8 advice so that a student can rise early without losing the health

Ever since it arrived the new year I have read several entrances of my favorite blogueros where the subject is called on to rise early to increase the productivity. Again.

If you read the entrance on cronotipos in this blog, you already know that to rise to 5 or to 6 in the morning and to be fresh as a rose is not discipline question, but of genes. A little while, I correct: to rise to 6 in the morning yes is discipline question. Anyone can do it if it wishes it. However, to be fresh and in the best conditions in those hours depends on the genes in charge of the biological clock, not of our effort.

Fatigue eyes

Our genes determine the cocktail of hormones that predominates at every moment, the expression of different proteins and the corporal temperature. It has been verified that the temperature of the body and the brain is minimum right in the average part of our natural period of dream. It has been verified that as much the diminution as the cerebral temperature rise induces the dream and therefore a worsening of the mental functions. It is what it happens in people who undergo freezing, and when we have fever. The optimal temperature of operation of our brain is around 37 ºC, and in half of the natural period of dream is underneath 1 degree.

If your natural schedule of dream passes between the 1 a.m. and the 9 a.m., for example, your cerebral temperature will be minimum towards the 5 6,30 a.m. To wake up you to a.m. will suppose to in a while begin the day in which your cerebral temperature not yet is the optimal one (nor either other corporal variables, as the amount of cortisol in blood and other hormones€¦).


All we know when we began to have desire to sleep at night, and when we awoke of natural form by the mornings: it is what it happens when we are of vacation, without the pressure of social schedules (work, faculty€¦).

In my case, when I finished the race and I spent 8 months studying for the MIR, I discovered which was my ideal schedule of dream. At the outset I insisted on studying in the morning from the 8. As caffein seated to me bad, it could not take coffee. It took in taking a good rate of study during the morning. After the food (p.m. ate to 3), drowsiness invaded to me and it was not able to return to study in the afternoon until comfortably past the 5. At night p.m. lhelp down me to 11,30 but it cost to me to sleep to me and it attributed it to the nerves by the MIR.

One night, troubles by my bad yield, I decided to remain seeing the TV with my family until the dream entered to me. What it happened towards the 2 a.m. To the following morning I awoke without needing alarm to 10 a.m. Was the day that better I studied since it had begun to prepare the MIR. The study began to render immediately after having breakfast, was no drowsiness after the food, after dinner I studied a pair of productive hours, and the 2 dream arrived immediately€¦ when I lay down to a.m. The following months until the day of examination MIR passed thus, and finally I pass. Luckily, examination MIR has been many the 4 and the 9 years being celebrated enters p.m., a schedule that adapts to all the cronotipos, as much the early ones as late crops.


Our internal clock varies from an individual to another one, but also it is observed that there are certain constant variations throughout the life. Thus, the babies initially have very short cycles of watch (that are useful to eat) and sleep many hours throughout the day and the night (during which she continues maturing his brain), until gradually they synchronize themselves with the solar day. The small children usually are cronotipos early, for desperation of their parents, also the week ends. When arriving at the adolescence, nevertheless, the dream schedules are delayed of physiological way. In the adult age the hours of dream return to go ahead and remain thus many years.

This natural delay of the schedule of the dream is not patrimony of the urban societies, full of diversion and nocturnal light sources. Also it happens in rural and primitive societies (1). Although both sexes have delay of his cronotipo, the men usually have 1 hour more of delay than the women. Finally cronotipo returns to go ahead towards the 19 years in women and the 21 years in men, which in certain way supposes a biological marker of the aim of the adolescence (2).

The investigators have several hypotheses about the evolutionary advantages of these variations of the cronotipos. One of them, mentioned by Roenneberg in its book, says that an important food source for the humans was the animal proteins that were from the animal hunting great of schedules nocturnes. To be able to hunt these animal supposed to have the force and the resistance sufficient (a) to be able to move long distances towards the zones where they inhabited the animal (b) to be able to watch in silence and alerts until the animal was within reach of the hunters and (c) being able to unfold the maximum force, rapidity and skill to corner, to kill to the animal and to transfer it to the town with the other inhabitants. This was patrimony of the young people.

These hunting young people probably enjoyed the great prestige in their group, similarly to the great admiration who wake up the professional athletes in our days. From the adolescence to the maximum yield to the 25 years, the Olympic and sport athletes of prestige unfold their physical abilities and they cause a great admiration to us: Ian Thorpe, Messi, Ronaldo, Rafa Nadal€¦


€¦ and what explanation gives to your parents and your professors him to your schedules of dream? That the young people are some vague€¦ that as they put in the discotheques lie down behind schedule and for that reason they are not able to rise early€¦

Also it can happen that you are €œrare€ €œa rare€ young person or in that sense because costs to you much to be wide-awake when salts at night with your friendly. In fact, the cronotipos follow a bell of Gaussian, so that there are slightly more owls than larks in the population, but also exist the ends. So that the young people can both be victims of prejudices by sides. They can be erased of €œvague€ if he costs to rise to them early, or of €œboring€ if they have difficulties to follow the diversion with his friendly at night.

He has verified, in addition, that exists periods throughout the day in which to fall asleep is very difficult, and is exactly the hours that precede at the moment at which it appears the natural pressure of the dream. Therefore, some investigators maintain to the €œdisc hypothesis €œ: the discotheques and other premises nocturnes are not the causes of the delay of the dream of our young people. Rather it happens that the urban young people are incapable to conciliate the dream to the same hours that the adult population, and the best place where they can socialize and be entertained without bothering to the rest is indeed the closed premises.


Here the marrow arrives from the subject: we are not hunters nor young athletes. We have chosen to study for a health care profession and we must adapt us to the schedules marked by the university, that are generally early. In Spain, the 8 classes begin a.m. In other places as Ecuador, according to some (for me) chilling testimonies, begin to 7 a.m. Although you skip the first classes, the practices in the hospital begin as very behind schedule to 10 a.m.

How to make to advance your natural schedule of dream and to be more alert to those hours if you are cronotipo more delayed?

This what I have made to advance to my internal clock 3 hours and thus to be able to lead without sleeping me to 7,30 and arriving job 8 to a.m. with an ability to work sufficient to operate in operating room and to pass consultation.

1. Exponte to more sunlight during the day: human the internal clock is variable, but subject to €œit is reseteado€ a constant with the sunlight. The intensity of the light inside the houses and the classrooms is far below to the sunlight (200 lux against 10,000 lux in cloudy days and up to 150,000 in sunny days).

You will have realized of which when you happen the day in the field or the snow enters dream before to you. You can attribute it to the realised physical effort, and partly it is truth. But also one is due to the exhibition to much more intense light of the habitual thing.

By hourly extra that passes in the outside, your schedule of dream will go ahead half an hour. You can obtain this practicing exercise in the outside; using the bus or the bicycle to transfer to you, instead of the meter; having breakfast in the terrace instead of the kitchen; eating outside the bar of the faculty instead of in the interior€¦

2. It avoids to expose to you to intense sources of light before laying down to you: the electronic devices as computers, tablets and mobiles emit a light weaker than the lot, but that has some component frecuenciales (blue light) that can delay the home of the melatonin secretion, that is the hormone that induces the low dream and our corporal temperature.

In some studies it has been verified that if in a home blue light filters in the electronic screens and reddish lights are used environmental, the dream of the inhabitants goes ahead of natural form and is synchronized more easily with the solar schedule.

So the trick is in stopping using smartphone and the TV from the 10 p.m. if you want to fall asleep before. It is a hard sacrifice, but it is what science recommends. In his place, it reads, it writes by hand or it listens to music with smooth environmental light.

3. Beam physical exercise, but avoids the last hours in the afternoon: the exercise can produce a physiological activation (with greater secretion of cortisol and catecholamines) that makes difficult the natural arrival of the dream to the necessary hour.

If you are not very sport, you do exercise of all ways: it walks towards your favorite library, or dates a stroll by the street while listening an recorded class, or vetoes to some near park to review with your notes or your cards of study. But move to you: the exercise stimulates the production of new neurons in the seahorse, your cerebral center of the memory (3).

4. S.A. to rise to you you continue having difficulties to be fresh, you do physical exercise before going to your classes: I am not suggesting you transform yourself into marinates and you run 1 hour by the mornings before going to the faculty. It is enough with raising 10 minutes to you before and leaving immediately to the street to walk or to trot during those 10 minutes. So that it is easier, pon the clothes and the footwear next to the bed the night before. When go out, you expose yourself in the light of the morning, to a change of temperature and a physical activity more dynamics than to roam by house with the squinted eyes. I have proven it and I assure to you that waking up she is accelerated.

5. It avoids the too long naps: a natural impulse of dream exists after the food or lunch, but you sleep more of half an hour you run the risk of entering deep phases of dream and of awaking somnoliento too much, which does that afternoons more in being able to seat to study, and will delay your impulse to you of dream at night. He is better to doze 20 minutes at the most. If you want to awake more easily after those 20 minutes, it drinks a coffee or a tea before closing the eyes. Caffein will begin to circulate around your body 45 minutes after to be absorbed, just when you must wake up to you (4).

6. The USA the caffein drinks with intelligence. The ideal would be not to need stimulating natural, but the perfection does not exist€¦

If it feels the coffee well to you, congratulations. You can use 1 cup of coffee to help your brain to activate more quickly after the matutinal stroll. Later, throughout the morning, your internal clock will take you to your natural state of alert without needing more caffein.

If it feels you bad perhaps the coffee you belong to that 1% of the population that tolerates bad caffein. In that case, you can use drinks with less caffein as the tea (a coffee cup contains more than 50 mgs, one of black tea about 10-20 mg) and take it with food in the stomach.

If the black tea continues to you being annoying for the stomach, it takes red tea, that contains much less caffein but other stimulating natural ones as the theanine, teofilina and teobromina. The chocolate also contains teobromina and can serve as stimulating smooth.

The smaller contained amounts of exciting in teas, and their more gradual absorption, can help to maintain to you more alert you, but of smoother and healthful way, if you drink tea throughout the morning.

 7. It avoids to take caffein 6 hours before going you to the bed. Caffein takes in being absorbed about 45 minutes and the average life oscillates, according to the individuals, between 4 and 9 hours. Therefore, if you want to lie down to 11 p.m., your last drink with caffein you would have in the afternoon to take it before 5 or 6. Beam tests and defines your ideal hour.

8. Early dinner or you do a slight dinner. Although the digestion can induce the dream, to lie down with the too full stomach can make difficult the arrival of the dream, mainly if you are customary to long digestions before sleeping. It tries to eat 2 hours before the hour to which you want to lie down and you do a slight dinner.


The good thing is enemy of the perfect thing. It proves these advice with tranquillity, it observes which goes to you or and which no. you with the tricks Have left that go to you or and adopt the new routines gradually. If faults the first days, you do not worry. One takes at least 3 weeks in implanting new habits. It sees water, my friend.



1. Roenneberg T. Internal Time. P. 102

2. Roenneberg T and cabbages. To marker for the end of adolescence. Current Biology 2004; 14(24): R1038-R1039

3. SEO TV, Kim TW, Shin MS, Ji IS, Cho Hours, Lee JM, Kim TW, Kim CJ. Aerobics exercise alleviates ischemia-induced memory impairment by enhancing cell proliferation and suppressing neuronal apoptosis in hippocampus. Int Neurourol J. 2014; 18(4): 187-197.

4. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cafe%C3%ADna

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Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

13 Commentaries
  • Sophie
    Published to 14:55 h, 03 February To respond

    Me 🙂 has enchanted this article I have felt totally reflected because during long time I was owl, studying far better by the take-night, much more concentrated, costing the same life to me €œto start€ by the mornings. The first hour of class passed it fatal and even I have fallen asleep in the face of the professor, glups.
    In my case which worked to readjust my schedule of dream was the physical exercise and to regulate the coffee consumption. I am coffee to the maximum, enchants the cafelito to me of in the evening but already I have assumed that from the 4 nor a droplet of caffein.
    When I began with the first guards of door of R1 wanted to me to throw of the hairs€¦ arrived floor after a demolishing guard, it put the pajamas to me and there was no way to sleep although the room would be totally in the dark or if it slept, it was a rat and later at night she was hyperactive. Work cost to find him the trick me: to hold without going to the bed nor to the sofa until after to eat for lunch and to sleep only 30 minutes.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:05 h, 07 February To respond

      Thank you very much, Sophie. I have been owl all the life and still memory the involuntary naps that in the morning stuck me in the classes of anatomy of the 8.
      Until 2 years ago I could not well absolutely fit the rest at time of work. I have obtained it taking tea by the mornings and after eating (my stomach does not hold the coffee), to avoid the long naps. The regular physical exercise also helped me to gain more vitality to rise early of Monday through Friday.

      A greeting!

  • Johnny
    Published to 01:03 h, 04 February To respond

    Exactly I am having an episode of insomnia at the moment at which it was reading this XD. It must before to me have read this one post, Jajajaj

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 11:01 h, 07 February To respond

      Then nothing, already you know, you have several possibilities to correct the situation. 🙂

  • Marco A.
    Published to 17:56 h, 15 February To respond

    In my case I am trying to take to end some of the proposals and I am really made an impression mainly with the effects to go out nothing else to wake up. On the one hand I hold time more active concentrate much more and throughout the day; by another one it even increases the self-esteem! The truth has been a great discovery for my and I hope to do me to the habit soon and to maintain it.
    A greeting 🙂

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 18:22 h, 15 February To respond

      I am glad a pile! I began to do enters it April and May of the past year and passed the same to me, raised the self-esteem to me. Often it arrived at the wide-awake but slow work, and with difficulties to make decisions. Now always I make some type of exercise (to walk or gymnastics within house on the street), and energizo me with much greater rapidity.
      Thank you very much by the commentary. There are shortage that you are able to improve with small changes. You know that it means this? That you will continue improving the rest of your life 🙂 Congratulations and enjoys your success.

  • Laura
    Published to 21:01 h, 02 October To respond

    I believe that this post has long time, but today I have given a review him to the blog and have finished here!
    As you say well, the genes matter, but most important, in the end, it is the will force. I began 3 weeks ago 4º and thought that it was not going to be able: to raise me to the 6:50 and to be every day in Majadahonda to 8 in the morning listening to classes seemed to me something impossible for me, and much less to be €œuseful€ during all the morning. But, with the illusion that it had, I put myself some you rule not to begin the course already doing the things bad: to shower before laying down to me at night to me (there am shortage that relaxes to me very many), to 11 at night to be raising to me to put me in the bed, to at night leave the mobile in another room, to try €œto jump€ of the bed when it sounded the awakener (sometimes it has happened to me who lame the custom to postpone the alarm and, in the end, seems to me a curl with difficult exit).
    Three weeks later (Sunday €œI turn€ 21 days) I believe that I have obtained it, that yes, with the help of a tea in the morning or after eating (I feel enough identified with the one of the coffee).
    Also I proved a day to throw a nap to me, not very long, but soon all evening I was stuned and it cost to me to sleep more at night, so I took off the idea of naps of the head. And, unless you have slept very badly by something especially, I believe that it is possible to be lived without them. Mainly if you arrive at 3 house to and average and must yourself make the food and mop, and when you are wanted to give account are 4 and average and these still looking for the notes that you are going away to study. (I am the unique one that thinks that always it seems that we need hours in a day)
    In the end, I have realized of which the important thing is to organize itself and, mainly, to have will to fulfill and so you set out, to have some type of motivation. Because don't mention it serves to propose all these things to you if soon they are not going to you to concern so much as to deliver the attack to fulfill them (as however, I suppose).
    As data (that I do not know if it will serve to you as something or no, but good): what I have noticed more has been to separate the mobile to me from the bed, I lie down with the sensation of total disconnection, of which those hours are to only rest and for that, and without being pending don't mention it more. And, also, to create a possible routine to me that it does not suppose to be thinking to me to what hour I rise, I lie down or I put myself to study, etc. Each will have hers and in the end the important thing is to find it.
    By the way, for the days that sleep something worse and raises a little to me €œstuned more€, what you would recommend to me? It is that when I go out by the mornings the truth is that the cold activates a little (to 7 and 20 in the morning nor in September makes calorcito), but not even is by day and the one of the sun is not used me for those hours€¦ The one to either leave to make exercise because I do not believe that it could rise to me before and because I take a shower by the nights!
    Pardon by parrafada 🙂 the same to somebody serves to him and, if no, already you have the experience of another Medicine student!
    Thank you very much by all advice!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 10:40 h, 03 October To respond

      Hello, Laura! Thanks to comment. The post has a time already, but he is eternal.

      I believe that you are making many things good, that is to say:
      1-Establish routines: the form to be able to do something without having to throw indefinitely of the will force is to turn it into a routine, so that the power cost is smaller. Years ago somebody shelp that 21 days it was the term sufficient to establish habits, but 2009 study determined that they can be needed enters 18 and 254 days (*). The important thing in any case is the certainty that it can become, so you do not lower the guard.
      2-Eliminate the mobile at night: the retroiluminadas screens delay and reduce the melatonin secretion. He is most useful of everything what you have done.
      3-Prove and to decide what goes to you well: the nap goes to you bad, reason why you have suppressed it. The nocturnal shower goes you well, soon continues doing it (there I agree with you, there is thing no more delicious than to go away to the bed clean and comforted by the hot water).

      I suggest several things to you to improve:
      1-Las mornings that you leave more stuned because you have slept worse, holds in the portal before leaving and gives some smooth jumps, looking upwards, during not more than 1 minute. That activates to you physiologically and the spirit raises to you. If you are going to take meter or bus you can be running smoothly, without sweating, but activating to you more than if you walk. Another option throughout the morning is to take a little tea in a bottle, although cold and it is watered down, to be drinking little by little in class. When he is very sensible to caffein this can help.
      2-When you put yourself to make food, although it is when arriving from the classes, it cooks double ration (you take the same) to freeze one of them and to take it 2-3 later days. Thus desire time those days.
      3-If someday very you are tired and you need nap, test to do one of 15-20 minutes maximum one. The stupefaction after a nap comes to enter deep phases of the dream. If you do not sleep more than 20 minutes you will be able to even notice the rest being left you in the initial and superficial phase. If it costs to rise to you to you, test to give the pitching knocked down in a blanket in the ground: the body rests, but you are not as comfortable as to have the temptation to have left thus too much time.

      Thanks to read and to comment, this contributes to much value to the blog 🙂

      *Lally, P., go Jaarsveld, C.H.M., Potts, H.W.W. and Wardle, J. (2010), How plows habits formed: Real Modelling habit formation in the world. Eur. J. Soc. Psychol., 40: 998-1009. doi: 10.1002/ejsp.674

  • Laura
    Published to 23:21 h, 11 June To respond

    As finding the balance between the weekend and the labor schedule? 😀
    If finde beams hour personal, Monday usually is mortal for which we are nocturnes.

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 09:03 h, 12 June To respond

      It depends than you can be allowed Monday. If you must be early in the hospital or the faculty, you can try to sleep few hours and to program a good nap to you after your obligations. And to compare this to maintain a certain schedule advanced in weekend, for which you can use the trick to spend time to the sun (to advance your natural schedule of dream), and to help you to wake up with coffee or tea.
      You will really only be able to enjoy your internal clock to the maximum when you study for the MIR, because there you will have several free months. Assure to you to choose schedule in afternoon in your academy MIR, clearly€¦
      I have a relative who had an hour end of student. Its dream appeared towards 5 either 6 a.m. and needed to sleep 9 or 10 hours. Their solutions to adapt itself to the schedule of the Faculty were not nothing easy, unfortunately. In the last course underwent an acute gastritis caused by drinks energetics and the Coca-Cola. In a case therefore I would recommend a less harmful solution for the body: to advance to 1-2 hours natural waking up and to pass long days outdoors studying in a table, any park of your city. Sunlight to top, and zero caffein 6 hours before your programmed hour to lay down to you.
      How you see it?

      • Laura
        Published to 16:14 h, 13 June To respond

        Oysters! it had not thought about the one of the turn in afternoon of the academy! 😀
        It thought about the one of always, in the morning soon to go to house to eat, rest and to put to me to study. I have always thought that if I commit myself to rise early seems that I take advantage of the day, but the problem finishes being that you end up sleeping very few some days until you cannot more.
        I believe that good option is to be useful July to try to advance clock (difficult thing because it grows dark behind schedule), and thus to adopt a new schedule.

        I will already tell you since it has gone to me! meanwhile, we will not make experiments at time of examinations.

  • Noelia
    Published to 11:52 h, 25 May To respond

    I am not medicine student, but I am working and doing a masters and this it has come to me brilliant! I am also much more active mentally at night and I die in the morning at work, I need a pair hours to finish waking up to me. I am going to prove your advice to espabilar me by the mornings =)

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 12:17 h, 25 May To respond

      Thanks to write! All the advice of this blog can be applied to any race or master, so I hope that he serves to you as much help.

      he comes to me especially well to at night eliminate exhibition artificial light and a good tea glass by the mornings. Much spirit!

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