How you construct and where guards your notes?

Finally I have a blog that allows to participate me in #carnavalSalud of the Wikisanidad page. The truth is that did not give for many articles of opinion€¦ In addition, the proposed subject this month of February of 2015 comes to me very well, since it tries on knowledge management. Totally aligned with the mission of this blog.


I finished the Medicine race in 1995, which means (1) That some days I feel viejuna very; and (2) that I lived in a strange world where the text books were the main sources of intelligence, there were manuals of no academies MIR and if you wanted to have a decent summary (that is to say, comprehensible), more it was worth to you not to lose a class to you€¦

Only €œtocho€ that I knew was a swearword of notes of Dermatology which they sold in the mythical Faster photocopier, next to the Hospital San Carlos de Madrid. It was photocopies of photocopies of you photocopy partly of notes written by hand, partly to typewriter (that is, a species of Times New Roman with the twisted lines) and some book leaves with photos that to those heights consisted basically of manchurrones black that the dirty fingers left you€¦ (the color was not within reach of the normal public and the inks were of worse quality than those of now). Pity of money thrown to the trash€¦

What differentiates and so we enjoyed now! The student has it difficult to choose between books, tochos, notes of diverse commissions of notes, manuals MIR with questions put in type test with the text, and sources of Internet. We are against the feared €œinfoxicaci³n€ of which it is spoken in blogs and it presses digitalis, but the beauty of the notes has improved very many.

In my mini-surveys realised between the students, the tochos prevail clearly (elaborated notes to computer from the classes).

Notes and portable


Luckily I have risen the car of the digital era in time and enjoy widely the advantages of Internet and smartphones. Sometimes I am renqueando and I confess that it costs to me to use Zotero. Itself putting bibliographical references one by one in my articles. If my note depended on 75% of 10 better notes, it would be left me in the scraped approved one, because I have a few colleagues who handle Zotero as if they had taught it from Primary.

But even so, I have the luck of knowing how to manage my knowledge and my sources of intelligence by via digitalis, mainly. If the Medicine race began in this 2015, Evernote would be my talisman for the reviews and Dropbox my house to m¡ter of the notes. Thus, following requests for this #carnavalSalud, I am going to tell you which are my favorite tools to store, to find and to spread the information that I need for my work as otorrino and my classes.


Analogically with books in paper: they continue being my preferred means to study and to review otolaryngology, since they allow me to locate and to remember better where I have read something. They allow to emphasize and they facilitate much to compare the information that is to each other in very separated pages. This is difficult in an electronic book or the computer, since to change, for example, between page 30 and the 150 it is possible to be turned into interminable scroll that more than to clarify the ideas to you, is annoying to you.

However, Internet facilitates to me to choose what book comfortably to use to update to me. I do not have more to ask my specialized friendly of Twitter in an area of the ORL to know the most recommendable book. Later, the stores online and Google books allow me to throw a look to the cover, and sometimes to the interior, without moving to me of house.

1. Medicinewebpages: after the necessary filtrate, my strategies search new information summary in two, mainly.

  1. If I want to surely consult concepts of any medical field of which they are visas by up-to-date experts and, I introduce in Google €œemedicine€ along with any excellent term search and generally encounter revisions of Medscape of almost any subject, and without needing subscribing (although Medscape gives the possibility you of subscribing you to receive new features in your e-mail).
  2. When I look for very specific or specialized information (that is not in Medscape), PubMed (data base of the U.S. National Library of Medicine) commands. For example, there encounter the revision articles that I need to prepare the classes of an optative subject which I am distributing this year, €œTechniques of study and examinations in Sciences of the Health€. All this with the inestimable collaboration of the service of loan librarian of my hospital, that secures articles to me to plaintext.


2. Evernote: this system of storage of notes and notes extremely is known and it is not necessary that explains much envelope he. In fact already I wrote a post exceeds how use Evernote in my other blog.

In my case, I have folders in Evernote to keep notes on my work, with the purpose of making a fast consultation in case of necessity (from the computer and smartphone). Those notes can be written by me, or can consist of an algorithm removed from a search in Google or PubMed. There are diseases that are not seen on a daily basis and the details forget to me in one go for another one. When I need to rescue those details, I quickly look for it in my notes of Evernote and it review (P. ex. the maneuvers necessary to treat an unusual VPPB, classification TNM of the malignant tumors, the doses of a medicine, etc).

A student can use Evernote to keep summaries and flashcards that serves to him as review for the examinations. He can keep complex anatomical images to consult in case of doubt, and is one that keeps whole books in pdf. I prefer to leave Evernote, nevertheless, for summaries.

3. Dropbox: here I keep articles and monographs. It is equivalent to tocho or the used book to review a subject in the race or at work welfare a concrete subject. They are the texts that I need to update itself, but they at work do not serve me for a fast consultation. For the fast consultation it is Evernote.


4. Twitter: it is my favorite and basically the unique one network social that I know to handle. I registered myself grudgingly by suggestion of a relative, and in a matter of few weeks it had done addict him. Not it use for informal conversations, but for professional conversations, technical consultations and to receive information updated on subjects that interests to me but that I do not dominate. With himself following professional accounts. For example, to be to the current in the world of the presentations itself to @ArtePresentar, @presentastico and @presentablees. Of the surroundings of the education and techniques of education and study, itself among others to @edutopia, @MedicalEducator, @DiscoveryEd, etc. and thus with other so many accounts for the otolaryngology, the Spanish university surroundings and others.

In the last 2 years I have been become fond of to do €œdisturb-reviews€ of ORL for the students of subject 1 or 2 days before the examination of the UAM. As I know that they do not resist the temptation to look Twitter although is studying for an examination€¦ No, in serious: the reviews in less than 140 characters force to be concise and to concentrate in the most significant data for an examination, and provide an approach different from which the student has used who can help to understand better some concepts him. During these disturb-reviews they follow more students to me than in class€¦

5. Subscriptionstoblogs: I consult the e-mail several times to the day and the subscriptions to blogs assure to me (1) that I select to much the information that I want to receive (so that the mail is not flooded to me); and (2) that receipt new suggestions and knowledge and thus balance sheet in my formation. I am subscribed to Faculty Focus, the Art To present, blogs of personal organization (Jeroen Sangers, Techniques of Organization), etc. I prefer this form of update better than a reader of feeds, because in these readers I do not have so filtered the information and I consult them with much smaller frequency.


Evernote, Dropbox and a special e-mail for communications of the faculty and training groups. In Evernote you can keep summaries, photos of flashcards that you are elaborating in the study sessions, and schemes of anatomy and physiology to be able to consult at any time. In Dropbox you will keep the notes and tochos, electronic books and some article of revision recommended by the professors.

You restrict the use of Twitter, Facebook and the personal e-mail during the study sessions. You reserve awhile at the end of this one for its consultation. If no, the risk of relaxing is too high.


Almudena Trinidad

I am otorrinolaring³loga doctor in a hospital of Madrid and Professor Asociada de Medicina in the UAM. I help Medicine students to develop more effective techniques of study to obtain better notes, to remember during more time and to feel like more happy insurances and with its studies.

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  • Sophie
    Published to 19:23 h, 01 March To respond

    Because it looks, in the mobile I have some specific applications of Hematology, of the American Society of Hematology, with miniguides and algorithms of decision. It consists to me that in other specialties there are similar applications.

    In order to learn to express the time I read a book recommended by Ana Gonz¡lez (Doctor Jomeini):

    I am subscribed to Medscape. And I consult blogs of other specialties by curiosity, to be (Dermapixel, Neurons in growth, the suppository enchant to me€¦)

    I take a small agenda to all parts, it fits me in the purse and the pocket of the dressing gown. In the mobile I have ColorNote and it goes to me well, the truth. In the computer use Fences to have all the ordenaditas folders good, each in its parcel 🙂

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 20:28 h, 01 March To respond

      Uau! I do not know nor half. The digital world is ample.

  • Recommendations of week IV €œMondo Medico
    Published to 11:17 h, 02 March To respond

    [€¦] How you construct and where guards your notes? This entrance seems to me very interesting not only by the tools that Almudena Trinidad comments [€¦]

  • Marco A.
    Published to 17:41 h, 08 March To respond

    As for me I use dropbox enough, is indispensable! To evernote I will give another opportunity him because the tapeworm something crossed and the fact that they limit to you with 60 megas unless you pay€¦ jajaja
    As I am spoken of how you construct and to guards the notes, although go a little conflicting to the taken direction, would like to mention some apps that I enough use, among them:
    €“ Scannable: app that allows you to make fast escaneos with the camera keeping them as pdf or jpg is one and allowing you to send them right away by means of the mail or to keep them in evernote among others.
    - Pdf Expert: here it is where I open all the archives of pdf and I keep them taste, that furthermore allows to emphasize or to add notes me. Of my favourites!
    - Popplet Lite: This is my app preferred to realise schemes within the framework digital. Very simple and intuitive 🙂
    Others apps that I recommend, although I so often do not use I have to admit, are: goodnotes and to mindmeister.
    I hope that he is useful my commentary 🙂

  • Daniela
    Published to 17:00 h, 29 September To respond

    I am addict to the applications and a computer science for the study, to see if profit to count only most important:

    Wunderlist (all the movable devices and computers): he is a manager of lists that you can synchronize by all sites, to make many lists, sub-lists, notes, dates limit, etc. Serves to be sprightly the head at the moment that when you study or you are rotating to you usually come that important super thing [lie] that you had to do a pair ago of months. Also to organize the subjects to study or to review.

    TeamViz (for Mac OS) is a species of Pomodoro with a manager of tasks. Also useful to concentrate to you when you study in the computer, it has a timer that remains in a ventanita tormenting to you so that you do not enter facebook by half an hour.

    Microsoft One Note (Mac OS, Windows, I do not know if for tablets it is). It is a folder of notes of all the digitized life. It has an interface very very intuitive in that you can make folders, separators, subjects, leaves, to emphasize, to put squares of verification, you emphasize, everything what it is happened to you. For my he has been very useful for works of investigation in which ground to be very disorderly and to point ideas by the walls and papers several, in this way you can organize your disorder.

    Copy (all the devices) is my alternative to dropbox, since these they are to you constantly putting and clearing space and it bursts to me. The advantage that it has is that it works exactly just as the Copy (you can synchronize a folder in your computer) but with the difference of which you begin with some basic 25GB, to each person which you invite give 5GB to him to which it invites and to that receives, and the best thing of everything is than the shared folders distribute the space that occupy between the amount of members (60GB/10 people, occupies 6GB for each).

    Pdf Expert: (iPad) it is of payment, but most recommendable than it has. It has thousand functions, she is very very fast and it lets see two or three simultaneously to you pdf's which in tablets is a jab (to see diapos + tocho + another thing).

    These are the most important for my, if memory or discover some more, will share it!

    As always, thanks for your blog!

    • Almudena Trinidad
      Published to 15:56 h, 30 September To respond

      Caramba, yes that you use applications! I see that you are very of Apple 😉

      Thank you very much to contribute your digital tools. Thanks to comment!

    • Juan Ignacio
      Published to 07:04 h, 22 May To respond

      I agree with Daniela in the use of Microsoft One Note, although as for me it use for practically everything; from the taking of notes in the faculty, to the accomplishment of summaries. The advantage is really evident that is obtained to the power to have all your university life of digital way, endorsed in the cloud and all the devices, being able to study from any place.

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