answer questions on the agenda being used examinations of other years or flashcards. At the most specific the preparation, better will leave the test. It thinks on this as the sportsmen. It reads the interview that I made Miriam

      3) Assure you be that as it may to rest 1 day to the week doing something that is excited and it amuses to you. This is fundamental to maintain the anxiety to ray

      I hope that these advice help you. Much spirit ahead, you have left all the life!

      A hug,

  • Melissa
    Published to 04:49 h, 28 September To respond

    It happens to me with the mathematical ones, I become distressed, sweat the hands to me, accelerates coraz³m to me and I cry I cry I cry I cry and I really cannot I cannot with them and that to do, I have even thought about leaving my race and 1 branch of mathematical is not only had. But it surpasses this sensation to me that comes the world down to me, is as if it gave a crisis me of panic. He is really terrible. Not that to do, not.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 15:08 h, 01 October To respond

      I believe that what really you have they are that same one, panic crisis. He is something much more intense that simply the inconvenience to study something that it dislikes to you. Test to study with Pomodoros, or the technique of reverse engineer (to study from already resolute problems).

      If that does not alleviate to you, a psychologist or a psychiatrist consults with to stop the problem as soon as possible.

  • Sara reigns
    Published to 17:29 h, 28 September To respond

    Hello! I would like that she helped me and so she happens to me.
    Like some of which they have written what it happens to them, it passes me that they give panic and anxiety attacks me when I am in class or when I am at home and the hour arrives to leave to go to the institute. I feel that I need the air, give desire me to vomit and they give tachycardias me.
    I am in second course of a degree superior and when thinking about which I must do gives anxiety me, it distresses and even panic, because I feel that this degree is not for my and that I am not enabled to develop the work, I feel that this is not for my and nobody is able to understand to me and that puts to me worse.
    I to my parents already have shelp it and they insist on which I must it finish, but I feel that this year I cannot, by everything what she happens to me and I feel the necessity to do something different east year and I do not know nor as confronting it, nor as becoming it to my parents.

    A greeting

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 15:16 h, 01 October To respond

      Hello, Sara, thanks to write. Accounts a situation very hard, similar to the one of Melissa.

      It is important to know if you are studying the Degree that really you wish. If it is not thus, it is more difficult to overcome those difficulties, that they can be in that case a form to escape of a situation that you do not want to live.

      On the other hand, if you have arrived at that Degree, it means that totally you are enabled to study it. Another thing is that you do not like what you are studying and of that form she fails your internal motivation.

      If you like the Degree, and you have problems to do works written or examinations, which is failing to you is the method. Sometimes we blocked ourselves when they appear difficulties and we are not able to be modifying technical of study or to prove new things. It reviews your form to work at the time of taking notes, to review the matters at home and how beams facing the examinations. You can improve the work in class with the technique of Cornell. At home, with difficult subjects, you can prove mental maps and comparative tables. The memorization and the review facing the examinations can begin in a moment and of simple way with the use of flashcards.

      I hope that you can begin to analyze your problem with these advice. If you need more help, you can contact with me in almudena@hshanemd.net.

  • Fernanda
    Published to 05:40 h, 06 October To respond

    Hello? if I am possible would like that she advises to me please my problem.
    For 2 months approximately I have not been able to study, I feel and to the 10 minutes I disperse. I tried with the technique of 45 €² of study and 5 €² to be sprightly with any other thing, but those 5 €² become in an hour. This year I began the faculty and the first fourth month period was not to me so bad, I approved two matters with excellent notes and one recurse (I want to clarify that in the first fourth month period it had very many motivation and I liked much, enjoyed to learn)€¦ in the secondary one went to me very well and was very studious, did not stop studying for no instance. Nevertheless now I am in 2nd the part of the year, it already leaves the second matter and tomorrow I have partisan€¦.it does not study more than a small part of the enormous thing that is the program, that is to say, is an ENORMOUS possibility that it also disapproves it. And sincerely it does not matter to me, does not matter to me to disapprove, master the race that I am following and perhaps it is because I am in a common cycle basic and they are not matters of MY race in particular, I do not know to what to throw the fault to him. I am having many episodes in which it does not concern anything to me, I do not have motivation, does not exist. I thought about going to the psychologist, perhaps can help me with my problem, because I have many episodes of depression, very many anxiety constantly, insomnia, I resort much to the past also. I know that tomorrow (or rather, today) when it gives my partial one in target half, I am going away to depress much and I am going away to disappoint because I know that it was my fault, and that is going to me to make feel worse. I do not know that it happens to me, I am not clear, I am not I. Would pardon if I did it so long, and really help me much if it answers to me, thank you very much?

  • ROMY
    Published to 14:47 h, 15 March To respond

    HELLO, how is everything?
    Not if it answered to me, but it will try to explain my situation to you. To say you that today I went to the neurologist since does but of a year that I have health problems, since tapeworm to helicobacter, problems of stomach and others. I am already better. Nevertheless one of problems that I had in this I complete year is that, considering which I have microphone, no matter how much I always sleep I am sleepy and I feel tired, not physically, if not mentally, that I do not want to do nothing that delivers mental attack to me, if he is something physical I do not have problem in doing it, but is something metal if. It already tries to change of routine, to change of hour of dream, to try to sleep but, until it even gets to sleep 13 hours, it tries to sleep less, 4 hours, tries with naps, but there is no way, my neurologist shelp that it could be idiopatia, sure I even must test me and that, but I must wait for a year for the appointment, and I cannot wait for since me this harming much routine life and the worse thing to my studies, I am university, chemical study, and that requires long time of study and concentration, nevertheless being in this situation is super complicated, whenever lame my notes, the head me it saturates, it is blocked to me and it weighs to me. please if it reads my message answers to me. Thanks. A greeting

  • Fatima
    Published to 04:14 h, 17 March To respond

    Hello, very I have been distressed, for some weeks q comence to study, and empece to feel to me bad, I had a cervical tear, soon when am in the classroom begins I to need to me the air, also needs when I am going to sleep at night€¦ as if it went to me to happen the worse thing€¦ I am very sad then I do not want to stop studying and not as handling the situation

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 16:51 h, 31 March To respond

      Fatima, that seems symptoms of an anxiety upheaval. He would be advisable that you commented it with a psychiatrist or a psychologist for a good valuation

  • Katalina
    Published to 23:53 h, 03 April To respond

    It passes something to me similar, at the time of the test gives a frustration me, I feel until desire to cry by the same, because I feel that podria to leave all wire drawing and to go to me, or when studying I cannot be consentrar and need to study too much as having a note something but decent.

  • Daniela
    Published to 22:33 h, 05 April To respond

    Hello, I am in 1 semester of Medicine, this always had been my great dream then I do not see myself doing nothing else, but now as it happens the semester has become a torture, I feel much pressure, I put myself sad and until I doubt to follow in the race when I listen to commentaries because every semester is complicated plus the week 5 subjects that I sent 4 and semester much people leaves because it is is very hard, that you are not going to sleep almost, whom you are not going to have social life and that is another thing that oppresses to me because my routine is university marries House €“ university passed it to me studying and is a subject that me she returns crazy (biochemical), no longer I share almost with my family and I am very sad, me the step crying, hurts the chest to me, I feel that I need the air, I do not know what to do, medicine is my greater dream but I do not want to feel plus these to sensations that do poor devil to me. That you recommend to me to do I leave my dream? Or itself but unfortunate

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 21:41 h, 04 May To respond

      It follows! The unhappiness will last little, but that yes, stops the anxiety already. More bond to go all the afternoons to the gymnasium (to alleviate the anxiety) and to study the rest of the time, that to be locked up in your fourth and making a study very little effective. The first 2-3 semesters is hard, are many new new features, subjects that before you did not know, hundreds of new terms in each matter. But it will improve, I assure it to you.

  • elsy
    Published to 03:25 h, 06 April To respond

    Hello my problem is that so that when I am in classes or study or carries out some work at home I put themselves very tense and fustro hurts cabeza.y to me me and I depress myself when I cannot do the works and it crosses me the mind to leave to me the university
    at school me cost and gave significant adjustment me by reason much that costs to me, not if in the university that goes to affect my study. that I can do and also happens to me that I do not retain much from school.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 21:44 h, 04 May To respond

      It is important that you know which is the specific cause of your difficulties: dyslexia, deficit of attention, etc. Only thus you will be able to put remedy to him. On the other hand, there are study techniques that have demonstrated validity in all type of people, to different ages and even different mental capacities. For example, the spaced review (that practices with flashcards, for example). It looks for companions of courses superiors that can orient envelope to you how to confront each subject. Test all this before throwing the towel. Much luck!

  • Mairin
    Published to 01:50 h, 20 April To respond

    That so good what happens to me is that I want to approve my courses, but I have educational that demands too much to me, they let to me read books of 310 pages and only when seeing I am hopeless it I traumatize and I do not concentrate myself and I feel that I am the worse one, I have had horrible thoughts, sometimes also fodder that I am the worse one and I am scared towards the future, I am scared to fail and for that reason I put myself to cry. what I can do? I am very nervous thanks

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 22:05 h, 04 May To respond

      Hello, Mairin,

      It does not pass anything burdens to suspend some examinations. The maximum that can happen is that you must return to study again, but knowing to prepare to you better. You are not going to lose your house, your family nor your food.
      That intense fear that you have to the failure to not lets you move to you, neither towards the approved one nor towards the suspension. Unfortunately, many educational ones demand too many knowledge for a novice in the matter€¦ would say that all the Faculties of the world have an educational one at least thus. You are not the worse student, but that thought is very current in uncertain students. There is nothing of that, you are only somebody trying to learn and to improve.
      It alongside reads your books with paper and ball-point pen, and I know very active while you read. It writes down difficult concepts, you do schemes. It works awhile standing up, another seated short while€¦ If a book distresses much to you, read it in a cafeteria, sometimes the basic noise favors the intellectual activity. It begins by the exercises of end of chapter and tries to include the matter from there. You do not have anything to lose yes and much that to gain 🙂

  • Natalia
    Published to 17:25 h, 06 May To respond

    Fantastic blog. I am a woman of 45 years and am preparing oppositions. I entered your blog because I have a pesistente headache and I have realized of which it is because I am offering resistance without giving account me. I have begun with mindfulnes, so I will work this aspect. Thank you very much, you have helped me much

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 08:47 h, 15 May To respond

      Thank you very much, Natalia. Mindfulness help in many aspects of life, and the study also. It simply means to feel totally at every moment which is called on to feel, and that helps us that is to say when the study is working, when it is called on to rest, when we are reading automatically without assimilating the content, etc. Much luck 🙂

  • Mariana
    Published to 04:00 h, 27 May To respond

    Hello, I am right student and I am doing first year, I am recursando matters that I had left and often fodder that I have been delayed in the race and whichever years would take to me.
    Resource because I had left several matters.
    Do I like the race but she is quite complicated, that study method recomendas?

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:42 h, 07 July To respond

      Hello, Marian. Thousand thanks to write and excuses to take as much in responding€¦ I have had many students of mentor­a in the last weeks.

      First it is to accept that the first course always is difficult, because you learn many new terms and the volume of matter for each examination increases much with respect to Secondary.

      The following thing is to be most active than you can studying your matters. It reads the subjects and it emphasizes the minimum to understand the global vision, and next it begins to practice examining to you same on the studied thing. How to do this? Practicing with examinations of other years; practicing with books that contain questions at the end of each chapter (there are few, I know it); or making your own questions and practicing on a daily basis with them. This it is the most effective method and I spoke here of it in the blog.

      To make your own questions can become in format flashcard. It begins little by little, that is to say, it dedicates half an hour to the day to this technique and later it continues studying as always. In couple of weeks you will notice the first beneficial effects.

      A greeting and thanks to comment:))

  • Miracles
    Published to 17:34 h, 08 June To respond

    Hello, looking for an answer problem I found this blog. I am 21 years old and I have left 2 races, first was marketing research, I was during a year and as soon as I had to go to live single it leaves it, it returns city of origin and I undertook the direction race and management of businesses and I only could be the first week and again I feel horribly, I went to the psychologist and it told me that it had an anxiety crisis, now I have been almost 2 years without studying and sincerely I do not have idea of towards where going nor of which to do, I have anxiety attacks again and am loss. It would be thankful to you that you helped me, since nonencounter answer by any side

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:02 h, 07 July To respond

      Hello, thousand thanks to write. As far as the anxiety, since or I have written in this same thread of commentaries, it is important to know how to distinguish if it is generated only (or to a large extent) by the difficulties with the studies, or if there are the more factors that can cause it. In this last case, I recommend search a therapist to you titled and with experience, with the purpose of working suitably what she generates that malaise to you. You intention to that you do it, since I also needed it at the time and was a very right decision. Sometimes we needed somebody expert who guides us by our maze of bad sensations.

      On the other hand, you are 21 years old, and to that age not always the professional vocation is clear, but we create, and we demanded ourselves, to have it everything very clearly and to know to what we are wanted to dedicate the rest of our life. And not it is so easy, so that you can retake your studies of the race that you wish, with the knowledge tranquillity that more ahead you will be able to vary your trajectory if it changes your vocation. You can add competitions to your university studies through masters (masters), formation of postgraduate or formation of different educative institutions.

      Another mistaken belief is to think that the studies must become in a concrete time, and if no, they do not serve. Error! You can begin slowly, adapt you to the classes, to books, search your own form and job stream to enjoy than you are learning, is much or little. In Spain many people do this through open universities as http://portal.uned.es/portal/page?_pageid=93,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL, the UOC, it TO UNITE, etc.

      It accepts that the way can be long, and without a doubt very interesting. It accepts that you will need to retake it little by little. It accepts that you will doubt and suspend some examination before home to approve it everything. If you register again, write to me to almudena@hshanemd.net and I will recommend a €˜medicine kit to you€™ of techniques to begin to study 🙂 again

      A hug and much luck!

  • Jonathan
    Published to 01:44 h, 09 June To respond

    The Problem that I have is that at the time of studying a complicated subject it begins to me to hurt the stomach€¦ Putting my effort it managed to learn some complicated subject of physics 3 for example, but my stomach hurts to me and is very molestoso would want to know how to make not to have that pain€¦ I am student of mechanical engineering€¦

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:13 h, 07 July To respond

      Good, according to the authors of the article of the phobia to the mathematics, when you continue studying the pain ends up yielding. If it is not thus, it means that you continuously generate stress during the study. Other forms to loosen that distr©s, that excessive nervousness, are to make physical exercise. So that it does not alter much your routine of study, you can study in short periods (in Pomodoros of 25 minutes or something more) and rest with routines type HIIT of 5 or 7 minutes.

      Another advice for engineer futures is to use technical active of study. When a subject becomes very dense, it practices with technical resolute exercises using of €˜reverse engineer€™, as Tom Miller in its blog explains. Certainly this blog helps you very many.

      Good luck!

  • Sindy
    Published to 01:27 h, 04 July To respond

    Good night, after studying a matter, which some implied different knowledge of memory and many subjects, it gave a strong headache me enough feeling that was introducing too much information (thing that are not normal, I lie down to retain explaining the content to me without headache some), the day before the examination I slept some hours since it was exhausted and it physically followed with the headache. When I woke up, in addition to waking up altered and being lost some seconds the sense that hours would be, I did not feel headache and I tried to remember the information but it was almost in target, I bothered myself with same me when to the seconds I felt suddenly as if all the information returned to arise in my mind including with a memory (type photo) of a professor giving classes; but together with all that information, again the headache. It asked me because it occurred thus, I deduce that time was by that I was inactive in the activities in the academic activities (almost a year hoping to that the university initiated), added to the anxiety that produces the matter to me since at the time of explaining, the professor, explains much (contained well but enough) and with technical words that not always I know and that make me feel a great pressure, in addition to the amount of information which it had to learn (varied) and of memory, it is not that they were exaggeratedly many if not that I am not used to studying of that way, since I develop more explaining with my own words added badly habit when sleeping (I lie down at dawn reason why I sleep little at night and I return to sleep some hours in afternoon later following and so it must do). These are my deductions but it would want to know that you to me would say and is in the correct thing or no

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:23 h, 07 July To respond

      I believe that you go well directed. Those headaches that appear after making an effort to us mentally as much are due the times most of to muscular tension. The forced calm of the study, being seated long hours, to move us little, etc, added to the lack of dream, causes that the back and the neck tighten much and ends up being reflected in headache, eyes, etc.

      My advice in these cases is ALWAYS to rest periodically during the hours of study, looking for the suitable moment more. Sometimes you will be able to hold 2 hours studying and others you will need to rest each half an hour, depends on the fatigue. Rise to you of the chair, you walk by house, it often drinks water and feeds to you (the brain spends very many energy), and you do some routine of exercise although it is of 5 minutes, it is HIIT, strechings or to dance. This is fundamental for €˜sharpening the axe€™.
      You have more advice in this entrance of the blog

  • anonymous
    Published to 05:32 h, 04 July To respond

    hello, my case is that I entered the university but I suffered during my years of preparatory many upheavals of little memorization, and everything due to social phobias because at heart I feel that yes I am intelligent, but circumstantially me €œblocks€ the mind, it gives fear me that everything forgets to me and literally sometimes it happens to me. I hope can give me alg­n advice to improve my situation

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:28 h, 07 July To respond

      If you have arrived at the University, that is that you have capacity sufficient to continue in her. Certainly many things can be forgotten to us during the weeks of class. The brain easily remembers things important to survive and things that are accompanied by strong emotions. But the classes we entered in touch with new concepts every day, and lose its capacity to generate emotions and to become memorable, reason why it is necessary to deliver a special attack of review to memorise them and to maintain them fresh in the memory facing the examinations. Once passed the examinations, you can decide what to continue reviewing and what to let go if it is not going to contribute nothing to you in the future. The best technique to make these reviews is flashcards, of which I spoke in this entrance.

      You intention to begin to use them gradually (half an hour to the day, not more, at the outset), and you will see little at least help you to remember better.

      Much luck!

    Published to 20:01 h, 16 July To respond

    Hello, good night, I write really desperate and would be thankful for much any help. I take very very many time anchored in blockade mental that is also pronounced in the physicist (tension and contraction of neck, answers motorboats in language and jaw, with the consequent wearing down, fatigue, pain and lack of resistance before the study)€¦ also is very hard the psychological exhaustion, the sensation of defeat, impotence and frustration, of which the mind overcomes€¦ right now my labor situation time and time again to you is precarious and forming to me and being able to reorient to me professionally would be my only hope but I have been three years trying to study a master and is impossible to follow the matters, I am literally incapable to assimilate or to concentrate to me€¦ I am 40 years old and the problem is pressing€¦ the bad thing is that I believe that the root of the blockade is so ingrained in the unconscious one that it is difficult to start. to undo that association between necessity of concentration and muscular tension in the neck€¦ I take a Calvary of psychologists and psychiatrists and nobody this circle knows to give the key me€¦ I need to leave d impotence, incapacity, blockade and frustration€¦ Always removes very good notes at school, rarely lowered of substitute. the situation followed in the baccalaureate, although already I complete year of COU felt much pressure and I had serious problems to do against the Selectivity€¦ even so I was able to accede to veterinary medicine, but the things did not make but get worse. the sensation began to become strong of blockade, of closed mind, of incapacity to absorb or to assimilate knowledge€¦ I saw as students with much more average note trajectories demonstrated rapidity suddenly, mental agility, capacity to assimilate€¦ I was having left more and more back, until having to leave it€¦ Soon I was decided by a race of letters, slight€¦ pass much more bad short whiles because the blockade followed, but was able to finish it with good academic results yes€¦ that, with ibuprofenos and nights without sleeping by the neck inflammation€¦ the life it went taking to me soon to this place of labor uncertainty, that strongly distresses€¦ and the only tool to me that could help me a to leave that situation, my mind, my thought, my memory, they do not respond to me, they have become the worse enemies€¦ I am exhausted to fight against my same one, against my head€¦ the accumulated muscular tension in neck and jaw whenever attempt to face to me which demands intellectual effort, Please exhausts and defeats any attempt to me of continuity€¦, if somebody could help would thank for it enormously me, I am passing it frankly bad. Gracias

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 09:59 h, 21 July To respond

      Uf, really is distressing to read how you are passing it.
      The control of the anxiety has several boardings, the physicist, mental and the pharmacological one among others. I suppose that the psychiatrist who has tried to you will have considered the possibility of taking anxiolytics at least during a time. On the other hand, it is important to know if those pains have an organic base. Perhaps some unusual injury to your age, I do not know. It is impossible to guess right from here, but you the comment to assure to me that you have considered all the options.

      During the study it is important to take frequent rests and to make some physical activity although it is during 5 minutes, to loosen to nerves and adrenalin. Our brain is a little idiot when handling stress. I explain myself: we are designed to locate the danger with the purpose of to survive in natural and hostile surroundings. But when a student lives in urban surroundings, where there are few dangers for our life, is easy that our mind catalogues of €œmortal danger€ things that really are not mortal, but only annoying or frustrating. To suspend examinations enters within this category of nondangerous event for the life, but catalogued as dangerous, bad, avoiding it is as it is. This deed since we are very young and we faced the first scholastic examinations. The automatic reaction of fear and anxiety against examinations lasts until we are adult.

      I hope that this helps you to reencuadrar the situation. You do not stop counting on the help of a psychotherapist who helps you.

  • Debanhi Diaz
    Published to 00:15 h, 26 August To respond

    Hello, my case is this undergoes crisis of nerves, is studying prepa, but since murio my Pope, I cannot be in a place with strangers, that is I enter the school and it begins to give the crisis to me and it does not let to me be within the hall. There am haciedo the works at home and queria to know as I can do to him for being able to be in a place with unknown people without the crisis enters to me

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:29 h, 27 August To respond

      Thanks to write. I have answered you by mail directly 🙂

  • Abi
    Published to 14:11 h, 13 September To respond

    Hello, my problem is that almost half for year I have not been able to render a good matter, that is a end, I am in my last 8 matters of Law, and study much, but at the time of the oral examination I put myself very nervous and I feel that everything what it had read, studied I have it with tweezers, as very little, I put myself very nervous and anxious when speaking and end up saying half than I know, not that he will be, if my method of study will be bad, poor of all the methods of study, very I am frustrated because already I want to culminate my race and I cannot with this, that could do?

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:36 h, 24 September To respond

      Hello, Abi, thanks to read the blog and to pose your question.

      My first question would be, you try your oral examinations aloud reciting your subjects in front of another person? In order to be able to pass an oral examination in front of a professor or a court of professors, it is important to practice of the possible most realistic form, that is to say, doing just like they will demand you in a real examination. Thus it is as some friendly mine have been able to pass oral examinations to be civil servers of the government. They called it €œto sing subjects€ when they practiced it with his professor.

      In your case, you can practice it with companions of studies, or in their defect, with a relative yours. When you are in front of the professor, you need to rescue the knowledge of your memory to pass it to the working memory and to be able to expose them with clarity. The nervousness of the examination does more difficult. Practicing previously, you will realize of if you know clearly all the points to follow, or need to review more. It will also help to be reducing the anxiety you little by little

  • Irene
    Published to 10:50 h, 14 September To respond

    Good morning
    The course takes begun one week in my university, which is another different one from the one from my city. Ever since I moved two weeks ago to the floor of students in whom I am, I feel that I have committed an error and that must not to me have gone of my city, where my race is also distributed. Going me to another city I interpret it as an act of €œrevolt€ since my mother told me that she was not to me. Nevertheless, I have realized it last it that it is to be in another city the first year of race and to have to study, to run a house and to socialize. I have anxiety and I cry before going to class, during the return in the bus and in the afternoons, which does important to take a routine to me because I am always thrown in the bed crying. One is going away to open the term of pre-registration for the university of my city and I want to return, but it gives fear me that calls coward to me and that I have thrown the towel in a moment, in addition to throwing to me in face that I have spent much money to be only a month. On the other hand I know that yes I remain, I will be all the year thinking what could have in my city, I will not render sufficient (because I do not like the atmosphere of study of this city and I see many distractions) and surely all this ends up upsetting my mental health. It would have to return by my mental health and to hold the critics and the feeling of cowardice or to even be left me in the new city knowing that I can not come out stop well this situation? And mainly, if I return, I will feel that I am not worth for anything to not to have been able to hold?
    Thank you very much

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 17:43 h, 24 September To respond

      Thousand thanks to write, Irene. I have answered to you in more detail directly your mail, but I want here to make some commentary that serves as help to that is in a similar situation.

      Sight, you took a decision, the one to leave your city and to try to study in another different city. If result not is the one that you hoped, and if you feel that really you will feel better returning to your city of origin, that will not be no cowardice. Simply, it will have been a change of decision, and luckily, anything irreparable.

      On the other hand, if you cheer up to continue in the present city, probably it is made very uphill the first months you, but you finish adapting. You cannot ask to him to which adapts in 2 days to a so new situation. It is not easy for anybody, although of doors for outside some companions yours they seem very eloquent. It dates margin, grants the benefit to you of the doubt and dates time to learn to handle to you. It is not cowardice nor uselessness, is simply the LIFE. You decide what you decide, learns of it and thus you will cause that it is worth the trouble, and do not lament anything than you have done, because you did it with the intention to improve and to learn something new.

      Much luck and forces!

  • Elisabet
    Published to 04:24 h, 30 September To respond

    Good night.
    Empece to study Architecture this semester and I have a problem that this increasing itself, I have taken hold him an incredible annoyance to the matter of investigation.
    to create the subject, the introduction, and objectives cost to me and me bitter a little but profit to do them and when I arrive at the point to develop the work, I block myself, I relax, me estreso, I am frustrated, I anger to me and finally it gives to apathy and disinterestedness me to carry out the works and to read. Furthermore with €œthe appreciative€ note methodology that adopt the university where the only note that counts is the notes of parciales', less they give desire me to do something, in the first partisan it even removes 2,7 and not even I can know in that questions I failed and because.
    The past year when it was in another university passed the same, and the project of investigation of the matter never I gave it, the professor saw my advances and participation reason why I suppose that motivated to give it me a note of 4.
    When I realised a technologist and was called on to make the project, I and my group decided to pay so that another one did it.
    That to do, I have tried of all whichever encounter€¦ since to make pauses while I read not to bore to me of the same subject, to do it per times, to do a schedule to me of study, car motivation€¦ nothing ends up working and I am not frustrated and I anger to me€¦ and the unloading completes time my wrath speaking to him strong boyfriend who tried to motivate me in a call.
    The peculiar thing is that something very similar happens to me when attempt to study the grammar of the groins.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 19:43 h, 31 December To respond

      The problem is interesting that you raise, Elisabet. In Medicine the students also pass anguishes with his first works. How fixed are they? Some they tell me that they write one first version as they can, and with the successive corrections of the professor the text is reformed.

      A very frequent reason for the blockade is the autoexigencia to do it perfect from the first draft. I suggest to you to write anyway. You even can put strong words or curses if it is necessary€¦ after all, a rough draft is a personal tool. It is as first that a sketcher in simple paper tests before bocetar his work in the linen cloth.

      You can use a mental map to be writing down the different ideas that are happened to you. Or to be pointing loose fine cardboard card ideas, and later to place them on the ground to order those ideas with tranquillity. You can be put and standing up be moved cards with a foot, even€¦ The lifted visual perspective more can help you much.

      Another option is to ask your professors if they can teach his own method to you of writing of works in a position of a guardian. After all, we needed to learn many abilities at the outset copying to others. To cycle, to write the first letters and things thus, they would be much more difficult if you could not copy first of an expert who already knows to do it! To write up a work is difficult, so, looks for experto/a that it teaches to you and smoothes the way to you.

  • Alberto Alvarado
    Published to 03:32 h, 18 October To respond

    Hello I read the article and it seemed to me interesting, which happens is that as many also looked for an answer which it happened to me at the time of home to study. Good, I am student of Music, finish entering I go in my first semester and to tell the truth I entered with a little fear, since the majority of my companions takes in future of 5 years touching and I only take 2, little by little I have been surpassing the fear and I already feel but relaxed but I have two problems: 1. they leave to several studies in my instrument (Guitar) the studies me are simple but the problem is that if I do not begin to practice right to the hour that I set out no longer I practice or I do not have so many desire to practice, or on the other hand if I do not begin well, that is to say, without errors I cannot practice. 2. Also we have a class that is called Choral Joint and the professor is of whom they have the idea that all or we are some virtuous of Music and whenever arrives says €œMy work to us is not to teach to them, you or you must bring its practiced song€. Good, here the truth if acceptable that I have made of everything to avoid to practice, today just empece to do it and good, I that it is to discipline to me or to create a habit, but at the time of the truth any distraction is sufficient to disperse to me.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 20:17 h, 31 December To respond

      Very interesting, Alberto. I studied music (concretely classic guitar) during years, in addition to Medicine. That blockade that it prevents you to practice, because does not support the imperfection, also takes place in Medicine or any other race.

      One is due to the belief (erroneous) that we must be perfect or better than the others, and if is not thus, something terrible will happen. It is an irrational fear that I believe that we developed when we are still very young, and began the first examinations at school. Normally he does not interest great thing to us the mathematics nor sciences€¦ but our parents and professors, with good intention, press us to memorise the subjects. If we removed bad mark, they reprimand to us. We associate the study with the fear to fail, the shame of bad mark, and with the pride of a high note.

      Of majors we already rebelled ourselves against this situation, but sometimes that revolt is translated in wanting to avoid any indication of failure at all costs, even practicing. If you think it at great length, he is absurd, because nobody has never learned to do nothing without failing the first times: cycling, doing karate, sending a penalty in soccer, etc. And you don't remember the funny thing that was, when ©ramos children, to begin to play a new game, and to laugh with the failures of the friendly and the brothers to us? Sometimes even we failed on purpose to make the joke. Clearly, that with the passage of the hours and the days we went every time being better, and that gave a great satisfaction us.

      Good, because that you are going to also obtain it failing with the guitar in the first times that headresses a study. There is no another way to do something well that failing first 🙂 Reconozco that is exhausting at the outset€¦ One would want to develop agility in the fingers as soon as possible. In the last 3 months I myself I walk frustrated practicing a work of Dyens to touch in ensemble, Carillons€¦ My goodness, what stupidity had 2 months ago, with as much harmonic, new positions, the speed that demands the work. But in the third month, now, in December, I am finding me more and more comfortable and it leaves everything to me more followed. Far from being perfect, even so it produces much pride to me to improve my style, although it is to short steps.

      Last advice: Anxo Perez, a Spanish businessman, published a book with advice to secure the success. One of the advice was very interesting: something as well as €œthe acceptable minimum€. It imagines that you are training for a race and you glide to leave to every time train 3 times to the week during 60-75 minutes (to be able to warm up, to stretch, to trot and to run the necessary thing). But a day it happens that you have fever; or your mother becomes ill and you must help him with her work. What you would want to make that day to feel that you continue advancing in your objective? Perhaps to leave to trot 15 minutes. Or to walk vigorously around your building during 10 minutes. Something that is not as good as what you glided initially, but that is better than nothing. She would help You?

      I know YES clearly that.

      Also he will help you to practice with your guitar in any short while that appears loose in the day: 10 minutes between class and class to make the stops. Or to take the score of the choir class to mentally read and to sing 5 compasses of your cord, if it happens that you must wait for one long tail in the supermarket, the bank or the stop of bus. It is what I today make€¦ take advantage of a loose rat before the celebration of New Year's Eve to answer commentaries the blog 😀

      Spirit and even if it is only continues walking every day a little!

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